How To Fix Discord Not Connecting

Discord Not Connecting

Discord is a free all-in-one application for voice, video and text chat for gamers. It’s quite secure and provides these services on both desktop and phone versions. 

It has multiple features that are useful for gamers to communicate with each other. But some users are facing trouble while connecting to Discord.

The majority of Discord users are facing problems on the initial screen. They might find Discord voice not connecting or the voice chat feature is not working. 

This may occur due to server issues with the proxy settings of your Internet. Here, we have included some potential fixes for fixing connection problems in Discord.

Discord not Connecting: Reasons & Fixes

Discord is a VOIP app that you can access through a web browser. As it utilizes the Internet, it runs into server problems and connectivity issues. Here are some common issues due to which you find Discord not connecting.

1. Check Discord Server Status

If there is a problem with the Discord server, then you won’t be able to get past the “Connecting” screen. So before you try changing your network settings, check for Discord’s current server status. You can visit their official site to know about their server status.

If you go to the official page, you will see server details for the past 90 days. The red bars indicate outrages or server down issues. But, there can be red bars for indicating maintenance issues also. So make sure to check their official social media handles for any further information.

2. Time and Date Settings

If you are unable to log in to your Discord account, setting an incorrect time and date can be a possible reason for it. So, if you are using Windows 10, make sure that the time & date is set in automatic mode. As any other settings can affect Discord and prevent it to connect properly.

To successfully enable the automatic settings for time and date, here are the steps:

  1. First, close the Discord application running in the background. You can do it by clicking on the hidden icons in the taskbar and then right-clicking on Discord to close it.
  2. Once you have closed the Discord app, click on the extreme right side of the taskbar over the date and time. 
  3. Thereafter, a new dialog box will open. So, navigate to “Change date and time settings”.
  4. Select the time and date for updating them automatically.
  5. Click Apply and OK to save these changes.

Now, log in to your Discord account and see if the problem is resolved.

3. Make Changes to the Network Settings

There is a possible chance that you can’t connect Discord due to the incorrect Internet or proxy settings. So changing the Internet settings and not using the proxy server is one of the reliable fixes for this kind of issue. To apply this fix:

  1. Open the Settings menu of your Windows.
  2. Navigate to the “Network and Internet” tab on your computer.
  3. Then select the Proxy from the left pane of your Windows.
  4. Thereafter, scroll down and disable the proxy server. 

This simple hack can solve your connection issue in Discord. Try relaunching Discord to see if it works.

4. Modify DNS

If you are still struggling with Discord error, try making certain changes to the DNS settings.

  1. Search for Control Panel from the Start Menu. Now, open the “Network and Sharing” option.
  2. Thereafter, search for “Change adapter settings” and click to open it.
  3. Here, right-click on the Internet connection you are actively using and select its properties.
  4. In the properties, you will find the Internet Protocol Version (IPv4 or IPv6). Double click to open a new page.
  5. Select “Use the following DNS server addresses”. Now enter and if you’re using  IPv4. 
  6. If you are on IPv6, use 2001:4860:4860::8888 and 2001:4860:4860::8844  in the first and second box respectively.

Changing the DNS server doesn’t affect the Internet speed. However, it can reset your network and also improve the overall speed.

5. Turn off Windows Defender

Windows Firewall decides whether to give access to your private network for any app or not. So if Windows Defender has blocked Discord, then you won’t able to connect to it. 

  1. Open Control Panel and select “System and Security” from the search bar.
  2. Then choose “Allow an app through Windows Firewall”. You can find the option under Windows Defender Firewall.
  3. Now, click on the “Change Settings” option by giving Administrative rights and search for Discord.
  4. After you find the Discord option, check both the boxes for private as well as for public networks. This will let Windows Firewall allow Discord for the public as well as private networks.

Now, launch Discord and see if it can connect to the servers.

 6.  Resetting the Voice Settings

If you are able to open Discord but unable to use the mic, then you can reset the voice settings. Here’s how to proceed with the resetting procedure:

  1. From the homepage of Discord, go to the Settings menu.
  2. Now, open the “Voice & Video” option and then click on “Reset Voice Settings”. 
  3. After resetting click “Okay”.

Your voice settings should be reset by now. So, connect your microphone to check if resetting helps when you find Discord voice chat not connecting.

7. Log Out and In of Discord

Simply by logging out and signing in you can fix many server issues. Sometimes, logging in helps Discord to create new login cookie files and fix the connectivity issue. To try this solution you can follow these steps:

  1. In the Windows Discord client page, click on the User Settings option.
  2. Inside the User Settings option, search and click the Log Out button.
  3. After you successfully log out of Discord, a login page will appear.
  4. Now, after entering the correct details of your Discord account, log back in.  

Now if there was any connection issue related to voice, video or corrupted files. Then it will solve the issue and you won’t be having any problem connecting on Discord.

Hopefully, the solution provided above helped you fix the problem of Discord voice not connecting. You can try using VPN services also if you are still facing the connection issues.

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