How to Fix File System Error (-21427219196)

The file system error (-2147219196) generally occurs when you try to view any photo with the default Windows Photo application. The error is also seen while trying to open other windows applications like calculators, Groove Music or any other applications. This problem is only faced by Windows 10 users. Moreover, this problem started appearing with some recent Windows updates. As per a survey the error is mostly seen in systems with Windows 10 operating system consisting of the July KB4345421 (17134.167) update.

Steps to solve the file system error (-2147219196) error. 

There are a handful of ways to fix file system error (-2147219196). Thus, go through the following section to try and resolve the pronlem on your own. 

Step 1: Check for Windows Photo App update

Check for Windows Photo App update

Oftentimes, this error can be fixed with a simple software update. Generally, updates for windows applications have to be done separately. Thus, check for the latest updates by following the steps given below:-

  1. Click on the windows start button and type ‘store’. Next, click on Microsoft Store to launch the program. 
  2. Scroll down and go to More Options.
  3. Here, click on Download and Updates and press on the Get updates tab.

As soon as you install the latest Windows Photo application, check if the error still continues to happen or not. Head over to the next step if the file system error (-2147219196) still persists.

Step 2: Clean Reinstallation of photo application 

Clean Reinstallation of photo application

Sometimes, the file system error (-21472191960) can be caused  due to software or other system errors. In such cases, you can fix the problem by performing a clean reinstallation of the Windows Photo Application. Thus, follow the steps given below to reinstall the application:-

  • Firstly, click on the Windows Start button and type ‘PowerShell’. Thereafter, right click on the program and choose to run it as an administrator.
  • Here. type the following command and execute it by pressing enter.

Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.Windows.Photos | Remove-AppxPackage

  • After the uninstallation, open a browser and visit the Windows Sysinternals website. There, find and download the PsTools package(PsExec) software.
  • Next, go to the file directory where the zip file has been downloaded. Double click on it to extract its contents. After that, open the extracted folder. 
  • Now, click on the address bar on top of the file explorer and type ‘cmd’, subsequently, press enter to open the command prompt as an Administrator for that folder. 
  • Here, type the following command and execute it by pressing the Enter key.


PsExec.exe  -sid c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe 


  1. Once the process of the above command is done, press the “Y” button with the help of your keyboard as a confirmation. This deletes all the Windows photo viewer application files.
  2. After that visit the Windows Store and download and install the Microsoft Photos application.

Step 3: Troubleshoot Windows Photo Viewer

Troubleshoot Windows Photo Viewer

Many times, the Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter can help to identify and fix file system error (-2147219196). You can manually run it by selecting it from the control panel. After a complete analysis of the windows photo viewer app, it will detect the file that may cause this issue and then inform you about the necessary steps to solve it. This is the simplest and easiest step. If still the error occurs, try the next solution.

Step 4: Remove and install all the built-in Windows application

Remove and install all the built-in Windows application

If you are not able to detect the error that causes the file system error (-2147219196) error, then you can try reinstalling all the Built-in Windows Applications present in your device. Due to errors in other Windows applications, this error may occur.  Remove all the applications by following the simple steps:-

  • Click on the Windows Start button and type ‘powershell’. Thereafter, right click on the program and choose ‘Run as Administrator’. 
  • Then, run the following command and execute it by pressing enter. 

 Get-AppXPackage | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}. 

  • As soon as you run the above command, all the UWP applications will be reinstalled. All the fixes that the photos app may require are done by this. 

Step 5: Run System File Checker

Run System File Checker

Another cause for file system error (-2147219196) could be due to corrupted system files. These can be easily scanned and fixed by the System file checker. It is a built-in tool that is available in the Windows operating system. You can run this tool by following the steps below. 

  • Press the Windows Start button and type ‘cmd’. Right click on the program and run it as an administrator. 
  • Thereafter, type ‘sfc /scannow’ and press enter. 
  • Now, the system file checker will automatically run and start scanning for any corrupted files. In case such files are found, they are automatically fixed by the system. 

After that, restart your PC as a good measure. The problem should be resolved by now. 

Final Words

Thus this is how you can fix file system error (-2147219196)  issue. Make sure that you follow each and every step carefully. One of the steps provided above should help you to resolve the problem in no time. 

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