How to Effectively Resolve Hulu Keeps Buffering Issue

Hulu is a popular online video streaming service. It provides you access to thousands of movies and TV shows. Currently available only in the USA and Japan, Hulu has been frequently facing buffering issues lately. 

In case you are a Hulu user you must have experienced that sometimes the application just keeps on buffering instead of playing a video. This can be quite annoying. However, there are some simple ways by which you can promptly resolve the buffering issues. 

Causes Behind Hulu Keeps Buffering on Laptop:

Before we proceed to find the solutions, let’s take a look at some of the factors that are responsible for this issue. There isn’t any specific reason for this issue. However, based on our research and reports from users we have compiled some probable causes. 

  • Presence of some defective files
  • Device configured wrongly
  • Hulu application is outdated
  • Application is loaded incorrectly
  • Slow or unstable Internet connection
  • Hulu servers are down due to some reason

Troubleshooting Tips for Hulu Keeps Buffering Error:

So, you are eagerly waiting to watch your favorite TV series or the latest movie on Hulu. But, sadly, all you see is the Hulu application buffering constantly. 

Before you rush out to a professional technician you can try out some simple solutions. We have provided a list of probable methods to help you fix the issue all by yourself: 

Check the Internet Connection

Hulu has specific speed requirements for different resolutions. A bad or unstable Internet connection can potentially stop the normal buffering of videos. Hulu has the following speed requirements for its videos:

  1. 720p: To watch videos at this resolution without any interruption you need a network speed of 3Mb/s.
  2. 1080p: Videos of this resolution works when you have a decent speed of 6Mb/s.
  3. 4K: To watch 4K quality videos on Hulu an impressive 13Mb/s speed is necessary.

For enjoying seamless buffering of videos on Hulu, make sure your Internet connection is strong. Check if other devices are connected to your Internet. Multiple devices on your network can effectively diminish the network strength and speed. Also, if you’re using a computer or laptop for streaming videos you might consider switching to Ethernet cable. Moreover, this will provide a more stable network.

Update the Hulu Application

If you are using a backdated version of Hulu then you are bound to face buffering issues. Alternately, if your browser is outdated it might also lead to endless buffering of videos. This is because the latest Hulu services might not be compatible with the previous version.

So, to promptly fix the issue in question simply update your browser or Hulu application.


Thankfully, almost every modern web browser is designed to update itself automatically. You need not look for fresh updates or install them manually on your system.


A backdated Hulu application can suffer from various issues including buffering errors. So, you should update the application from the app store. However, if the auto-update is ON, Hulu will update itself automatically. 

In case the issue still persists, move on to the next solutions.

Fix Application or Device-related Issues

Sometimes a defective application or presence of unwanted, corrupted cached data can trigger buffering errors. Also, devices like Roku TV can limit the bandwidth of the videos triggering a buffering problem on Hulu. Here’s what you need to do:

Remove Cache in the Application

The presence of cached data on the application as well as the browser can hamper the timely buffering of videos. So, you must get rid of them from time to time. Follow these steps to clear out the cache from the application:

  1. First, click on the ‘Settings’ option. From there choose ‘Application/App’.
  2. Now, search for the Hulu app and click on it.
  3. Thereby, find the ‘Clear Cache’ or ‘Clear Data’ option.

Clear Cache from the Browser

Your web browser also keeps cached data stored in them. You need to flush them out to eliminate any sort of buffering errors. Therefore, go through these instructions carefully:

  1. Launch your web browser first and then tap on the ‘Settings’ icon. You’ll find this in the top right-hand corner of the screen. 
  2. After this, choose ‘Settings/Options’ from the list following which click on ‘Privacy & Settings’.
  3. This is where the cookies and cached data are stored. Choose the relevant options and click on the ‘Clear Data’ option.

Troubleshoot Roku TV Issues

Hulu app often faces buffering-related issues on Roku TV. To resolve the issue you need to press the following buttons sequentially:

  1. Home button: Press it for 5 times 
  2. Rewind button: Press 3 times
  3. Forward button: Press twice.

However, do make sure to press them fast. This will effectively change the bandwidth setting to Automatic.

Restart the Hulu Application

This might sound quite cliched to you but restarting the application can be an effective way to deal with this issue. Many users have reported that closing down the application entirely and then launching it again can help you fix the error effectively.

Follow these steps to restart Hulu on your device:

Smart TV

Simply press the ‘Exit’ button or the back button on your remote controller. Then, choose ‘Yes, I’m sure’ option on the screen.

Xbox One

Tap on the Xbox logo button located in the middle of the controller. Now, with the help of the three horizontal lines select the ‘Hulu’ option. Then, click on ‘Quit’ and press the ‘A’ button. 

PlayStation 4

Find the PS button situated in the middle of the controller and press it. Now, from the menu on the left side choose the ‘Close Application’ option. Thereafter, select the Hulu app from the option and tap on the ‘X’ button. Finally, click on OK and then press ‘X’ once again.

Reinstall Hulu

When neither restarting nor updating Hulu solves the issue, there must be some corruption with the application itself. In that case, uninstall and reinstall the application once again on your device. 

Make use of the following steps to uninstall and reinstall Hulu on various devices:

Smart TVs

For smart TVs, go to ‘Settings’ first and click on ‘Application’. Now, search for an option to delete the application from the menu. Some smart TVs, however, do not have the option to delete the application. Once deleted, download the application again.

Xbox One

Through the main menu highlight and choose the ‘Hulu’ option. Use the three horizontal buttons on the controller of the device. Now, go to ‘Manage app’ and select ‘Internal’. Finally, choose the ‘Uninstall’ option. After this, visit the Store and download Hulu again. 

PlayStation 4

Open the Home menu and select the ‘TV & Video’ option. Using the controller choose the Hulu app and click on ‘Options’ tab. From the ‘Options’ menu select ‘Delete’. Now, download the application from the PlayStation Store. 


Check if Hulu Services are Down

So, you have tried all the above solutions. But, sadly, your Hulu keeps buffering just as before. In such a situation, check whether the Hulu services have been blocked or closed down in your area Services need to shut off temporarily for maintenance or repair. 

There are free tools using which you can determine whether Hulu services are working in your area. If indeed the services are shut off in your locality or town you need to wait till they resume it. 

To sum up, endless buffering of videos can be quite frustrating. You can swiftly fix this problem using the simple steps we have discussed above. 

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