Know The Constructive Ways To Forward Multiple Emails Gmail

Forwarding email is a tiresome task for many but they have to perform it on a daily basis. For Gmail users, it only helps you to forward one email at one particular time. Henceforth, if there are a lot of emails that need to be forwarded, you should open each one of them and press the Forward option to meet the purpose. We wonder if there is any shortcut to forward multiple emails at a time. Fortunately, there is one such kind of thing.

Multi Forward for Gmail is an exclusive feature where there is an extension for the Chrome browser that helps you to forward multiple emails from your Gmail account. Therefore, go through this informative article to know “how to forward multiple emails to Gmail at a time seamlessly?”

Effective Ways to Forward Multiple Emails in Gmail

This post will give you cogent ways to forward multiple emails to Gmail without any hassle. Go through the under-mentioned guideline to know the methods and send emails effectively:

Forwarding Multiple Gmail Emails Manually

You may possess a bunch of emails that you like to forward, but that doesn’t require later on. Suppose you are organizing your previous archives of messages you wish to forward manually, especially if there is only a handful of them. It is possible to choose multiple emails using the checkboxes in your inbox. After that, you need to choose forward and send all the emails at once.

However, that functionality has been removed. Then, the question might be stuck in your mind regarding “how to forward multiple emails in Gmail?” In order to forward emails manually, you must go deep down into each email individually. After that, you need to choose the Forward option present in the little gray box available at the top right of the email window. However, this is not suggested if you want to forward a junk of messages.

Using Filters to Forward Multiple Emails Gmail

Filters bring the option of forwarding previous conversations. However, the process is a bit tedious and doesn’t hold good always. It is a powerful mechanism though and this will take some time to establish the process:

  1. First, you need to log into your Gmail account.
  2. Next, you need to choose the right arrow present in the right-hand corner of the Gmail search menu.
  3. You just need to select the criteria for the filter available in the dropdown box. This may be an email address, name, subject, content, or any attachment. You have the provision to filter by words the email does not contain which can be fruitful.
  4. Furthermore, you need to create a Filter to make a filter with this search.
  5. Next, choose the option you wish to. In this case, the option is to Forward it. Also, you have to incorporate a forwarding address in order to make the option active.
  6. Furthermore, you need to click the checkbox present adjacent to ‘Also apply the filter to matching conversations’.
  7. Eventually, choose Create Filter once the process gets over.

Using the Chrome Extension

Go through the below steps to know “how to forward multiple Gmail emails at a time?”

  1. First, navigate to Multi Forward for the Gmail extension page present in the Chrome Store. You need to press Add to Chrome in order to add the extension to the browser.
  2. You will receive a popup that will ask you to add the extension to your browser. Now you need to press Add so that the extension gets added.
  3. The extension must be incorporated into your browser. Also, you can view the icon in the menu bar of the browser. However, in order to work seamlessly, you must close the browser and after that, you need to reopen it.
  4. Now starts the main forwarding methodology. Just open the Gmail inbox and after that, you need to choose several emails which you like to forward. Then you just need to press the little arrow icon which you can see adjacent to the regular email options.
  5. At this juncture, you will receive a notification from the extension asking you to Sign in order to authorize it. Don’t panic, you need to do this once in a while. You just need to press Sign-in. Furthermore, you have to sign in to the Gmail account for the purpose of authorizing the app.
  6. Next, press the multiple forward icons present in your inbox again. Moreover, please provide the recipient’s name to whom you want to forward that email. Also, you have the provision to provide multiple email addresses. After finishing this, you just need to press the Multi-Forward button to begin the forwarding process. It will be a bit time taking and hence you have to wait patiently.
  7. You will receive a popup that signifies that multi-forward messages have been sent to all the concerned recipients when the process gets over.

Closing Notes

Finally, your inconvenience is over with the above tips. It saves huge time and you can negate the headache of opening and forwarding individually. Using this exclusive feature of the Chrome extension, you can send emails in one go.
Hopefully, this article gives you all the effective methods to forward multiple emails to Gmail at a time without any hassle. Moreover, you can refer to the user guide to have a quick glance.

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