Complete Guidelines On How To Get iMessage On PC

iMessage is a very popular messaging app especially used by Apple users. But if you are a Windows user and want to experience the iMessage app function on your device, then you need to struggle more for this. The process for enabling the iMessage on your Windows are described in this below section. So, read this section of this article till the end to learn the total process of how to get iMessage on PC.

One thing you need to know that you can be able to use the iMessage on your Windows PC only by connecting it with a Mac device.

Use Chrome Remote Desktop Extension

The first step, you need to do, is to download the Chrome browser in both Mac and the Windows PC. And for this, you need to use a better internet connection in both of the devices to get the complete Google Chrome browser. Once the downloading is completed then install it (Google Chrome). As the Google Chrome gets installed on both the Windows PC and the Mac device successfully then proceed with this below step.

Now, sign in to an email service account on both these Google Chrome using devices (Windows PC and Mac) to add an extension. Then, by using this Chrome browser download “Chrome Remote Desktop” extension and that is also in both the Mac and Windows PC. After that, once you see that “Chrome Remote Desktop” get successfully downloaded then open it.

Further, from this opening Chrome Remote Desktop window in Windows PC press on the “Get Started” box, which is placed under the “My Computer” section. In case of your Mac device, you will visit “Enable Remote Connection” box in place of “Get Started” option, press on it as well.
After that, download a host installer of Chrome Remote, and then open it. Next, install the Chrome Remote installer by following the onscreen instructions. As you complete this installer installation process, now you can be able to connect both the devices (Windows PC and Mac) remotely and will be eligible to check the functions of the iMessage on your Windows PC.

Go For An iOS Emulator On Your Computer

The Mac users can only go for this above explaining process to how to access iMessage on PC. However, if you don’t own a Mac device, then this below- explaining process will work for you. Here, in these below lines, you will get to learn how to get iMessage on PC, if you don’t own a Mac.

As Mac is an inexpensive device and you don’t have one, but still you can use iMessage on your Windows PC. Then you need to install a third-party iOS emulator on your computer device. There are many iOS emulators available online, you can grab one, to use iMessage on your Windows PC. An iOS emulator helps your Windows or Linux Operating System to get into a virtual iOS environment. But you need to be careful in using this iOS emulator software. Such software can become a risk factor for your loving system. It can bring some malware or unwanted software, which may not be good for your system health.

But once, you can try an iOS emulator in your system to learn the usage of iMessage on PC. As you download and complete installing an emulator on your device, you can be able to use iMessage as you want.

Use A Jailbreak Software To Get iMessage On PC

All the above methods are for using iMessage on PC without jailbreak. But if you are really excited to learn the jailbreaking method of how to use iMessage on PC then go for this section till the end. But before that let us built a complete knowledge of Jailbreak, whether it is safe to use or not.

What Is The Function Of A Jailbreaking Software?

Jailbreaking software functions to replace your current version of iOS with a new edited flexible version of Operating System. It means that you will get a new look and a different feeling of using your iDevice. On installing a Jailbreaking software you can use many custom apps and add-ons which are not even present in the Apple’s App Store. So, it provides a different kind of feeling to its users.

By having a Jailbreaking software, you can use iMessage on your device from a mobile location by connecting to the internet. If your device is facing any problem then you can restore it with the help of the factory settings tool.


Before proceeding to use a Jailbreaking software, check these below lines to know the risk factor of using it.

This software comes with a high risk for your system and your system storage data. Any time you will get your system in a difficult condition and the warranty will also get void. So, if you are an experienced person then you can go for this below explaining process.

Jailbreaking software can store tremendous bugs and malware, which will be enough to damage your system in no time. Do you want to get the Jailbreaking software?

Then go through some of the unique features, which you can enjoy by using a Jailbreaking Software. By getting this software, you can download and customize all the applications and restriction software which are not available in the Apple application downloading storage. By having a Jailbreaking software you can change your iDevice accordingly. You can get all the Apple prohibiting software as well.

Lock screen customization, creating shortcuts, Touch ID features are such activities you can perform by having it. The most important thing is that you can be able to use iMessage application in any Operating Systems including Windows PCs.

Process Of Using Jailbreak In Your iDevice

It is better to keep a full backup of your iDevice, before starting to this process of using Jailbreak. You can store the backups in a cloud or locally to protect every single detail of your device. Because there is a high-risk factor of losing your device as explained earlier.

To start using the downloading process of Jailbreaking software, it is better to restore your iDevice using iTunes. On doing this, you will get this process faster to complete.

Once, the restoring process is done, now go for downloading a Jailbreak software on your device (Mac or Windows PC). As the jailbroken OS gets downloaded, install it. By using this jailbroken OS search for its app store. If you are not getting it already in your device then, you need to download it separately. With the help of this application storage, you can perform many tricks and tweaks. From this below lines, you will get the complete process of how to download iMessage on PC.

Now, by using the Jailbroken application store, you need to purchase an app to get iMessage on your device. Once you have purchased the app, you can be able to use the iMessage from every type of devices and PCs you use. After that, open your device browser and go to your iPhone’s IP address followed by 333. Next, fill up all the iMessage login credentials in your device to get started with.

Hope all these sections are fruitful in clearing your queries. So, by studying this article, identify the method which is suitable for your device to perform how to get iMessage on PC.

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