How To Keep A Netgear Router Secure? A Complete Guide

Your wireless routers are capable of transmitting the signal that can be detected hundreds of feet away. That is the reason that allows anybody near the device the capability of using your network. When your signal is open then it is subjected to be used by many unwanted people.

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At times, it can even make the signal strength weak.

So, it is recommended that you must take the necessary safety steps in order to protect your network and limit access to your wireless network. The two main types of encryption are Wifi Protected Access or WPA  and Wired Equivalent Privacy or WEP. 

In order to limit the access to your Netgear router, you need to protect your wireless network with the help of a strong password. Here, we are going to teach you how you can keep your Netgear router completely secure. 

3 Steps on How to Keep a Netgear Router Secure

You should definitely secure your wireless WiFi network or you may face subsequent problems like- WiFi theft and stolen banking information. 

Securing a Netgear router is quite easy and you have to go through these following steps:

Step 1: Set up Netgear router

Look carefully at the bottom of your router, you can see a label sticking. The default access site and credentials are mentioned there. You need to use a computer that is connected to your Netgear router. 

Or if you haven’t set up the device earlier, you can set up the connection now. Open a web browser and navigate to the Netgear router login site.
In case, this does not work for you, you may search for “routerlogin.
com”, “” or “” through the address bar. 

Next, put the router’s username and password. Basically the default credentials are: Username: admin

Password: password

Step 2: Choose a strong password

Remember a strong password plays the most important role in securing a WiFi network. So, whenever you are asked to choose a password, make sure it is strong enough to protect your wireless connection.  

Your password should be something that is hard to guess for any outsider. Choosing a strong password is very important. 

Here are the tips that you should follow while picking up a password for your WiFi network: 

  • Your WiFi password should include a minimum of 8 characters. You can set more than 8 characters as well.
  • It is very essential for you to choose a strong password but never set a password that you fail to remember later.
  • Avoid setting up a password that your friends and family or some outsider can guess. Think of something unique. 
  • Your WiFi password should consist of different types of characters: capital and small letters, numbers, symbols, etc. 
  • You can make a strong password by replacing the letters with the symbols (for instance, use @ instead of a).
  • Passwords are really sensitive and you can protect them by creating a linked account or sharing the services with your trusted friends and family members. 
  • Keep changing your password after every 90 to 180 days. It will help you to safeguard your WiFi network from the hackers.
  • Pen down whatever password you are setting for your WiFi network. Though everybody claims to remember their passwords, it is the best way to save your password. 

Step 3: Change the Password of Your Wireless Network

To perform this step, you have to select the option Wireless. In case, you are using an older router, you may find the option Wireless Settings. Now, you have choices: 

  • If you wish to change the name of your wireless network (SSID), you can do that. If you do so, make sure you choose a user-friendly network name that will appear when someone will search for the wireless network in his area. 
  • After that, visit the Security option. There, look for the option WPA2-PSK[AES] and tap on it. This will enable you to choose a password of your choice. As suggested earlier, enter a strong password in the given password field. 
  • Pause for a while and pen down the SSID (the name of your wireless network) along with the password. 

Hit on Apply option to save the new settings. You have finally updated the security of your wireless network. 

Note: You are able to change the security of your wireless network anytime by just connecting your wireless devices.

In case, you are using a dual-band wireless network or a 2.4 and 5GHz network, you may have to repeat these above-mentioned steps for each network. Further, if your router has a guest network, repeat the steps as it is also controlled individually. 

Precautions to Keep Your Netgear Wireless Network Secure

  • When you note down your secret password, make sure that it is not accessible by anyone except you. The place where you will keep your password safe should be absolutely private. 
  • Besides that, many electronic gadgets are there that remember your password for your help. So, be sure that the gadget is yours, otherwise, any outsider can access your wireless network. 
  • Stop using the same password everywhere. It increases the chances of getting your network hacked.
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Protecting a wireless network has become necessary these days (especially for the private sectors and the businessmen). Perform each and every step carefully to secure your Netgear router

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