Beginner’s Guide On How To Make Cashless Transactions Using WeChat Pay

Today’s technology not only improves our way of life but also makes it even more convenient. With all the latest innovations from the smallest invention up to the largest, they all played a significant role in how we live day by day. There may be adverse effects, but the positive results are undeniably recognized too.

One of the technology’s creations that people are taking advantage of today is a mobile application. It is an app that runs on any mobile device, may it be a tablet or a smartphone. A mobile app can be anything. It could be for food ordering up to a paying app. That being said, here is one of the most commonly used today, the WeChat pay.

What Is Wechat Pay?

Wechat Pay is a helpful payment solution affiliated with the popular WeChat messenger in China. This application is owned by Tencent. This feature of the WeChat app lets its users make cashless transactions like payments, buy tickets, top-up mobile accounts, book hotels, and send money. It is accessible through the “Wallet” tab of the messenger application. 

Users have an option to credit or debit an amount with the help of the WeChat Pay feature. It is fast and convenient and can be used all over China. From small-time vendors up to luxurious shops, transactions using this app are possible. China is evidently working on becoming a cashless country, as it barely uses cash anymore. 

How Does It Work For Foreigners?

Most foreigners get confused between Weixin and WeChat apps. These applications are a little different from each other as the Weixin app is the local version of WeChat. The two apps also have separate payment features, and Weixin is only accessible in China. While 

WeChat can be downloaded and used worldwide. However, the WeChat Pay feature can only be used in selected countries like South Africa, Mainland China, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and Malaysia.

What Type Of Sim Card To Use?

People might wonder how they can use the WeChat Pay app if they get to visit China and planned to stay for a while. First, you need to get a Chinese SIM card so you can register for WeChat. 

The WeChat app only caters to China and is specially created for the Chinese market. Once you have your card ready, insert it on your smartphone, and try to register for a WeChat account. You have nothing to worry about as you can always switch back to your old sim card once you are completely registered for an account or leave the country.

WeChat Pay Feature Activation

Once you have successfully downloaded the application on your phone and have created an account, the “Wallet” feature should be available on the “Me” button right at the bottom-right corner of the WeChat. But, for people who downloaded the app outside China, manual activation may be needed.

In case you are not familiar with how to manually activate it, here’s a quick guide. At the top of your screen beside the “search” icon is the “+” icon; click on that. Tap the “Money” on the following options that appear. Click on “Enable Now” and you should be prompted to the “Verify User Info” page where you can input your bank.

You don’t have to worry as the WeChat app supports over 300 foreign credit cards, mostly from JCB, Visa, and MasterCard. If you have a Chinese bank card, you have an extra option to put your credit or debit card. You also need to remember that foreign debit cards have limitations to the app’s features. Mobile top-ups are allowed, but not general transfers and a few more.

How to Load Up

The WeChat Pay feature serves as your digital debit card. To make transactions, you may top-up your Wallet and use your load money. The amount you spend will then be deducted from your Wallet right away. Here are two ways to put money on your WeChat app Wallet:

Chinese Bank Transfer

This process is the easiest way because you may transfer funds straight from your Chinese bank account to your WeChat app Wallet. You also have the option to use the WeChat payment to deduct directly from any of your linked Chinese bank accounts.

Peer-to-Peer Transfer

This method is for individuals who do not own a Chinese bank account. You may ask any of your contact, friends, or family to transfer funds to your account using the “general transfer” option.

The “red envelope” feature is also available that is basically like sending cash Both options are free. However, withdrawing money using the app is not possible unless you have a Chinese bank card associated with your WeChat Pay.

Making Transactions With WeChat Pay

WeChat has really brought cashless and digital payments a step higher. The best part about WeChat Pay is that it is not only accessible for individuals, but even some foreign companies can take advantage of it by creating up an official account. Foreign vendors can use  WeChat Pay to transact and receive supplies from China. Here are a few of the ways to use it in your transactions.

  • Online Options
  • Let the merchant or store scan your QR code.
  • Quick Pay or scanning the merchant’s QR code.


In the interface, WeChat Pay looks so much simpler and cleaner compared to other applications. The app is also gaining more popularity because of the WeChat Pay feature. It is still definitely a work in progress, as there are still parts of the app that need improvement. Overall, it has more positive feedback than negative.


Technology has really made everything more convenient for us by helping us make payments without the need for physical cash. The WeChat Pay feature is undoubtedly helpful mostly for people who prefer using cashless transactions. There may be a lot of various applications that offer the same service, but when you decide to visit China, it is best to use this as it is accessible and works all over the country.