Learn How to Perform Gmail Sort By Sender and Intensify Your Gmail Experience

With over more than billions of users, Gmail is regarded as the most renowned services available worldwide. However, it doesn’t imply it is as easy to use as users prefer. Most importantly there are many users having no idea of sorting Emails by the sender. But there are some effective workarounds that give you control in searching for messages. You need to consider that these are basically workarounds which we will be going to discuss. Gmail does not give you the authority to organize the entire inbox by the sender. However, you can easily find obvious ways to put up messages given by each sender. Therefore, go through this article with rapt attention to know all the constructive ways pertaining to Gmail sort by sender.

Why Sorting is Required by Sender?

There are several reasons that compel you to sort Gmail by the sender. You may encounter hundreds of marketing emails from different sources every month. It is obviously not a common matter for marketing emails to cover most of the storage space.

That is the sole reason why you need to clean the Gmail inbox in order to avoid this issue. Marketing emails get coalesced with other emails coming from friends, business partners, and colleagues.

However, some of them are very important and henceforth not subjected to deletion. It appears to be very cumbersome if you try to select each marketing email individually. There is a huge chance that you choose some legitimate emails accidentally.

If you understand how to sort Gmail by the sender, you can easily club all the emails coming from a specific sender together and thereby deleting each and every one of them with a single go. This will avoid deletion of emails accidentally which appears to be urgent.

How you can Sort Gmail by Sender

What will happen if you are looking for a particular email coming from a specific person? Suppose, you get an email from the manager containing valuable contact information. The only information that you need to have is the email address of the boss and the name of the person whose contact information is required.

But how you can easily get that particular email without checking the recent emails. Therefore, go through the under-mentioned steps pertaining to Gmail sort by sender.

Basic Procedure

  1. First, you need to provide the email address in the search menu present at the top of the Gmail page. After that, press on downward arrow visible on that window.
  2. You will find a popup window which exhibits several search criteria. Has the words field containing the email address you are looking for will be there by default.
  3. After that, you should copy and then paste it from the From field. With the optimum use of Has the words field, you can pinpoint more particularly. You can search with the name of that person whose contact information you need.
  4. When the process gets over, press enter. After that, you need to press the blue search button present in the bottom left corner. You can easily obtain a particular email address from the sender.
  5. Moreover, you have the option to build the filter using search by clicking feature present on the Create filter button available at the bottom right corner of the window. Using this, you can search for instantaneously

It gives you the authority to apply some particular actions next time you encounter an email that is equivalent to the particular criteria.

View Messages from a Recent Folder

There are a handful of tips that will help you to view all the email obtained from a particular source. It will be the best option if you recently got an email from the concerned person. However, you have the choice to use it as and when required in your inbox.

Therefore, go through the under-mentioned steps to know more about Gmail sort by sender:

  1. In order to begin, navigate to your inbox and place the mouse over senders name. You will find this on the left-hand side of the subject line.
  2. You need to wait for few seconds till the popup is available. Then, you will find a gray link which implies Emails present at the bottom. After that, press on it to obtain a list of all the messages.
  3. It is needless to see the sender which immediately appears on the Inbox. Next, you need to provide the name of the person or the email address into the search bar of Gmail. This is present at the top of the screen and contains a blue magnifying glass adjacent to it.
  4. Finally, place the cursor over the name and follow the same method which you learned.

View Messages from any Sender

You can get good results even without knowing the name of the person. After that, you have to retrace back to Google’s search bar. You will find a tiny downward facing triangle present on the right-hand side.

If you hold the mouse pointer, you can view a display box which states Show Search Options. After you press the triangle, you will find a box which gives you several ways to pinpoint the messages.

Moreover, you have the option to mention certain parameters to obtain emails which do not contain specific words. This option captures them in all emails, not the subjects. Filtering search results will give you the attachments containing the attachments.

You need to be familiarized with different capabilities of the search box. There are several ways to obtain the messages which comes within the number of days from a particular date. Also, it varies on the basis of the name of the sender. If the recipient is unknown or you forgot the name, you need to use the email link of that person to obtain the entire message list.

However, if you don’t want to go with the search option, go through the rest of the methods pertaining to Gmail sort by sender. Similar to Google, Gmail identifies advanced search operators. Suppose you write “to:bob” in the main search bar without using quotation marks.

This action will help you to get through all the emails which you sent to the people named Bob.

Sorting Messages by Subject

It might happen that you wish to find all those emails people sent you regarding a family reunion. Therefore, you just need to move back to the search bar of Google and use additional search options. You will get an option where the box will permit you to search using the subject.

Also, you can recollect from the earlier steps that you can use word-based search terms. Gathering, events, parties, etc are some of those occasions where you may need to use this feature. You have to ensure that you provide relevant emails and provide all the prospective descriptors. Also, do separate them using commas.

Next, you need to hover on to the drop-down list which is present at the peak of the extra search options. The default setting will inspect all the emails. However, it sometimes appears to be very lengthy at times.

If that is the case, you can modify it. The options will encompass Gmail’s default folders and also the labels you created. What will happen if the situation comes that someone tells you that they sent a message, but you are unable to find that in your inbox? You just simply need to change the drop-down menu to Spam or Trash.

Then, if you misinterpret this as Junk email or you removed it mistakenly, then it is not lost. Go through the rest of the article to know more about Gmail sort by sender.

Search for Messages with Particular Labels

If you are not accustomed to labels, you need to think about folders within Gmail. Henceforth, it is obvious to sort the inbox. Gmail comes up with labeling options.

Apply Labels to Emails

This method mainly deals with pressing on any message present in the inbox. After selection, you need to search at the peak of the Gmail interface in order to view the platform graphical buttons. Then, you select the one comprising of tag like image. If you press it, it comes with the list of earlier made labels.

Moreover, you have the provision to label various messages consecutively through the selection of the respective checkboxes. You should do that before hitting the label button present at the peak of Gmail’s interface. Moreover, you have the option to label a message after tapping it instead of from the main box.

Sorting Through Labels

Till now we have gained a fair knowledge of applying labels. Let’s see how we can apply it effectively to accomplish Gmail sort by sender. It is relatively easy to perform. You just have to hit the label tag in the email. Else, you can tap on the sidebar of your inbox.

Apply Labels Automatically to Sent Messages

Till now we know that the application of label is a fast and effective methodology when it comes to Gmail sort by sender. Although, you should recognize one thing while maintaining the tabs of the inbox.

However, if you are a workaholic and busy through the day, this step may not serve the right purpose for you. With the help of free apps, you can easily provide labels on sent messages.

  • After you download these apps, you just have to open the Dashboard and search for the Productivity Tab.
  • Next, search for the Send and add Label choice.
  • In order to move ahead, you should apply that option and after that try reloading the inbox.
  • After that, you must examine the label icon present adjacent to the send button of the app. It is similar to the small ribbon and it signifies auto labeling is enabled.
  • To know how these apps work, you should send a message using that app. If you press the send button for the email, you will find labeling boxes.
  • Move down through the list to select one of the boxes. Else, you can use any convenient search box.
  • Finally, tap the Label as well as Send option available at the bottom.

Sort Messages in a Convenient Way

Users always think that Gmail sort by sender is an easy task. However, this is not the actual scenario. Sorting Gmail by sender is not at all a straightforward job. If you follow this article carefully, you can easily  know how to sort Gmail by sender.

However, you can refer the user guide to have a quick look. If you have any other ways in your mind pertaining to this issue, you can provide that in the comment section.


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