How To Play Every Map in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold war introduces 11 new multiplayer maps that let players challenge themselves in several modes. These maps are set in varied locations. Players need to navigate through each map to attack the objective or to drop on an unsuspecting enemy. It is advised that players take time to understand each of the maps to be able to perform in any of the game modes especially those modes that have multiple objectives. The Black Ops Cold War hacks are here to help.


The Garrison map is chaotic and cramp set in a warehouse. The objectives are placed in small areas so be ready for some intense fight in very close quarters. Each of the teams will have to spawn on either side of the warehouse and almost all the objectives are based in the interior area. There are also various paths that you can take through the center of the map which depends on your team and the game mode.


Checkmate is based in a training facility with a fake plane and various other structures. The players use the buildings in the spawn area to pick the enemies at a long-range. The maximum action takes place in the plane. The plane has two main entrances which can be accessed through both wings. The players will move through the plane in all the game modes with the objectives all set within the plane itself.


Cartel takes players right into the Nicaraguan jungle where they battle through small buildings and dense vegetation. The map offers three routes to maneuver through. The center features cocoa plants that make the game challenging to move through. You must experiment with various weapons to identify your enemies from between the foliage.

Nuketown ’84

The Nuketown’84 is the iteration of the Nuketown map and is now available in each of the Black Ops titles with a fresh graffiti coat. The players spawn behind the house and find themselves immediately in danger. Most of the activity takes place in the street between two houses and the players throw explosives towards each of the spawns. Nuketown ’84 is hectic and the gameplay is intense. Players die frequently and find themselves surrounded by enemies always.


The Cold War Map makes players fight in Uzbekistan in severe cold. Depending on the game mode the map changes its size. Both the game version offers intense combat letting the players fight over their objectives. The 6v6 version is set in the annex and Storage building that is connected by a sky bridge. The interior areas lead to each side of the map. However the exterior areas are dangerous as they are open.


In this game mode, players have to fight around a metro station in Moscow to secure the objectives and eliminate the enemies. The map has many buildings and the players have to traverse through it to engage the rival team.


This multiplayer map is set on a large ship and transports the players to the middle of an ocean. The players are free to navigate the ship or to dive right into the waters and flank the enemies. In the core mode, the player will spawn each side of the main ship and reach the upper and lower deck level. Armada lets players spawn on the Soviet or US ship depending on which team they belong to. They can either swim to the ship or use a vehicle. You can use almost all the weapons in Armada.


Set in the streets of Miami lit with neon lights, it sets the stage for some intense gunfight. While the marksmen rifles and snipers take over the open streets, the interior building area suits the SMGs. It takes time to get used to the map. However, once you learn it, it is easy to move through Miami quickly.


There are no human-made objects or buildings in this mode apart from the crashed satellite. Players can however make use of the hills and caves for cover. In the center is a large satellite that has been broken into many pieces on the hilltop. It is here that the entire action takes place. The players can also move on the dunes on the outskirts and can use it properly to get adequate cover.


The snowy map is featured in the Fireteam: Dirty Bomb with dense forests and snow covered environment. The game indulges you in a continuous battle with your rivals. The dirty bombs when detonate release a radioactive gas which is why the team should always be moving towards their objective.


The Ruka map is a dense forest with various interesting points. Players can choose their landing place right at the beginning so it is best to coordinate with the team to take the right decision. The teams will push to the objective from the nearby areas so it is best to collect enough uranium before taking over an objective.


The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has many map layouts and each class works in a unique situation. It is best to be ready with multiple load-outs and remember that there are alternative routes that you need to figure out to move around the enemies.


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