How To Reset Chromecast | Get Effective Steps

Google Chromecast is an application that enables the user to stream online content on their television.

The Chromecast can be utilized in various ways like adapter, dongle, and firestick. The user can also view online content on their smartphones and tabs. It is not even necessary to open an application to watch online content.

Chromecast can stream from a various number of sources such as Hulu Plus and Netflix.
You can also view other content from YouTube, Google Play and Chrome browser. Even though the Google Chromecast is a useful application that brings online video or content to your big screen, it has some technical glitches that need to be fixed. For that, users need to know how to reset Chromecast.

Reset Your Chromecast In A Simple Way

As stated by many users, Chromecast does not function properly from time to time. If your adapter is not performing according to your instructions, then the Chromecast needs to be reset. Hence let us go through the various ways to reset the device.

Reset Chromecast From Google Cast Application

If you are having a problem with Chromecast, then restore the application with the help of Google Home app. This application can be found on the Android and iOs devices. Before resetting chromecast, users need to ensure that Google cast is running on your machine.

Check Chromcast on your device to reset.

Tap the menu button, then settings. After that, in the top right, tap three dots and select the Factory reset on Android and Reset on iOS. Wipe all the necessary settings of Chromecast and let the application do its work.

Chromecast Reset With The Help Of Its Button

This method is quite simple, and users can easily implement it if they want to reset their Chromecast adapter. Before rebooting, you need to know that there are two types of Chromecast adapter, i.e., 1st gen and 2nd gen. On the first generation of Chromecast, users will find a button. Just hold the button until the application resets itself.

If using The 1st Gen, Chromecast users need to press the button for 25 seconds. After that, a solid LED light will flash on the Chromecast device, and the rebooting of the TV will take place. Similarly, on the 2nd generation, tap on the button and an orange light will begin to flash press until the light turns white. Once you complete the process, the reboot process will begin automatically.

Things You Need To know For Setting Chromecast On Mac

When users watch online content on a PC and Laptop, they don’t get the quality experience. Thus if you have an Apple TV at home then try to take full advantage of the big screen and connect Chromecast with your Mac device.

Connect Chromcast adapter With Your TV

Now if you want to have top class streaming then setup the Chromecast on Mac. You can easily connect the Chromecast via HDMI port to your TV. Apart from this, you can also connect it via USB ports for power.

Once you set up the hardware, take your Laptop or Computer to modify the settings.

Change The Settings

After completion of the hardware setup, open Safari and type Google Chrome to download it. Once the downloading is complete, install it on your system. When the installation is complete, search for Chromecast extension in google. Open the first link to enable the extension.

Add extension by clicking the “Add To Chrome” button and then the user needs to confirm it by hitting the Extension button in the pop-up. In this way, you can create cast extension to your Chrome.

Open The Media To Cast

With the help of Chromecast, users can open any media on a website according to their choice. After the media starts streaming in the Browser of your MacOS, select the ‘Chromecast’ Button from the right side of the bar. A pop-up message would appear, click OK to run the process.

After that, a new pop up will open and it will ask you to choose the Chromecast device. Go through the steps and once the process is over, your LED TV would start streaming the content.

To Round Up

Resetting the Chromecast is quite an easy task. It doesn’t require the guidance of professionals or experts.
Once you have proper knowledge of resetting the Chromecast device, you can easily stream online content as per your wish.  

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