How To Resolve PS4 NAT Type Failed?

For a better gaming experience, you might have communicated with your friends through video calls while playing PS4 games. But you might have seen error message PS4 NAT type failed while chatting.

The network address translation failed issue usually appears due to the network problem. An incorrect network setting or network firewall problem might also lead you to this situation.

Thus, if you want to resolve the problem, then go through the methods described in the section below. Hence, let’s get started.

PS4 NAT Type Failed

Troubleshooting Methods to Fix PS4 NAT Type Failed Issue:

If you are encountering NAT type failed PS4 issues frequently, then there is nothing to worry about. We are going to discuss some of the best methods to resolve the problem.

Fix 1: Configure the PS4 Network Settings Manually

As we mentioned in the above section that the problem appears due to the incorrect network setting, then you need to configure the network settings manually.

Therefore, to do this manually, first, check the PS4 IP address. And then you apply the steps to configure it manually. Perform these steps to check the PS4 IP address

  • First of all, move to the PS4 Setting section and then, navigate to the Network section. Thereafter, select the View Connection Status section.
  • Then, you will find the information about the network PS4 is connecting. Also, you will find the IP address.

Now apply the following steps to configure the network settings manually.

  • At first, press the Windows + R key together launch the Run dialog box. Now, type ‘cmd’ in the Run box and then hit the Enter button.
  • Thereafter, enter ‘ipconfig/all’ in the Command Prompt window and press the Enter key. Next, make a note of the IP address and the Default Gateway. Also, note the subnet mask and the DNS server.
  • After that, move to the PS4 settings section. Then, select the ‘Network’ section and now, choose the ‘Set Up Internet Connection’ option.
  • Afterward, choose a LAN cable if you are connecting to the ethernet or select the WiFi, in case, you are using any WiFi network.
  • Next, click on the Custom section and thereafter, enter the Network Information that you have noted down.
  • A new page will pop up on the screen, select the Do Not Use option under the Proxy Server section. Then, it will update the Internet Settings.
  • When the updating process gets completed, choose the Test Internet Connection option. Next, you will find the PS4 internet connection and check the type of the NAT Type.

Finally, try to communicate with the friend while playing the PS4 game and check whether the same error triggers or not.

Fix 2: Turn on UPnP for the Router

If the above process does not work, then you need to turn on the UPnP or Universal Plug and play for your router. In order to discover each other, it enables the devices on a network.

If you turn it on, it will improve the connection while playing games and chatting at the same time. To enable it, go through the steps mentioned in the section below.

#1. First of all, check the IP address, Username, and Password of the wireless router that you are using.

#2. Thereafter, launch a web browser on your device and then enter the IP address in the address bar. Now, hit the Enter button.

#3. Then, the login page will appear on the system screen. Next, enter the login credentials in the respective field. After that, hit the Log in option.

#4. Afterward, move to the Advanced section and then select the Forwarding option. In this section, you will be able to find the UPnP.

#5. Now, press the Enable option. Thereafter, click on the Apply button to save the changes. After doing so, restart the system and wait for the internet connection back into your device.

Next, check the NAt type (refer the steps from the Fix 1). After completing the steps check whether the problem gets resolved or not.

Fix 3: Ensure your PS4 the DMZ Server

Demilitarized Zone which is also known as DMZ is a logical or physical subnetwork. It contains external-facing services of an organization to an untrusted network connection.

It will then help you to correct the network configuration of the router and then improved the network performance. To do so, apply the steps mentioned below.

  1. First of all, check the IP address, username, and password of the wireless router. Now, launch a web browser and enter the IP address in the address bar. Thereafter, hit the Enter button. 
  2. Now, enter the username and password in the respective field and hit the Login button.
  3. In the next step, move to the Advanced section and then select the Forwarding option. Here, you will find the DMZ which is available on the left side of the system screen.
  4. Then, click on the ENable option to turn on the DMZ. Thereafter, change the IP address to match the IP address of the PS4.

Finally, click on the Apply button to save the changes and check the status of the error message.

Fix 4: Forward Port for your PS4 Network

Port forwarding is known as ports mapping. This redirects the request of communication from one address and port number to another. But the packets that are available transverses a network gateway namely router.

Therefore by forwarding the ports, you can improve the connection. So, to do that, perform the steps mentioned below.

  1. Simply check the IP address, username, and the password of the wireless router and not it down.
  2. Now, open a browser and enter the IP address in the address bar. Hit the Enter key to edit the settings option.
  3. Thereafter, click on the Forward Ports section and add the custom forwarding ports. After selecting the ports, hit the Apply button to save the changes. Now, check the NAT type.

Hopefully, after applying these steps you can easily resolve PS4 NAT type failed 2017 problem.

Undoubtedly, these are the best troubleshooting methods to resolve the problem. Simply read on all the methods properly and then apply them accordingly to get rid of this situation.

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