A Complete Guidance To Schedule Email In Gmail

In this technical world, many new things are getting discovered by experts. Scheduling email in Gmail is one such innovation from the Google team. Owing to this feature in Gmail, many of the tasks get simpler. Like, one need not remember a date or time to compose an email. You can just prepare an email at your leisure time and fix a schedule when you want it to send to the recipient. However, many Gmail users are not even aware of this new feature from Google.

If you are a user of Gmail, then you can take many advantages from this schedule email feature. In this article, we have covered every important aspect of the schedule email process. So, if you are among those who want to learn how to schedule an email in Gmail, then you can study further to this article. Along with the procedure of using the feature, this article also delivers you the benefits which you can enjoy because of it. So, check it out.

Importance or Benefits of Scheduling Email in Gmail

Along with many advantages, Gmail account holders can also enable the scheduling facility. For it, the steps to follow are very simple and you can learn it from this article. But before beginning to use this feature, check out the benefits which you can enjoy.

  • During a short or a long holiday, you need not be busy in sending the important emails to your clients manually. You can easily schedule it earlier and save it on your Gmail account as a draft.
  • Adding more than one recipient is also active during composing a scheduled email. That means you need not to send the same email to whom you want to, one by one.
  • You can complete your sleep without a hurry to compose an email early in the morning or late at night.
  • You can perform schedule email in Gmail from a SmartPhone or a Computer device as well.

So, let’s proceed further and that is to the steps of learning how to schedule an email using Gmail.

How to Schedule an Email in Gmail?

So, finally, you are at the part of this article from where you are going to learn the process of scheduling an email in Gmail. So, let’s start.

Schedule Email in Gmail for Desktop

If you are using your Gmail account in a PC, then you can schedule an email by following the steps as below. Before you proceed with the steps, it is recommended to check your browser along with the internet speed. Because if any of it does not function properly then you can’t complete the process.

Login into your Gmail Account

At first, launch a browser and then navigate to the Gmail official page. At the top right corner, you will see the Sign in button, click on it. After that, fill up your email address in the box which asks for “Email or phone”. Then, click on “Next”, this will open up the window, with a box where you need to put your Gmail password. After entering the proper password, click on “Next.” This will open up your Gmail account.

Compose Email

Now, as usual, you need to click on the add symbol which is located near the top left corner, that is to compose an email. After that, as the New Message box opens at the bottom right corner, click on the “To” box, at first. Over here, you need to enter the email address(s) to whom you are planning to send this email. You can also add someone as Cc or Bcc by clicking on the section below.

And then, click on the Subject box, and enter the subject of the email in this place. Next, in the below portion, type the body of the message. You can even attach some files here by clicking on the paperclip icon. In the paperclip icon row, there are other options as well which you can utilize to add different types of documents. The other options which you will see are as below. To know each icon meaning you need to place the mouse pointer over them.

  • Formatting options: This will help you to decorate the email with the alphabet fonts or size and many more likely alignments of your choice.
  • Attach FIles: After clicking on this option, you will get the Open titled window open. With the help of this Open window, you can navigate to the file(s) location from your computer, in which drive and folder you kept it. After you locate the file double-click on it to include it with your message body.
  • Insert link, Insert emoji, Insert files using drive, and Insert photo are the other options which you can also use to compose the email.

Once you compose the email, continue further…

Schedule Email in Gmail

Now, at the extreme left-hand corner of this New Message window, you will find the blue colored Send box, click on the menu arrow of it. And then, click on “Schedule send”, this will open up the Schedule send titled window. With the help of this window, you can do your desired task, that is you can schedule a time for the email.

From this Schedule send window, click on “Pick date & time”. Then, from this window, set the date and time on which you want to send the email to your already chosen recipients. After that, click on the “Schedule send” button, to confirm the process. Now, your selected recipients will get your message on the particular time and date you set for it.

These are the overall steps to perform to schedule an email in Gmail via desktop. After studying the above steps, hopefully, you can now take advantage of this feature of Gmail.

In case you use the Gmail app on your mobile, then the steps to follow to take this advantage will be slightly different.

Schedule Email in Gmail for SmartPhone

If a computer is not present in front of you and you want to prepare an important email right now which you need to send at a particular time, then do not worry. Now, owing to this scheduling facility in Gmail, you can do it using your Smartphone as well. And the steps which you need to go through to create a scheduled email in Gmail are as below.

Open your Gmail Account

First of all, locate the Gmail application from your device and tap on it to open. Hopefully, your account is already active on your device. And if not, then you need to login to your account, at first. And for this, enter the email address of your Gmail account and tap on Next. After that type your Gmail account password in this next stage and select the Next button. Now, you will see that your account opens on your Smartphone Gmail app. Now proceed further to the steps below to learn how to use schedule send facility in Gmail.

Compose an Email

Click on the pen surrounded by the red circle icon, which you will see at the left side of your device. Then, fill up all the details which you generally do while composing a normal email. The details include To, Subject, Compose email. After you fill up these sections now you can do something more, like you can go for the “Attach file” or Insert from Drive” option, which you will get by pressing the paperclip symbol. Once you are done including files or links to the message body, proceed with the steps as below to accomplish the “Schedule send” task.

Schedule Email in Gmail

Now, click on the three vertical dots at the right of the airplane like symbol, that is the Send icon. Now, from the options, select “Schedule send.” This will open up the window.

Further, utilizing this Schedule send window, you can set the time and date for the message which you want to send to your already selected recipient under the To section. After you confirm the time and date, now, click on the “Schedule send” button. That is the complete process to schedule an email in Gmail using a smartphone.

Note: In case, if you are not getting the “Schedule send” option after you click on the three vertical dots symbol, then this may be because of that you have not updated your Gmail application yet. So, before you proceed with the steps, make sure that you have updated your Gmail app.

Steps to Update or Delete the Schedule Email in Gmail

In case, you want to modify or delete the email earlier the date and time which you have fixed for it, then you can do it as well. And the steps to follow for this task are as below.

  1. Firstly, you need to open your Gmail account.
  2. After that, from the main menu select the Scheduled option.
  3. Then, choose the email you would like to delete and click/ tap on “Cancel send”.
  4. And if you want to modify the date and time of the email. Then, click on the draft email which you will see after you choose “Cancel send”. After that, you can edit the content of the email along with the schedule.

All these are the complete steps and procedure to schedule an email Gmail. Hopefully, after a thorough study of this article, you can also use this Gmail facility as many others do.

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