How To Set Up A Nintendo Wii U [Step-By-Step Guide]

How to Set Up a Nintendo Wii U

If you have recently bought a Nintendo Wii U but don’t know how to set it up properly, then you need to know the requisite steps. Wii U comes along with brimming games and is basically a video game console that offers a dynamic experience. 

If you are unable to set it up properly, then you can simply come across the accessing of a high-end gaming experience. Here, you get to know how to set up a Nintendo Wii U that you can implement on your own.

11 Steps for Setting Up the Nintendo Wii U at Home

The box that you get at the time of purchase mainly includes-  Wii U Console, AC adapter, Gamepad, Sensor bar and an HDMI cable. The process for how to set up a Nintendo Wii U is very easy and you have to go through these following sequential process:

Step 1: Unpack the Box and Charge the Gamepad

To start the process, you need to first unbox the items and then charge the gamepad you received in the box. To do so, you need to plug in the connector of your AC adapter into your gamepad. 

You are suggested to plug in the AC adapter into a wall outlet. The gamepad usually takes 2.5 hours to charge. 

Step 2: Connect the Wii U Console to Your TV

Take the Wii U console and place it minimum 10 cm away from the walls to avoid the trouble in ventilation. Now, if your television is turned on, make sure you turn it off.  Look for the HDMI port in your TV and connect the HDMI cable to it. 

The other end should be plugged into the Wii U Console. Now, you have to turn on your TV and choose the correct input channel for your Wii U console. 

Step 3: Sync the Wii U Gamepad

To perform this step, you need to first power On the Wii U gamepad first. Now, locate the Sync button on the Wii U game console and select it. Take the help of the Wii U Gamepad stylus to press the Sync button. You will see the symbols appearing on the Wii U gamepad, in the order, they appear on the TV. 

Step 4: Set the System Language and Country of Residence

You need to select the correct language and hit on OK to ensure your selection. After changing the language, set the country of your residence and tap on Next to move forward. 

Step 5: Select the Date and Time

To select the date, you have to click on the up-down arrows and click Next.  After setting the time and date, hit on Confirm and then OK. 

Step 6: Set the Wii U Gamepad As a Remote

Locate the Set-Up option and click on it in order to begin the setup process of the gamepad as a remote. For this, you need to select the type of the remote of your TV that you currently use. 

Provide the first letter of your TV’s manufacturer name. You need to follow the instructions to check whether the connections are stable or not. 

Note: You may have to press each button for the test to work. 

Step 7: Connect the Sensor Bar Cable 

First, insert the sensor bar cable into the Wii U. Make sure you place the Sensor Bar either under the TV or above it. 

Keep in mind that the Sensor Bar should be parallel to the TV. Click on the Set-Up option. Select the place where the Sensor Bar is situated and click OK. 

Step 8: Set Up an Internet Connection 

After performing the above-mentioned steps correctly, it’s time to set up the internet connection. You will see a list full of networks, among which you have to choose your own network name. After selecting the network, it will be tested and then saved. 

Step 9: Check for Updates

Once the internet connection is set up properly, the Wii U will ask you to check for updates. Click on Update to install the latest system update

Note: If you skip updating the latest version of the system, you will not be able to link a Nintendo Network account. 

Step 10: Create Your Nintendo Account

Before you start performing this step, Nintendo may ask you whether you have a Nintendo Network Account or not. In case, you have an existing Nintendo Network ID, tap on Yes and your Nintendo Network ID will open up automatically. 

And if you are new to Nintendo, you have to create an account first. To do so, select whether to create one from scratch or you can even click a picture of yourself using the Wii U camera. Now, choose your gender and also select the other features. 

After providing all the necessary information, hit on the Register option. Now, link your Nintendo Network ID. Create your Nintendo Network ID by providing the basic information like your birthday, the state where you live in and time zone. 

After all these, you will have to choose a user ID and password to continue. 

Step 11: Set Up the Parental Controls and Finish the Process

This is basically the last set of setting up a Nintendo Wii U at home. Here, Nintendo will ask you to set up the parental controls. 

  • In the Wii U menu, look for the Parental options and hit on it. 
  • Read the information carefully displayed on the screen and click on Next to continue. Or you can press the A button to move forward. 
  • Now, you have to create a 4 digit pin code and select OK. 
  • Re-enter the same 4 digit pin code to confirm and click OK. 
  • Finally, tapping on OK will enable you to select a question. You have options here. You can select the questions from the list given to you or you can create your own secret questions if you want. 

Note: We suggest you ignore those questions that are supposed to be changed in the future. (Such as – favourite movie or book).

Take the help of the onscreen keyboard for typing the answers of your secret questions and tap on OK. Make sure you remember all your answers as the information is sensitive and needs to be protected. 

Finally, confirm your answers by tapping on OK. You can even revise the answers to your secret questions and the 4 digit pin code by clicking on the Start Over option and click on OK.

Note: You should register a valid email address for resetting the 4 digit pin code in case you forget it later. Use the on-screen keyboard to enter a valid email address. Confirm it by re-entering the email address. However, if you don’t want to register an email ID, you will have to select the No Email Address option or you can simply press the X button. 

Choose to Restrict the Wii Features

Furthermore, after setting the Parental Controls, you may now configure the restrictions for each of the users in the system. This includes Online interactions in games, Gaming Rating, Internet Browser, Wii U shopping services, Miiverse, Internet Settings, Data Management, Friend Registration and Entertainment excluding games 

Hopefully, now you know how to set up a Nintendo Wii U and will be able to set up your Nintendo Wii U successfully.

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