Learn Effective Methods To Solve Gmail Error 400

Bad Request Gmail error 400 is one of the problems which may able to stop you from using your Gmail account. If this is the case, especially during the important email sending task, then it is unacceptable. So, solving it instantly will be the prior task that you need to perform. Here, from this article, you will get the complete guide by which not only you can solve the issue but along with this you are able to know the error completely. So, check out this article to know more.

Gmail is one of the well-known platforms around the globe. Its users are blessed from many facilities like, to chat with a friend or share any document to the boss or colleagues from a far distance. If during the opening of your Gmail account, certainly, you get the error code 400, then you may not able to do your desired task, until you solve the matter. In this situation, you have to apply some tricks which you can learn from this article.

What Causes Gmail Error 400?

If you get the Gmail error 400 while you are trying to open your Gmail account, then let me clarify you that you are not alone who are encountering this error. There are other users as well who have a query regarding the causes of this error. So, after collecting the information about the error, here we have enlisted some of them. If you are really interested to know the factors which are causing the error, then read out these below lines.

  • Multiple accounts used on the same browser: If you have already signed in a different account using the browser and try to log in to your Gmail account, then you may get the 400 bad request error. If this is the case, then you may be able to solve it by cleaning the browser history only. So, continue the article till the end to get such better ways in solving the error.
  • Presence of “gmail_imp” files: “gmail_imp” files is another and the key culprit which is responsible for the error code 400. If it makes its place over your using browser, then this can be the reason for the error to occur.

No matter whatever be the reason for causing Gmail error 400. But after a thorough study of this article, you will learn the given methods completely. After following this, you can fix the matter efficiently. So, let’s continue.

Proven Methods to Apply to Fix Gmail Error 400:

There are a few methods which we are able to collect from the users who have already solved the error 400 on their own. Here, we have explained those methods along with the complete steps so that you can also able to resolve it.

Method 1: Clear Browser’s History

This is the foremost method which you can try for solving the error 400. The steps to follow to accomplish this method are as below.

Whatever be the browser you are using to access your Gmail account and facing the error 400, you can rely on this below steps to clear browsing history. After performing these steps, hopefully, you will not get the error message again.

  1. To begin with, at first, launch the browser.
  2. After that, press both the Windows and the letter H key and that also at the same time. This will navigate you to the History window of the browser.
  3. Next, select the clear recent history/ clear browsing data option, whichever you found. This will pop-up a window.
  4. Now, from the popping up window, set the Time range: as “All time”. This you can do after dropping the menu which is present beside the Time range.
  5. After that, make sure that all these below-said checkboxes are active and if not, then make it.
  • Browsing History
  • Download History
  • Cookies and other said data
  • Cached images and files
  • Passwords and other sign-in data
  1. Next, click on the “Clear data” button.
  2. Further, you need to wait until the browser history cleaning process is over. Now, close the browser and restart it after waiting for a few seconds. Hopefully, next time when you are going to sign in to your Gmail account, you will not get the Gmail error 400.

Important Notes: These above steps will remove many of the detailed information which is stored in your browser. It includes sign-in account information as well. So that you can able to open your Gmail account on the browser next time when you are trying to do it.

Method 2: Delete “gmail_imp” to Solve Error 400

This is the other way by which you can solve the Gmail error 400. The steps which you need to continue with are as follows.

  1. At first, launch the browser with the help of which you are facing the problem to open your Gmail account.
  2. After that, right-click on an empty space on this browser window.
  3. Next, from the menu window, select the “Inspect” or “Inspect Element (Q)” option. This will slide up a window, either from the right-hand side or else from the below direction.
  4. Now, from the available tab options, which are located at the top of the developer tools window, click on “Resources”.
  5. After that, from the left-hand side, click on the arrow symbol which is present beside Cookies, to get the cookies related options.
  6. Next, from these available options, select the “mail.abc.com” cookies. (In the place of “ABC” the browser name will be written)
  7. Then, get the “gmail_imp” files and right-click on it. After that, select the Delete option.
  8. Now, close the Developer Tools window and refresh the page.
  9. After following all these above steps, close your browser and restart your device. Now, as your computer turns on and gets connected to the internet service, relaunch the browser and try to login to your Gmail account. Hopefully, now you will get the error fixed.

In case if still, the Gmail error 400 persists, then continue with this below method.

Method 3: Delete All the Cookies Connected with the Browser

This will be the method which is nothing but the additional steps of the above-said method. In case, if Gmail error 400 still appears after following the above steps, then continue with this method to get the error resolved.

Go to the Settings page of the browser. Then from the left-hand side panel, click on Advanced option. Now, from the available options under the Advanced section, select “Privacy and security”. After that, from the open window, navigate to the “Control Settings…” section and click on it.

Further, from the Control Settings window, select the Cookies option. This will open up the Cookies settings window. Now, from here, click on “See all cookies and site data”. After that, from this open list, click on the Trash icon for the cookies which are related to Gmail to delete. Further, refresh the page and try to open your Gmail account to check if the error gets fixed.

Method 4: Use a Substitute Browser

If all these above methods did not help to solve Gmail error 400, and you are in a hurry to send an email, then you can try a different browser which is present on your computer to did your purpose.

Sometimes internet speed matters, if it is too slow, then you will not able to open your Gmail account. In this case, you need to restart both your computer and the internet device.

After doing this hopefully, you will get the error fixed. In case, if the problem is happening due to the Gmail server issue, then you can’t do anything unless it gets sorted from the source only. All these are the methods by the application of which you can fix the Gmail error 400 efficiently. If you are lucky enough, then you may need not to apply every step to solve the error.