How to speed up a video on iPhone?

If you desire to enhance a regular video’s speed or speed up a slow-motion video, it is simplest to do that on your iDevice utilizing the iMovie & Photos apps. We will walk you through the whole speed-up process and you will learn how to speed up a video on iPhone?

In order to change the slo-mo videos’ speed, you will use the iPhone’s built-in Photos application. For increasing a regular video’s speed, utilize the free iMovie application on the phone.

Slo-Mo Videos on iPhone

To bring a slo-mo video to normal speed, you can use the editing options located within the stock Photos application on the iPhone.

Begin the process by initiating Photos on the iDevice. The very first step is to invoke the app’s bottom bar. Here you need to choose the option “Albums” & try to locate and select the “Slo-Mo.”

When you’re done with this instruction, choose the slo-mo video you would like to bring to normal speed. Once the video comes up in full screen, try to locate the “Edit” option that can be found at the top-right corner.

When you reach the bottom of the edit page, you will find 2 different types of vertical lines. The lines closer to each other reflect the video’s normal speed. Well, the lines that are far apart from each other show the video’s slow speed.

In order to enhance the speed of your video, then from the starting of the far apart lines, proceed to drag the bracket bar to the right where the lines finishes

Unlike before, each and every vertical line are now the same. In order to save the recent modifications, go towards the screen’s bottom-right corner, and hit the option named “Done.”

After performing all the above mentioned instructions, you will find that your slow-motion video is now a normal speed video, & you will be able to verify that by playing the video in the Photos application without facing any kind of problem. Now you are all done! Enjoy your slo-mo video as a normal video

Change speed of Regular Videos on iPhone

In order to enhance the speed of a normal video, people can proceed to employ Apple’s free iMovie app on their iDevice.

Begin by downloading & initiating iMovie on the iPhone. When you are done with the downloading process, make sure to install 8t on your iPhone in the correct manner. Therefore, go towards the app’s “Projects” screen, choose the option named “Create Project.”

Afterwards, you need to invoke the “New Project” menu, and when you are on this New Project menu, try to locate and hit the “Movie” option.

Here you need to select the video you would like to speed up from the gallery. Therefore, proceed to the bottom of the screen, click on 5

the  “Create Movie.”

Make sure to go to the iMovie’s timeline & then choose your newly added video. Then, move towards the tool list that is located in the bottom, now hit the speedometer icon.

And above the speedometer icon, you will find a slider that assists to increase or reduce the  video’s speed. In order to increase a video’s speed, simply drag this slider to the right (towards the rabbit).

Afterwards, save the project by choosing “Done” in the top-left corner.

Here you need to go back to the project page, and then export your sped-up video, choose the icon named up-arrow.

And when you are done, move towards the menu, hit the option named “Save Video.”

Here you need to select the video quality.

After performing all these instructions in the correct manner, you’re all set.

This is all you need to do for Speeding up a video on iPhone. Hopefully, now you are well aware of the process of “How to speed up a video on iPhone”. While performing the above mentioned instructions, if you face any sorts of issues, you can simply let us know in the comment section below. We would love to revert you back!

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