How To Type Spanish Accents On Windows 10 | Easy Tips

Are you seeking help on how to type Spanish accents in the Windows 10 computer? For your kind information, you should know it is possible, even if you have a computer with a keyboard with only English characters.

If you frequently type Spanish, then you should follow the first method mentioned below. But if used occasionally, you can use either of the character map or alt combination methods that are being discussed in the further section.

We hope after reading the articles carefully, you will get the answer to your query.

1st Method: Configure the International Keyboard Layout

Windows 10 Operating system has an inbuilt feature that allows users to type Spanish characters using the default keyboard with English characters. Moreover, the basic function of your keyboard will not be impacted as you can use both the Spanish and English letters at the same time. 

Apart from that, you would be able to use the special symbol of the Spanish language. To enable this function i.e switching to the International Keyboard from your existing keyboard layout, you should follow the steps listed below.


  • Go to Settings from the Start menu.
  • Click on “Time & Language” and when the new window will open, click on the “Region & Language” option located at the left panel.
  • Tap on “Additional date, time and regional settings”.
  • In the next screen, click on “Change input methods” under “language options”.
  • Click on “Options” followed by “Add an input method” under the “Input method” option.
  • Look for “United States-International” in the list and select it. The keyboard layout will automatically be added to the system.

After adding the keyboard, start typing any Spanish letter by holding down the right Alt key. For example, if you want to type á, you need to hold the right Alt key and press “a”. If you want to capitalize the letter, press right Alt and Shift keys together and tap on the letter “a” (the result will be shown as Á). However, you can also type normal English characters by not holding the right Alt key. 

This is how you can use the United States-International keyboard along with typing the English letters.

2nd Method: How to Type Accent on Windows 10 using Character Map

If you think that the above method does not suit you, use the Character Map function of the Windows 10 system in order to type the Spanish accent. In the below section, we have discussed the steps following which you can easily type any accent, any symbols and characters.


  • In the search box of the Start menu, type “charmap” and when the result appears, select the particular option.
  • Using the cursor, choose the characters that you want to type.
  • After that, tap on “Select” and then “Copy”.
  • Paste the characters wherever you want to type it by pressing Ctrl+V.

If you think this method is easier than the previous one, then you can try out this one. But, typing by using the Character Map is a time-consuming approach. However, you can also follow the next method if you are an occasional user.

3rd Method: Type Spanish Accents Using their Alt Codes

The Spanish alphabets are almost the same as the English alphabet except for some accented vowels and the letter N. Apart from that, there are some specific symbols that are quite similar to the normal symbols used in English typing. 

Each of the accented characters of the Spanish language can be typed using its Alt code. These are the Alt code for the Spanish accented characters.

  • á-0225
  • Á -0193
  • É -0233
  • É -0201
  • Í -0237
  • Í -0205
  • Ñ -0241
  • Ñ -0209
  • Ó -0243
  • Ó -0211
  • Ú -0250
  • Ú -0218
  • Ü -0252
  • Ü -0220
  • ¿ -0191
  • ¡ -0161
  • « -0171
  • » -0187
  • -0151

If you want to type any of the Spanish characters, you have to hold down the right Alt key, then type the numbers and after that, release the Alt key show up the character. Make sure you use the numeric keyboard in order to type the numbers. In the above, we have mentioned the characters that are most commonly used.

The above three methods will probably let you know how to type Spanish accents on Windows 10. Choose the specific method that makes you feel easy to use and more convenient than others.

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