How to Uninstall Kodi Application

Kodi is a media player that is used to stream movies, music, podcasts and video content for free. However, sometimes people are unable to uninstall Kodi on their system. No matter what they do, Kodi does not get uninstalled. 

Although it is prevalent, the entire situation is very frustrating as the Kodi remains installed unnecessarily. There can be numerous causes behind the occurrence of such a problem. Let’s take a definite look into some of the solutions that can help to resolve it easily. 

How to Uninstall Kodi on Firestick?

If you want to manually uninstall Kodi from Amazon Firestick, then there are various ways to do so. Here are some of the procedures that you can follow to uninstall Kodi from Firestick. 

Process 1: Through Settings 

First of all, you should try the basic method of uninstalling Kodi through Settings. We have provided the instructions to implement this method correctly. 

  • Launch the Fire TV interface and navigate to the Home menu. Go to the Settings option situated on the right side of the screen. 
  • Again, go to Applications and within the menu, select “Manage Installed Applications”. Look for Kodi and select it. This will open a new screen for you.
  • Make sure to select the Uninstall option. After doing so, Kodi will be completely removed from the Amazon Firestick.

Process 2: Through Remote

Besides, you can also perform this uninstallation process through the application itself. There is an inbuilt option on the remote itself. To uninstall the Kodi application from the remote, follow the steps cited below in sequence.

  • Start the Fire TV interface and then move to the Home Menu.
  • Move down and search for “Your Apps & Games”. If you are unable to find the Kodi application from the list, go to “See All” and then press the in-built option of Remote.
  • Select Kodi and press the button with a triple line on your remote. In doing so, you will be able to see a menu with options. Make sure to select Uninstall. 
  • This will uninstall Kodi from the Fire TV device.

Process 3: For Repository

For scenarios where you have installed the application from the repository and want to get rid of it, try using the Kodi’s inbuilt add-on removal feature. To execute this process, go through the steps cited below in the same order as provided here.

  • First of all, open the Kodi application form the Amazon Fire TV device. Then select My Add-ons from the Add-ons menu.
  • Choose “Look and Feel” and then select the skin.
  • Look for your skin and select it consecutively. Once you see a new window, select Uninstall.
  • As soon as you see the confirmation window, select Yes. This will uninstall Kodi for you.

Process 4: Use adbLink

Other than that, you can also uninstall Kodi using a program called adbLink and a PC. To perform this process, follow the steps given below in order.

  • Open the Fire TV interface and then navigate to the Home menu.
  • Now, go to Settings>Device>About-Network.
  • Note the IP address for your Fire TV and go to the official website for adbLink. From there, download the program and then run as well as install it.
  • Click on New>Add your Fire TV Stick. Enter the Fire TV stick IP address inside the AdbLink and then wait for it to get connected.
  • Again, click on “Uninstall Apk” and type “Kodi” inside the Filter box. Click on Apply.
  • Select Kodi build from the appearing box and select Ok.
  • Click on Yes, once a confirmation window displays. 

How to Reinstall Kodi on Firestick?

Now that you know how to uninstall Kodi on Firestick, let’s take a look into the process by which you can reinstall it easily. Here you will need a downloader app to execute the process. We are using adbFire to perform this process. Make sure to download the application from their official website. 

The steps involved to reinstall Kodi on Firestick are given below.

  • Go to the official website of Kodi to download the current version for it. 
  • Open adbFire and install the downloaded Kodi. Type the IP address for your Fire Stick and connect adbFire to the Fire Stick. 
  • Go to Local Apps and select Install. Move to the downloaded Kodi file and allow it to get downloaded on Firestick.
  • Once you see the Kodi list, select Launch. 

So these were the overall methods following which you should be able to uninstall Kodi on Firestick easily.

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