How Zonbase Helps You Find the Best Products to Sell on Amazon

Product research tools for Amazon are the bread & butter for getting your business started on Amazon. It is the procedure of finding opportunities on Amazon to grow your business. You can’t simply choose a random item and assume you can successfully sell it on Amazon.

It is a huge jungle – so you need to find the best product to sell on Amazon. For this, you can use Amazon software – Zonebase, JS, etc. So, let’s know in this article about Amazon Product research, how to find the best product to sell on Amazon using an Amazon product research tool.

Amazon has a lot of product options and some products are fully flooded with a lot of sellers trying their best to sell similar products. While other items may not have sufficient demand to fulfill an investment.

What Is Amazon Product Research?

Generally, Amazon product research meaning a procedure that can track profitable items. These products are in constant demand and not only that, using the Amazon research tool, you can find products that have a good possibility to vendor quite well on Amazon. This research is significant because it lets you find profitable items and avoid the products that will be hard to sell on Amazon.

How Zonbase Helps You Find the Best Products to Sell on Amazon

The first important step to begin as a seller on Amazon is to discover a kick-ass item. It’s not a surprise that many individuals looking into FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) will never form until they come up with high-demand, low-competition, and private-label items.

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With an expanded number of strict selling policies and sellers, it’s essential to know that those traditional tricks of discovering items are not going to work any longer in the present scenario.

You should make a list of the best-selling items on Amazon. Then, perform deep research in a case similar products are making adequate sales. It’s critical because you’ll never want to sell products that buyers aren’t even looking for.

To perform better research, you can use the Amazon software – Zonbase and find the best product to sell on Amazon.

Here is a list of things you should take into account during product research to find the best product to sell on Amazon.

Things to Consider During Product Research

1- Number of Sellers On Amazon

As soon as researching items to sell, it’s significant to understand how many sellers on Amazon are listing the same products. In case the demand is suffused with a lot of other sellers on Amazon, it’ll be way more competitive than before.

2- Number Of Sales

To understand the product’s demand, you need to know the total number of sales of the product. Thus, you need to search for products with a higher sales rate. In case the top-performing items don’t have enough sales, it’s typically a warning that the item isn’t worth pursuing.

3- Profit Margins

Profit is the main goal of a business. Your margins estimate what ratio of your product sales you are going to save as profit. If you choose a product with a lower product price and higher sales pricing then it will lead to greater margins.

4- Reviews Of The Product

Reviews are among the most significant factors buyers consider as soon as they make a purchase decision. While items with plenty of reviews on Amazon are an indication of high product demand, it’s even a barricade to entry.

As soon as you evaluate different items, buyers will stick to the products with more positive reviews. And when you are a beginner in the niche, it’ll become difficult for you to simply break through that niche. 

So, before choosing a product make sure you can cope with that competition with your competitors on Amazon.

5- Seasonality

The seasonal pattern illustrates how the buyer’s market varies throughout the year. All things have a natural seasonality since consumer spending soars during the holidays.

Other products, however, are particularly seasonal and tend to be heavily bought at specific seasons of the year like Halloween outfits or decorations. Most folks won’t purchase these continuously throughout the year.

Some products have the potential to be profitable, but it is best not to base your company’s operations on them.

6-Gated Category

Both gated as well as ungated categories can be found in Amazon’s marketplace. Gated categories need clearance, whereas ungated categories are accessible to everyone. The time needed for you to begin selling will rise if you are approved for a gated category. Additionally, some groups have significant restrictions.

Weight And Size Of The Product

The weight and size of your products directly affect your operating expenses. If your items are big, it’ll cost way more for the shipment process and storing the product. It’s better to look for a small item so as not to cut into your profit margins with your fulfillment fees. So, you must consider the weight and size of the product.

Legal Limitations

Certain kinds of items should adhere to different legal needs. For instance, in case you wish to sell electronic products you’ll likely have to get your products approved by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). Getting these types of items ready can be problematized.

Best Sellers Rank Or BSR:

The Best Seller ranking on Amazon estimates how well an item is selling compared to others in a similar category. As soon as performing Amazon product research, you must concentrate on the products with a fair BSR as these products usually have the characteristics and features that buyers value the most.


Amazon Software – Zonbase is a good search engine specifically made for finding items on Amazon as well as everything regarding the market niche they’re being sold within. Alternatively, it is the ultimate product finder tool to find the best product to sell on Amazon.

Using this tool, you can browse a complete database of more than 450 million Amazon items by category, calculated monthly sales income, product weight, rating, and so much more.

It’ll help you discover items that are high-income generators with very low competition as well as easily poachable Zonbase.

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