Unlocking the Knowledge About an IT Outsourcing Company: What Is It and What Does It Do?

A strong and reliable IT infrastructure is what any business needs to stay competitive in the market and meet the new demands of the customers. A properly developed IT strategy is important, and if your business is unsure about IT strategy or doesn’t have it at all, this is a clear sign to start learning about how to create or enhance it.

Not all businesses have the necessary resources to develop and maintain their IT systems in-house. That’s why some businesses try to get support by outsourcing a list of services from an IT outsourcing company that has all the necessary experience to maintain requested processes. However, many still stumble upon the question, ‘What is it and how does it work?’.

In this post, learn what an IT outsourcing company is and what it does. Also, unravel what stands behind the collaboration with such a company and how it can be beneficial for the growth of any business.

What Is an IT Outsourcing Company?

An IT outsourcing company is an organization that is providing outsourcing services for businesses that need them. Such a company works on delivering IT-enabled processes, solutions, and services that can help businesses save time and a bunch of other vital resources. 

Businesses can study different types of outsourcing and pick what suits their future goals best. The types of outsourcing a company can offer are:

Onshore: Outsourcing within the same country. No cultural barriers, but tends to be the most expensive.

Nearshore: Requesting services from a nearby country. Culturally similar, similar time zones, and lower costs than onshore.

Offshore: Involves outsourcing overseas. The least expensive option, but communication and geographical barriers may arise.

IT outsourcing companies usually implement diverse models too. A business may either entrust the contractor with the full IT infrastructure or only particular components.

A List of Models an Outsourcing Company Uses:

  • Project-based — Delegating a certain project that doesn’t fall under the business functions to an outsourcing company.
  • Off-sight development center — Gathering resources and building offices to accommodate employees for smooth IT operations.  
  • Hosting — Hosting is when a business hires an IT provider to set up and maintain a server. The provider takes care of the technical tasks and equipment, while the business pays for the service.
  • Staff augmentation — Filling gaps in your on-site team by providing talented individuals. Works when the business lacks certain skill sets to work on the project.

The goal of an IT outsourcing company is to build a talented workforce, team stability, and a clear business model for their client. All this effort is generated so that the client’s businesses can be wired for success without having to spend countless hours researching needed resources and streamlining their processes.

What Services Does an IT Outsourcing Company Provide?

Outsourcing companies can differ a bit, but one of the primary services offered by IT outsourcing companies is software development. They can help businesses develop anything from a simple website to a sophisticated IoT system. Whether it involves legacy code or the latest technologies, they can do it all.  

Another essential service they offer is QA and testing, where they can create a dedicated QA team to support a business’s entire QA cycle. A company can also offer 24/7 operations support, ensuring that businesses have access to a team that can handle all operational issues related to their products, applications, and infrastructure.

Additionally, they offer cloud and DevOps services that allow businesses to process big data in the cloud, along with engineering and automation services that help businesses reach their goals by scaling their organization. Among the other services the company can offer are a TestLab that tests a business’s solutions, mobile apps, web portability, APIs, and back-end integration, along with a Mobile Lab that constructs solutions from brainstorming to post-delivery support.

Why Do Businesses Engage with an Outsourcing Company?

Outsourcing is becoming a necessity for many businesses as they realize all the benefits they can get. The majority of respectable outsourcing firms work with skilled, licensed, and experienced specialists who are out of reach for most businesses. When outsourcing to a specialized company, businesses can get their projects done more swiftly and with much higher quality.

In some cases, it’s also easier for them to find the most suitable teams for a project outside of the country. Many businesses try to outsource development teams, and this can be a very meaningful demand when an interesting project comes up. That’s exactly what an outsourcing company has the ability to do. They use their expertise to provide businesses with a unique team that can help with a business’s specific needs.

They spend time matching top-notch professionals to a company’s culture, all while gathering the needed tools for perfect cooperation and creating a harmony that leads to full commitment from a dedicated team. Despite the company working on all of these tasks, businesses still remain in total control of their operations, as everything that is being done is focused on benefiting the client.

Outsourcing firms can focus on different locations, so it’s easy to choose what is more suitable for a business and which place would bring more benefits. Such a company as pwrteams, for instance, specializes in building IT organizations in Eastern Europe, the Baltics, and Balkan countries, offering a range of services to help businesses facilitate their operations, increase efficiency, and achieve their objectives in a shorter time.

The main advantage, overall, is receiving a “one-stop shop” for all of your IT business needs and demands. The same organization handles every problem from a central location and takes full care of your initial request or project.

By using an outsourcing provider, a business pays for the results. They don’t need to worry about organizational problems. There is no requirement to sit through any interviews, have trial periods, or build offices for the workers. A business that outsources receives services on a regular basis without being concerned about finding seasoned IT professionals since that’s the task of a hired company.

Final Word

An IT outsourcing company is a third-party service provider that offers a range of IT-related services to businesses. Such a company’s services also include dedicated teams, where they build stable cross-border organizations with the best IT and engineering talent. Working with such types of companies has become a popular and cost-effective solution for businesses looking to streamline their operations, increase efficiency, and have someone take care of their projects. A business that has a steady IT base to rely on and a productive team at hand is one that is more likely to succeed.

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