Laptop Keeps Disconnecting from Wi-Fi | 8 Ways to Fix Issue

Working on a laptop with a wireless connection is indeed a very convenient way to accomplish any task. As the connection is established without the help of wires, there are pros and cons, too. Often users report facing an issue where the laptop keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi. 

This can be most frustrating when you are streaming something, uploading or downloading data. Now, the reasons behind the issue are — the dropping router frequency, the router is far away from the range, obstacles in between the router frequency and many more. Therefore, the troubleshooting procedures given here will resolve the fault. 

  1. Use the Network Troubleshooter

    The networking section has its own troubleshooter that has the ability to detect any issues. So, you have to run the troubleshooter and this method will only detect the issues associated with the internet connection. Till the troubleshooting process is running, you need to wait. When it’s done, disconnect and then connect your computer with the internet connection. 

  2. Restart the System

    Here, the system means the computer as well as the network. Rebooting the entire system will eliminate any network or system registry congestion. First, you need to restart your router. After that, restart your computer.

    Now, log in to the network and check whether the laptop keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi or not. 

  3. Alter the settings for the Power Management

    The power-saving mode might also help in resolving the situation when the laptop keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi. If you don’t activate or turn on the power-saving mode, then the computer starts using most of its resources.

    Thus, access the Control Panel to go to the Power Management tab. Tick on the check box with the option ‘Allows the computer to turn off this device to save power’. When you are not working on your computer but it is still running for a longer period of time, then this option will turn off the computer temporarily. This mode is generally known as sleep or hibernation. 

  4. Reset the TCP/IP

    The TCP/IP settings of your computer can malfunction and cause the laptop to keep disconnecting from Wi-Fi. So, resetting and reconfiguring it might lead to a positive effect. Find out the Command Prompt and run it as the administrator. When the application opens, type these two commands:

    Netsh winsock reset

    Netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt

    Now, close the Command Prompt window and reboot the computer. After that, connect your computer to the wireless connection and start your work. While working, check if the laptop keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi or not. 

  5. Unauthorized Access

    After successfully logging in to your network, the default mode is public. That is why it will be easier for some other people to access this public network. Therefore, you have to change the network from Public to Private. 

    Open the Settings and navigate through the Network Settings. There you will see the Public and Private options, where the Public is already activated. Click on the Private radio button and close the window. 

  6. Update the Network Drivers

    There are several network drivers that support uninterrupted connection. So, update all the network drivers. If you are having all the latest driver setup files, then install them once again to overwrite the previous drivers. 

    If not, then visit the laptop manufacturer’s website and download the latest drivers. You can also use any third-party software to update the drivers automatically. 

  7. Use a DNS

    Just because of the malfunctions in the DNS, the laptop keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi. So, you need to make some changes to the DNS. Access the Control Panel and open the network settings. Select the TCP/IPv4  and click on Properties. 

    If your internet connection is dynamic, the preferred IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway will be written there already. Regarding the Static IP, the radio button for obtaining an IP address automatically will be activated. 

    Scroll down towards the end and set the preferred DNS to and alternate DNS to After that, save the changes. Now, the laptop will not get automatically disconnected from the Wi-Fi anymore. 

  8. Check the Range of the Router

    When the network device, which is the router, is placed quite far away from the PC/laptop, then there is a possibility that the laptop keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi. There is no involvement of any critical method.

    buy vidalista online no prescriptionSimply, drag your chair and working table a bit closer to the router and your problem will be solved eventually.

Other Router Information 

If the laptop keeps on disconnecting, despite trying all the above methods, then the device might not be capable of delivering the data packets perfectly. Therefore, you must choose a different router that comes with the requisite frequency settings.
Routers with a single antenna must have a lower frequency than dual or multiple antenna routers. 

On the other hand, you must know the router’s capability. If the device is not capable of managing more than 3 to 5 connected devices, then you must not let more than 4 devices connect to the device. If you allow it, then the network drops and the computer faces random Wi-Fi disconnection issues. 

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