8 Most Recommendable Live TV Streaming Sites: Detailed Comparison

Goodbye cable TV, let’s welcome the cord-cutters. Live TV streaming sites are looming around in every hand, nowadays. Now, you get to enjoy a seamless entertainment at the palm of your hands. But, due to the presence of a huge number of sites, the ultimate live TV streaming comparison is on the run. 

Due to this comparison, you will be able to choose the best live TV streaming service. Every device that promises to serve the impeccable entertainment service has an awesome collection of movies, documentaries, TV shows and others. The subscription is obviously required for watching all the multimedia items that lie within the device. 

Necessary Requirements 

The basic requirement to avail the service is an LED TV. If you are having a smart TV, then the entertainment will be more ravishing. On the other hand, HDMI systems will also play an important role in managing the streaming device. The TV streaming device runs with the help of an internet connection. That is why the Wi-Fi gets necessary so that you can enjoy uninterrupted entertainment. So now, let’s start with Live TV Streaming Comparison.

1.Sling TV Blue 

Experts say that this device is less expensive than all the live TV streaming comparisons. The monthly rentals are very cheap and easily affordable. There are two variants of Sling TV available — One is blue and the other is orange. The blue version represents most of the news channels and Orange represents movies and entertainment for kids. 

Depending upon the country and city, the channels are available. You can also manually add your desired channels and at last, you have to pay the total price according to the selection. But somehow, a few famous channels like Discovery, Animal Planet, Bravo, Fox News are not available. 

2.YouTube TV


YouTube TV is such a type of streaming service that has usually earned the upper edge due to the popularity of its own video streaming platform. Most of the channels are present in this streaming device. After you get your subscription, there will be the facility of unlimited storage to record the media items. When you will be free from your own work, you could watch it online. The user interface is just perfect and easy to use. If you are looking for a multi-role streaming device to enjoy most of the channels, then YouTube TV is just best for you. 

3.Hulu Plus Live TV 

Hulu Plus Live TV 

There are a few people who call this streaming device a good alternative to YouTube TV. Most of the famous channels are present in the device. If you are going for a live TV streaming comparison, Hulu Plus contains all the latest contents. If you are eager to watch new movies or TV shows, then you can get it easily. After earning a good reputation, it also started the facility of online cloud storage for storing the recorded items. Various channels like NFL Network, NBA, BBC America and others are also present in this device. 


The customer rating of Philo is more or less average, with the facility of more than one streaming at a time. The well-known channels like Comedy Central, Paramount Pictures, AMC and others are also present. The sensational TV show Breaking Bad used to come on AMC. The monthly rentals are not at all cheap and easily affordable. The cloud storage facility is unlimited for storing and watching movies and TV shows offline. 

5.Fubo TV

Experts say that this streaming service is very much different from all the other live TV streaming comparisons. People who are football fans can get just perfect service to avail. At the time of launch, this streaming service mainly focused on football. 

But, knowing the taste of all the customers, slowly and steadily, it turned itself into the all-in-one media streaming device. But, apart from all the channels present, the sports streaming category is present with a major edge. When you are not receiving your desired channel via cable TV service, Fubo TV will provide you so. 

6.AT&T TV Now 


With a variety of monthly plans, AT&T TV has gained a lot of interests amongst all the people. The monthly plans are like Plus, Max, Entertainment, Choice and many more. All the channels are present in each plan, according to the amount paid. As usual, there is a limited time for accessing cloud storage. The 500 hours of offline streaming is a common factor for all the plans. According to your budget, you have to choose one of them to enjoy your favourite programs. 



This is a world-famous TV streaming service and it’s also a production house for several movies. Probably, Netflix has the world’s largest collection of movies, documentaries and TV shows. The monthly rentals are very high but if you look at the contents, then you will get a value for money service. The TV shows are available throughout the year. The videos contain subtitles in English and other languages as well. It is the greatest competitor of Amazon Prime. 

8.Curiosity Stream 

Want some contents that are stuffed with knowledge? Yes, Curiosity Stream will fulfil all of that. Seems like you are such a kind of person who loves adventures, right? Documentaries related to sea monsters, dinosaurs, the story or early man and others are present. 

The live TV streaming comparison cannot be done with all the other streaming sites or devices as this one will take you back in time. The contents are just breath-taking and unimaginably interesting in nature. Sitting in the modern age, you will travel back in time. After that, you will automatically get to know how life on earth was near about 100 million years ago. 


Every streaming platform needs subscriptions. That is why, when you perform the monetary transactions, make sure that your internet connection is stable enough to sort it out smoothly. If you are using security software, look for the sandbox feature. The sandbox will help to protect the transaction data from any type of leakage from any other unauthorized users. And, the hackers will never be able to find any traces. 

Most of the experts and users suggest that the plans for watching media items in 1080p full HD are more than enough. If you are having a large smart TV at your home, then subscribing for the 4K Ultra-HD quality will be a great option for you. If you have downloaded any contents to watch offline, then after watching it, don’t forget to delete them in order to save space.

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