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Everyone desire to know about the future. But, they also don’t want anything that talks about the future. And Metaverse Stocks are precisely what our future holds. Metaverse has the potential to give people what they expect out of virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

When the concept of the Metaverse was initially brought to light to the public, even with so much explanation, people still wondered, “what is Metaverse.” Because it is not a simple concept to understand.

We cannot even fathom how much the internet has changed over the past years. With the interest of people inclining toward digitalization and development, the evolvement of the Metaverse will indeed bring changes to our lives.

In layman’s words, Metaverse is simply an augmented reality, virtual reality, to enable people to build virtual social connections effectively.

Everything in Metaverse relates to the virtual world.

Metaverse of a concept that promises to bring combined virtual spaces with inclusivity. Metaverse users can meet, work, play, and socialize with virtual characters or other users in the online 3D universe.

One pivotal element that connects and benefits users is the cryptocurrency link-up. Have you ever heard of NFTs? If yes, the metaverse world would help generate NFTs and a variety of utility tokens benefiting the digital economy. Users can get better transparency and a reliable regulatory system in blockchain technology.

Altogether, the physical world, virtual reality, and finances will connect in the Metaverse. The potential is endless and unprecedented.

A few months back, in 2022, Facebook, the most powerful social media platform in the world, adopted the Metaverse concept. To be more precise, Meta. Their aim behind this is to introduce and bring about more digitalization in people’s life. The vision of Metaverse includes a virtual space for work and play.

Metaverse space will allow the users to execute their desires of something. They can generate a virtual persona of their own in the meta world and live life any other. It is as simple as copying a picture or image of yours from one digital platform to another.

The pandemic has also intensified the usage and need for a technology-intensive environment worldwide. Many different sectors and industries felt the lack of them. Ans with Metaverse, we can expect wearables based on virtual reality shortly. That will enable the users to enter the meta virtual 3D space from anywhere.

People can then will be able to interact without traveling for long to reach a particular destination. Education will gain new light on the ways of teaching. Students will get diverse and advanced subjects, excluding the outdated traditional curriculum.

With all that being said, let us not get down to the fundamental definition of the Metaverse.

What are Metaverse Stocks?

If we define Metaverse, we can directly say that it is a virtual 3D concept and digital space where users can connect with others and execute activities in all aspects of life. Users can click on multiple platforms. It encompasses virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and even blockchain technology in its virtual world.

Initially, the concept of Metaverse was coined years decades ago. It was introduced by a person named Neal Stephenson in his sci-fi novel Snow Crash. So, mind that, although meta is gaining tremendous response now, it has existed for a long.

Did you not understand what exactly it is yet? Then, let’s break the concept down and hypothetically explain the term.

For the unversed individuals, you can simply think of Metaverse as your virtual cyberspace. It is your digital 3D world where you can do almost everything from working, entertainment, interaction, and gaming.

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As for gaming, we all love online video games. The intensity and interest in the game often give the gamers the desire to enter the game world themselves. And that is what meta world can probably fulfill. To access the 3D world, you have no exclusive requirement to use a VR or AR. Online games like Fortnite are already giving their players the feel of a meta world.

To put the concept of the Metaverse into play worldwide, many companies have invested in different sectors. These companies ended up creating metaverse stocks. These are the same as any other stock of a company.

Metaverse Stock

I assume we all know what a stock is and the stock market. To invest in ordinary company stocks, you need information and have to study the stock market trend. However, to invent metaverse stocks, you must extensively research the technology market and the potential of the company’s contribution to the matter.

Metaverse stock brought together different technologies and sectors, including artificial intelligence, spatial computing, virtual reality, digital infrastructure, blockchain technology, and many more.

From this point forward, we will discuss different metaverse stocks and their significance. If you are interested in buying metaverse stocks, here is the top list in 2022:

  1. Lucky Block
  2. Microsoft
  3. Meta Platforms
  4. Roblox
  5. Match Group
  6. Coinbase
  7. Nvidia
  8. Unity Software
  9. Nike
  10. Autodesk

Lucky Block

Lucky Block is considered the best metaverse stock of 2022. It is the best all-in-one stock that you should buy out of all the metaverse stocks.

More than a metaverse stock, Lucky Block is widely known as a cryptocurrency.

It is an ideal element to boost an investor’s portfolio diversification. Due to its additional concept of metaverse stock, it is gaining all the more hype as a digital token.

Lucky Block is a crypto gaming platform that aims to enhance the user and gaming experience of the lotto players. From the meta viewpoint, it ports the gaming platform to the blockchain system. At this moment, it is eliminating any geographical restrictions to the gamer. And since blockchain has quite a transparent system, gamers can get easy access.

Lucky Block became functional as a meta stock through the block. It is a native token name of Lucky Block. Since its listing in January 2022, it has gained a market cap of more than $750 million. But, by April 2022, the value went down by almost 70%.

But what benefits the users here is that if you buy LBlock now at discounted prices, you will get exclusive benefits. Several aspects point out that Lucky Block’s desktop applications and iOS and also FIAT ramp will come. The roadmap of Lucy Block also highlights plans for an introduction to online crypto games.


Microsoft is the powerhouse of software in the Meta world. It has plans to form a separate entity of Metaverse. That platform will have all the Microsoft tools as virtual representations. Microsoft has also made announcements about the launch of Microsoft Mesh. It aims to clear the way for virtual collaboration in the digital world.

Microsoft Mesh will have immersive in-built spaces for social users and meetings. Users can interact with each other via their avatars.

Microsoft as a company also plans to enter the gaming world in the Meta space by acquiring Activision Blizzard, a gaming giant in the industry.

Over five years, Microsoft meta stocks have gained over 350% of the market cap. They pay dividends to their shareholders, unlike other tech industries.

Meta Platforms

Meta Platform came about after the rebranding of the Facebook platform in December 2021. It was the most accessible platform to introduce the global meta concept to the masses. Meta platform invested significantly in developing immersive technologies, so the VR Headset Oculus was launched in the market.

Recently, Facebook has also reported on the development of AI supercomputers. With the already mass user base, meta gained tremendous recognition via Facebook. The journey of the Meta platform was moving forward enormously until the competition, TikTok, arrived. After that, the stock value dropped around 40% in March 2022.


Roblox is a gaming metaverse stock. That is because it is a video game developer. With its investment in Metaverse, they have successfully created a virtual gaming world in meta space. That further led to heightened popularity among youth and investors combined.

The meta Roblox platform has active users counting up to 47 million daily.

Even though meta Roblox went public last year in March 2021, the stock value is still highly volatile. In 2022, the highest market price of Roblox went up to $141. The growth of Metaverse in the future will highly benefit Roblox in the online gaming world.

Match Group

If you are interested in investing in long-term growth, Match Group is the best Metaverse Stock you have in the option. Match Group aims to take the match-making concept to another level with the meta world. They intend to roll out users’ avatars to improve the virtual experience from its said app.

They have also introduced Tinder Coins. It is an in-app virtual currency that will allow users to buy perks and other in-game features. There is also another aspect of Match Group known as Single Town. It is a virtual world where users can use avatars and interact with other users in virtual locations via an audio connection.

In the future, Match Group has the potential to gain a stronghold in the online dating concept with Metaverse.


Coinbase is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges. With the introduction of Metaverse, they were one of the biggest beneficiaries. That is because crypto-assets are the backbone of the meta concept.

Besides buying and selling digital assets, Coinbase also engages in other crypto-based services like interest accounts, credit cards, and so on. You can also invest in NFTs at its new marketplace. Currently, Coinbase is on its way to developing technology where users can buy their avatars for use in other games in the meta world.

In November 2021, Coibase hit its highest market price of $430. But now, it has dropped by 65%. At this point, the Coinbase meta stocks are available at discounted rates. So, it is high time to invest in them if you are interested.


Every new concept has some foundation, and Metaverse has one too. That is Nvidia, the most extensive capital stock for the metaverse foundation. It is a semiconductor company producing graphics processing units (GPU) and fast-processing chips.

Meta platform has integrated Nvidia’s chips into its upcoming supercomputer, the AI Research SuperCluster. This supercomputer is supposed to build meta technologies. Nvidia also invested in 3D technology and has developed Omniverse. It is a real-time and scalable reference development platform.

Regardless of whether Metaverse or not, Nvidia is already a great investment option with its impressive growth and diversity. They offer their investors a 0.6% running yield. They have acquired market value in shares with a rise of 980% over the past five years.

Unity Software

Unity Software is another software technology company in the Metaverse. They offer solutions to the development of a variety of software programs. There are development tools for engineers, architects, and designers. They can use these tools to create 3D content in the virtual world.

At this point, Unity Software is trying its hands on several different sectors, including Insomniac Events, logistics, online shopping or eCommerce, and the gaming industry. Since its listing, there has been a 45% increase in its stock value.


In the retail industry, the best Metaverse stock is Nike. Over the past five years, the Nike stocks exceeded the 150% margin. It boosted the company’s DTC business models and digital marketing strategies. Nike had plans to enter the Meta space, and they were likely to do so after acquiring RTFKT. It is a giant in the NFT shoe market.

This acquisition will enable Nike to develop digital shoes and sneakers as wearables in the virtual world. They also desire to promote and showcase their products via the meta platform to their customers. Nike pays its shareholders or investors 0.9% of the running dividend yield.


Autodesk is well-known globally for its software products like Revit and AutoCAD. That has helped a lot in the engineering industry. Their products are essential for structural engineers and architects to design models.

But, outside the engineering industry, AutoCAD is also popularly used as a 3D software tool by visual effects artists and animators. Their products were perfect for the meta space with high VR and 3D animation engagement.

In 5 years, Autodesk shares saw a rise of over 150% in market value.

With the current situation and hype of Metaverse, investment in metaverse stocks is an exciting endeavor with excellent growth potential. But as highly volatile digital assets, there are high risks as well. You can find metaverse stocks in eToro.


All in all, Metaverse is the future of the internet ecosystem. The virtual world and advanced technological systems will be accessible to the public.

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