Middle Mouse Button not Working: How to Make it Work Again?

Indeed, it is quite an inconvenient situation when an important button just stops working while you’re using your PC. When it comes to the mouse like middle mouse button not working, you probably need to use the left and right buttons the most. However, that doesn’t mean the middle one isn’t necessary or that you can do well without it. Especially the users who like playing games know the real value of the middle mouse button. Sure they can set another button in place of it for a particular function. 

However, it’s still not the same as before. You might want to make the middle mouse button not working fully functional again. Here, we will help you out with certain ways that can resolve the issue. 

How to Fix a Middle Mouse Button not Working?

There could be various smaller issues that can give rise to this problem you’re facing. This applies to the other hardware and even software components of your PC as well. So, it’s these smaller issues that you need to find and fix. Now, you may not have the time to spend hours doing that. In that case, some easy ways might work in your case as they have done for many others. 

  • Look for Problems in the Mouse

For other problems, it is generally better to start with the software aspect. However, that might not be the best for this case. So, you must start with the hardware. You need to find out if the problem is with the mouse or not. If that turns out to be the case, then you’d be able to take the next step without wasting time. 

Now, you might wonder how to know if there’s a hardware problem. That is simpler than you might think. You just need to use the mouse with another device and see if it works with that. If it doesn’t, then it’s clear that the mouse is at fault. You can either get it repaired or buy a new one. 

What if it works without any issue with the other computer? Then, you can be sure that there’s a software issue with your device. In that case, there would be various causes behind it. Also, if the problem is with the mouse, clean it well with a cotton swab before testing it again. 

  • Troubleshooting

A software problem might be comparably complicated to find than a hardware one. After all, it involves so many files and other components. Any of them could be at fault for the middle mouse button not working. So, you might want to try out the simplest fix first. In that case, use the Troubleshooter from the Options and run it to inspect the mouse. 

The device will scan the system for the fault and will find it out. This might take some time but can provide a solution, as well.

Once it detects the cause, it can get on with fixing it right away. What if it can’t solve the problem?

The system will instruct you about what you need to do. That would be quite helpful as well. 

  • Scanning for Viruses

When your computer faces a virus attack, a lot of issues can show up. Certain buttons not working in the keypad or mouse could be one of them from what it seems. In many cases, this was found to be the cause of the malfunction. So, you must consider this possibility among others. Now, what you need to do is make sure if this is the problem? 

Which anti-virus software do you use? 

In case you’re wondering, the free ones can work well in some cases. However, you can’t be sure whether they can find out malware and viruses every time. Therefore, you might want to consider getting one of the best options, which aren’t free but worth it. If you’re already using one of those, then you don’t have much to worry about. Simply run a scan and take the necessary steps according to the results.

  • Checking the Functions Assigned to the Button

If one of the buttons isn’t working, it doesn’t necessarily have to be an issue. In some cases, it could just be that you’ve assigned a different function to it than what you’re using it for. You might have done that accidentally or forgot after changing the settings. This could often happen while playing a game. 

Apart from that, some mouse software also allows you to change the functions of a button. That could be the reason why the middle mouse button is not working. 

  • Checking if the Mouse Has Been Turned Off

Are you sure that the mouse is turned on? This might seem like a silly mistake, but you might have accidentally turned it off at some point. So, you might want to check on this before you try any other steps. In case you’re wondering, it’s quite simple to do, and also has a keyboard shortcut. Press Alt, L Shift, and Num Lock and hold them down. This will turn the mouse on if it had been turned Off all the while. However, keep in mind that this works only for Windows. 

  • Updating Existing Driver

The system needs various drivers to put good use of the hardware components. You can’t utilize its capabilities without them. Even though you’re supposed to keep these up-to-date, you might not have done so. Many users do the same, only to face various issues. Your mouse driver might have been outdated for a while. This could be the cause behind the middle button not working. Then, all you need to do is get an update by going to the Device Manager and it’ll be fixed.

  • Download Manufacturer’s Driver Software

When it comes to drivers, there are various manufacturers. The one you’re using may not be from the same manufacturer of the mouse. Are you using a driver made by a different company? That could be the reason why the middle mouse button is not working. It’s simple to find a fix for this, go to the website of the manufacturer and download the latest driver version. This can provide a long-lasting solution. 


Many users have complained about the middle mouse button not working. The methods listed here would be the simplest ways through which you can fix that. Therefore, if one doesn’t work, you must try the next. Hopefully, one of them would be suitable for your case and prove to be helpful.

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