Most Popular Types of VPNs in 2022

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Most Popular Types of VPNs in 2022

Virtual private networks, VPNs in 2022, come in a variety of types. It might be difficult to identify between the many technology employ, much alone choose which is the best fit for your need. First, let’s remember what a VPN is in the simplest terms.

A virtual private network (VPN) is a service that provides a secure tunnel within a public network. VPN software enables users to securely send and receive data. VPNs encrypt and secure online connections by employing a variety of VPN protocols.

There are 4 main types of VPN that are very popular right now. Let’s get to know them!

Remote access VPNs

Remote access VPNs are used by businesses to create a secure connection between their network and the devices that remote workers utilize. Employees can access network resources as if their devices were physically at the office once they are connected.

For example, an employee who is on a trip can utilize the hotel lobby WiFi to connect to their company’s network through a remote access VPN. They have access to the same data and software that they would at work. The data is also protected from the risk of spying on public WiFi.

A remote access VPN connects an employee’s device to the company’s network via a virtual tunnel. The data transferred back and forth over this tunnel travel over the public internet, but it is secured by encryption and security procedures to help keep it private and safe.

Remote access VPNs, as part of a comprehensive security solution, providƒe a flexible and cost-effective approach for businesses to secure their remote workers, solve ad-hoc demands, and safeguard important assets.

According to EarthWeb, in 2020, 88% of organizations wanted employees to work from home, driving up demand for VPNs. Both workers who work remotely due to the pandemic and employees on business trips are expected to use remote access VPNs the most often in 2022.

Personal VPN services

Personal VPN refers to a VPN connection or service that is intended for personal rather than corporate usage. It’s used to create and defend a person’s home or business network, as well as any linked devices, against external cyberattacks.

When you connect to a VPN server of your choosing, a virtual tunnel between your device and the Internet is formed through which all of your traffic passes. Because the data you send and receive is protected by high-grade encryption, it cannot be watched, intercepted, or changed.

Anonymous surfing is one of the most prominent advantages of utilizing a personal VPN since it keeps your online actions from being recorded. It will replace your actual location with a virtual one, allowing you to surf anonymously.

Most people also use personal VPNs to reach international content on streaming services. Let’s say you’re in Australia and want to watch a TV show that’s only accessible on Netflix in the United States. A personal VPN, especially one with hundreds of VPN servers throughout the world, can help you get past these restrictions. You can watch the latest episode of your favorite TV show on Netflix by connecting your device to a server in the United States.

Personal VPN is also used to avoid censorship and surveillance in totalitarian government like China and the United Arab Emirate. The VPN allow you to access information that is restrict by national firewall and conceals your online activity from government monitoring systems.

Mobile VPNs

A mobile VPN is a type of VPN that keeps you connected at all times, allowing you to go from one Internet connection to another while preserving your session and not disrupting all of your programs. This means you won’t lose your secure connection if you switch from WiFi to mobile data or between WiFi hotspots.

Smartphones are the most common device we use to access the internet these days, especially while we’re on the go. As a result, people tend to use a VPN on both their phone and laptop or computer.

While using smartphones outside, people sometimes connect to public WiFi. However, did you know that you are visible to other users on the network even if your connection is password-protect? A hacker can obtain the coffeeshop password and connect to the same network as you. By using a VPN, you will be protected by encryption and anonymized data.

Smartphone applications for online banking are also popular, but while you use them, you’re transferring your financial data across the internet. When you utilize shopping apps like Amazon, you’re also taking a similar risk with your online purchases.
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While many application may utilize their own encryption, a VPN can ensure that your data is not stolen.

Site to Site VPNs

A VPN that connect two or more network, such as a corporate network and a branch office network, is known as a Site to Site VPN. Companies with many offices in various geographic areas that need to access and utilize the corporate network on a regular basis commonly employ Site to Site VPNs. It allows a company’s corporate network to securely connect with its distant offices, allowing them to interact and share resources as a single network.

You might have realized that a Site to Site VPN is similar to a remote access VPN. It is possible to use both Site to Site VPN and a remote access VPN. For example, you can use NordLayer Site to Site VPN to construct a single network that connects all of the company’s offices throughout the world. Then, any workers working from home can connect to the network using a remote access VPN.


Here’s the thing: VPNs have a variety of types. The appropriate one for you may be anything from a low-cost option with minimal capability. Or occasional usage to a high-end, feature-rich service. That must excel in numerous areas.

The best VPN for you will be determine by several variable, including. The level of protection.You require when accessing the internet, the device you use, and more. You’ll want a provider that offers excellent transparency and logging policies, as well as lightning-fast speeds. The choice is yours!

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