Outlook Stuck On Loading Profile [Solved]

Outlook is one of the oldest free email clients used by several users throughout the world. Despite having several functionalities and various features, it has some flaws.Outlook users often complaints that their Outlook stuck on the loading profile. This means that the users become unable to open Outlook properly.

This is a critical error that makes Outlook completely unusable. If you are also stuck on the loading page, then you need to solve this problem to get back Outlook on track. 

How to Fix Outlook Stuck on Loading Profile?

Here we have enlisted some easy solutions through which you can get rid of this error. Before applying them, confirm that you are not facing this error due to bad installation. 

You can uninstall the Office packages and run the Outlook again. If it doesn’t solve the issue, you can follow the methods described below: 

Procedure 1: Run Outlook with Admin Privileges

Before going to perform any complicated solutions, you can start with the simplest one. Try to run Outlook with admin privileges to fix this problem. 

To do this, first, go to the Start menu and type “outlook.exe” in the search field. Right-click on the ‘Outlook.exe’ option showing as the search result. Choose the ‘Run as Administrator option from the list to launch Outlook with admin privilege. 

Run Outlook with Admin Privileges

Note: if right-clicking on ‘Outlook.exe’ is not showing the ‘Run as Administrator’ option, go to the “C:\ Program Files \ Microsoft Office \ Office x” (here, ‘x’ denotes the Outlook version you are using, replace it with your Outlook version). Afterward, right-click on the Outlook file and click on the ‘Run as Administrator option.

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Procedure 2: Disable the Compatibility Preferences in Outlook

Some users have solved this error by disabling the compatibility preferences of Outlook. Here’s how to do this: 

  • Navigate to the location where the Outlook application is installed (the default location of Outlook is “C:\ Program Files \ Microsoft Office \ Office x”, where ‘x’ denotes the Outlook version).   
  • Right-click on the ‘Outlook.exe’ file and choose ‘Properties’ option from the list. 
  • Go to the Compatibility tab and uncheck the box that prompts ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for.’ 
  • Lastly, tap the Apply button to confirm the action. 

Afterward, you can try to open the Outlook to check if the problem is resolved. Else, you can move on to the next method. 

Procedure 3: Run the Inbox Repair Tool

PST (Personal Storage Table) file stores personal files that are related to Outlook or other Office apps. In case the PST files get damaged or corrupted, you become unable to launch Outlook normally. 

Hence, you need to scan all the files of the system. You can do this by using the Inbox repair tool.

Run the Inbox Repair Tool 

How to Run the Inbox Repairing Tool? 

  • First of all, exit from the Outlook application and end all the Outlook processes by going to the Task Manager. 
  • Afterward, navigate to the Start menu and type “scanpst.exe” in the search bar. Hit the Enter key from the keyboard to proceed further. 
  • Select the Browse option from the ‘Enter the name of the file you want to scan’ pop-up box.
  • Next, choose the PST (.pst) file that you wish to scan and tap on the Start button. 
  • Now, it will start to scan the entire system and if it finds any corrupted files, it will repair that immediately. 

After running the inbox repair tool, if you see that the ‘Outlook 2016 stuck on loading profile’ still appears, then you can perform other solutions discussed below. 

Procedure 4: Reset the Navigation Panel

You can see that navigation panel at the left pane of Outlook. It allows contacts, tasks, calendars, and easy access to emails. But the problem is, navigation panel can easily glitch out and prevent Outlook to open properly. 

Hence, if you are facing the Outlook 2010 stuck on loading profile error due to the problems of the navigation panel, then try to reset it to get rid of this issue. 

Reset the Navigation Panel

How to Reset the Navigation Panel? 

  • First and foremost, close the Outlook application. 
  • Then, invoke the Run Command box by pressing the R and Win key from the keyboard. 
  • Type “Outlook.exe / resetnavpane” in the input field and tap on the OK button to proceed. 

As a result, it will revert the navigation panel to its default settings. Now, you can try to open the Outlook app to check if the problem is solved. 

Procedure 5: Open Outlook in Safe Mode and Disable Add-ins

Add-ins help the Outlook to enhance its functionality. But some of the add-ins may conflict with the latest version of Outlook and prevent it to start normally. 

So, if you open Outlook in Safe Mode, add-ins prevent it to load up. In this way, you will be able to detect the defective add-ins. 

Open Outlook in Safe Mode and Disable Add-ins

The steps below can help to do this: 

  • First and foremost, you need to make sure that Outlook is closed completely. 
  • Afterward, open the Run Dialog box and type “Outlook.exe /safe” in the input field. 
  • Hit the Enter key from the keyboard to open Outlook in Safe Mode. If you will be asked to confirm the action, tap on the OK button. 
  • Navigate to the File tab and tap on the Options button. 
  • Afterward, go to the Add-ins tab and click on the drop-down button of the ‘Manage’ option to expand the list. 
  • Choose the ‘COM Add-ins’ option from the list and then tap on the ‘GO’ button.
  • Uncheck the box near to all the add-ins to disable them. Click on the OK button and exit from Outlook. 

Restart Outlook and check if you are able to open it. If it is, then go back to the File tab and then click on Options. Go to the Add-ins section and re-enable the add-ins one by one to identify the problematic add-in. 

Additional Solution: Create a New Outlook Profile

After trying all the above hacks, if you see that the issue is still appearing, then you can recreate the Outlook profile as your last resort. So, create a new Outlook profile and check if Outlook manages to boot up. 

Create a New Outlook Profile

How to Create a New Outlook Profile?

  • In the beginning, close Outlook and open the Run Command box. 
  • Type “control mlcfg32.cpl” in the Run Command box and click on the OK button to proceed. 
  • Tap on the ‘Show Profiles…’ button and then click on the Add button from the next page. 
  • Insert the email credentials by using the auto Email Account setup and configure the account.
  • After configuring a new profile, go back to the Mail Window and make it as default. To do this, tap on the ‘Always use this profile’ option and choose your new profile from the list.
  • Next, click on the Apply button to save your preferences. 

Afterward, you can try to open Outlook to check whether the ‘Outlook stuck on loading profile’ issue is resolved. Hope that now you will not get this issue anymore.

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