[Fixed] Overwatch Your Rendering Device Has Been Lost Error

Lots of Overwatch players have reported that while playing the game, the LED screen suddenly goes back and the game crashes. Soon an error message ‘Overwatch your rendering device has been lost’ continuously pops up on the screen.

Most of the time, due to the background running applications and the hardware issues you can encounter this error. Sometimes, outdated device drivers, if the super fetch service is disabled, can lead to this issue. 

Once this error occurs, then it will restrict you from playing games as well as you might lose the SR points. 

Five Hacks to Fix Your Rendering Device has been Lost Overwatch Error:

Let’s check out the possible fixing technique of this error.

Solution 1- Close the Background Applications

From the Task Manager, you can check the apps that run in the background and after that end them one after another.

To close the applications, first, press the Windows and R keys together to launch the Run dialog box. After that, type ‘ taskmgr’ in the input field and hit the Enter key.

Close the Background Applications

In the Task Manager, move to the ‘processes’ tab and here you will find the applications that are running in the background.  

Next, end the processes one by one except the Overwatch. After that, relaunch the game and check if the error still persists or not.

Solution 2- Turn on the SuperFetch Service

If the SuperFetch component service is turned off, you can not play the Overwatch game. So, make sure that the service is enabled.

For that, launch the dialog box and enter ‘ services.msc’ in the given field and then hit the Enter key on the keyboard. Now, check the status of the Superfetch service and ensure that it is running.

Turn on the SuperFetch Service

In case, the service is not running, then right-click on it and choose Properties option. Set the Startup type to automatic and click on the Start button. Next, click on OK option.

Reboot your device. This will open the Overwatch game. Then, try to play the game without this issue.

Solution 3-  Update the Device Drivers

To update the outdated device drivers, first, click the Start menu and type ‘ device manager’ in the given field. Then, double click on the first search result to open the Device Manager.

Afterward, double click on the category with the device that you want to update. Then, right-click on the device and choose the Update driver button.

The updating process will be started automatically. Depending on the size it might take some moments. Once done, restart the device to take the effect of the changes.

Update the Device Drivers

Solution 4- Reset the Frequency Settings of the Hardware Components

Sometimes due to the CPU, GPU overclocked you can experience this issue as well. In such a scenario, set the frequency/ clock speed to the default.

Reset the Frequency Settings of the Hardware Components

Then, follow the given steps. 

Step 1

First,  turn on your computer and wait until you see the boot screen. Boot Screen displays all the connected parts to the motherboard. For example, hard drive, CPU, etc.

During the boot screen, press the delete key or the F1 key to access the BIOS of the motherboard. 

Step 2

Sometimes, the boot screen can be hidden. In such a condition, keep pressing the Delete or F1 key until you get access to the BIOS.

Then, proceed to the ‘Advanced Chipset Features’ in the BIOS. Thereafter, click on the ‘CPU Multiplier’ feature.  

Step 3

In the CPU Multiplier drop-down and select ‘Restore Default Settings’ and after that hit the Enter key.

To save the settings and restart the computer, press the ‘F10’ key. Now, the CPU should be running at the default speed.  

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Solution 5- Enable ‘GPU Scaling’ ( For AMD Graphics Users Only)

To fix the rendering device error, you need to change the graphics settings of the graphics adapter. First, open the AMD Radeon Settings.

Enable ‘GPU Scaling’ ( For AMD Graphics Users Only)

Then, click on Display and enable the GPU Scaling. Reboot the machine and try to play the game without this problem.

That’s it. These are the proven solutions that you can try to get rid of the problem.

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