Qualities You Need in the Best Commercial Lobby Signs for Your Building

Commercial properties welcome visitors daily, so they focus on enhancing their guest experience. Choose the well-designed, highly functional, and visually appealing commercial property lobby sign options.

Strategically placing your impressive digital lobby directory contributes to developing a favorable brand connection.

Lobby signs, when digitally depicted, effectively direct your guests and enlighten them on the resources your property has to offer.

Upgrade to Digital Signage

The building’s lobby or reception area is the first space your visitors will enter. Commercial property lobby sign options include digital signage, and the advantage of making this upgraded shift includes:

  • Instant changes in content
  • Creating a dynamic, engaging, and interactive user interface
  • Lending your commercial lobby an elegant and modern look
  • Raising awareness through high visibility
  • Providing extensive and relevant inputs

Important Considerations

Ensure the digital lobby signs you select for your commercial building make a desirable impact by prioritizing the listed factors.

Compatibility with Your Property

The style, size, and framing of your digital signage should blend in with your commercial property lobby. Setting up the signage, building your directory, integrating it with the digital medium, and streaming the contents must be smooth to execute.

Lean toward signage that offers you a substantial warranty on the equipment thereby, safeguarding your investment. Signage with interactive touch screen signs is very user-friendly. Moreover, when you can choose to mount or elevate the signage on a pedestal, it assures you of making the most effective impact.

Conveying Your Message Simply and Concisely

Readers desire a quick reference which your digital directory must communicate by capturing only relevant information through short phrases. All the inputs on display should serve a functional purpose without giving your signage a cluttered look.

Access to efficient content templates allows you to convey what you have to in a simple, easily digestible format. Should you choose to use visual components, arrange them to add value to your digital lobby signage.

Consistency and Readability

Depict a professional and uniform look by maintaining consistency in your font sizes and styles. Draw attention where necessary, but refrain from fonts with too many flourishes. Preferably test the legibility of the text on display in artificial and natural light.

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All the information captured therein should be legible to the intended reader.

When background and font colors clash, it diminishes the text’s readability. So, opt for colors that complement each other, reinforce your branding, evoke a favorable emotion, and reflect professionalism. Bright and warm colors are highly visible and convey a welcoming feel.

Free from Typographical Errors

Any signs of incorrect information or typographical errors make your guests lose faith in your commercial property’s ability to provide quality services. Many times, browsing the inputs captured on your digital lobby directory before placing them for public viewing will draw your attention to overlooked mistakes.

Use the digital signage to your advantage without overdoing the colors, fonts, written, and visual content. All the matter you capture, the viewer should comprehend and retain. To ensure utmost functionality, test the signage in your commercial lobby before finalizing it.

Lean on superior quality yet affordable digital solutions that an established and reputed commercial signage provider offers.

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Maria Colombo
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