How To Fix Adobe Error 146 | Get Premium Hacks To Resolve The Error

Adobe error 146 is related to the Creative Cloud application directly. Whenever you will attempt to install or update the Creative Cloud application, the error code 146 will pop up. This issue generally arises due to problems in the system files of the Creative Cloud application.

Causes of the Adobe Error 146

Some of the common reasons for the Adobe error code 146 are listed below:

  • If you are using an old version of Creative Cloud, then the error code 146 may arise.
  • The installer failing to move a file from the temporary folder where it was first installed.
  • Installed antivirus or Windows Firewall

Fixes to Solve Adobe Error Code 146

Luckily there are various possible methods to solve Adobe Error 146. Here you will find some of the effective and easy ways to fix it. Simply go through and try to apply them to your system for a quick resolution.

Fix 1: Upgrade Creative Cloud to the Latest Version

An outdated Creative Cloud application may restrict you from installing or updating any other apps. That is why updating it is very much necessary to fix the issue.

In order to do that, go to the search section of Windows by pressing together the Windows key and S button. Thereafter, type in the search box, ‘Creative Cloud’ and hit the Enter button. Next, browse the application and go to ‘Update’ under the Menu. 

After that, hit the Update option and you will get the application in the updated version. On finishing the process, get your system restarted and access it without facing any problem.

Fix 2: Temporarily Disable Firewall or Antivirus

Sometimes, when you attempt to install the Adobe Creative Cloud app, the then installed Firewall or antivirus might create some problems. This Firewall or antivirus may mistakenly consider this app as a threat to the PC. That is the reason they block the application. As a result, you might encounter this type of error on your system. So, disabling the antivirus is the best option to eliminate the issue.

For this, go to the installed antivirus and navigate its Menu. Within that, you can find the Disable option, tap on it and reboot your system. Doing this, you won’t face this issue again.

Fix 3: Delete the Prevailing Damaged Files   

If you try to install any corrupted or damaged files in your system, it will act as an obstacle for you to perform the task. Hence, it is advised to install on your device, the correct system files.

So, open the File Manager and go to Adobe Creative Cloud app and get it deleted from your system. After doing that, go to a web browser to download and install the updated and latest Adobe system files.   

Fix 4: Design Required Directory

Due to a lack of directory in your system, you may encounter the error Adobe Error Code 146. You can create the desired directory manually in order to eliminate the issue. For that, go to the File Manager and tap on the C: Drive. Next, hit the Program Files and choose Adobe under that. 

After that, you need to create the directory manually. You will get the name of the directory from the error message itself when this 146 error code pops up. For example, if you face problems with the installation of Adobe Photoshop, your directory name will include Photoshop in it.

Fix 5: Download and Install Windows Updates

Move to the Start menu and from the Control Panel access the Windows Update option. Your device will on its own look for the latest updates that are accessible for your Windows version. After discovering the right one, it will download and install those folders and files in your device.

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