ASUS Motherboard Error Code 99: Technical Fixes To Resolve Hardware Issues

Getting hardware problems is as common as experiencing various software issues in ASUS devices.

Out of many such errors, the most common issue for a majority of ASUS users is the error code 99. Basically, this is an error associated with the motherboard of your device and can occur while booting or rebooting Windows. When ASUS motherboard code 99 appears on your screen, it can make your system stuck with a black screen. 

However, the Windows operating system itself is not the cause of error code 99. It indicates that the OS cannot load properly because of hardware issues. You won’t be able to use your gadget until error 99 is fixed. t

he good news is that this motherboard fault is fixable with a few troubleshooting techniques. Continue reading this article to discover how to resolve the error 99 ASUS motherboard. It offers detailed directions to assist you in resolving the problem.

What Can Generate ASUS Error Code 99?

If you are seeing the notification about motherboard code 99 during Windows startup or running any application, there can be multiple reasons behind it. But, before knowing the steps to troubleshoot error code 99 in your ASUS device, you should know the causes. By doing so, it will be easier for you to understand the underlying issue and apply the correct solution to fix motherboard errors.

Causes of Error 99 ASUS Motherboard

Let’s discuss a few common causes of getting error code 99 in ASUS devices.

USB or Display Issue

Many users can experience asus error code 99 if they somehow forgot to plug the keyboard and mouse into their motherboard’s USB port. This can often lead to getting no display or black screen on their ASUS screens.

For some reason, if the monitor of your ASUS laptop or PC itself is having any technical defect, it can appear as ASUS q code 99.

Hardware Defect

Also, if any of the associated components on your motherboard is faulty, it can generate this error. This can include issues with CPU, CMOS, RAM, MBR, or other hardware units, which can result in error 99 code.

Sometimes, critical failure in the hard disk drive can also give this error code 99 in ASUS motherboard. This can happen for both internal as well as external drives that your PC or laptop is connecting to.

Outdated OS and Drivers

If you are using an outdated version of Windows OS and graphics drivers, it can also trigger ASUS error 99. Often, this kind of situation can arise when the user ignores repeated notifications to apply the important Windows Updates.

Overheating and Other Issues

In some cases, error code 99 can appear due to overheating in your ASUS device. You can experience this error if you have been using the laptop or PC without proper cooling mechanisms in it.

If you have recently installed new software, or an antivirus program or made any changes with the hardware, this can lead to error 99.

There are some users who have also reported ASUS motherboard error code 99 right after a thunder struck in their neighborhoods. This kind of incident can hit the power supply units and cause damage to the device’s motherboard or any hardware component.

Resolve Error 99 ASUS motherboard with these Technical Fixes

If you’re looking to resolve the black screen issue along with ASUS error code 99, take a look at the solutions provided below.

Check Wires and Cables and Fix Connection Issues

If your ASUS device is displaying the ASUS q code 99 and has become unbootable, it can happen due to loose wires. There can also be unseated components on the motherboard, which are causing further issues in ASUS. So, in order to try this solution, you have to do the job as a technician. Hence, if you are not a tech-savvy person, you can show your ASUS PC or laptop to a professional before disassembling it.

Now, to check the boot configuration of a computer, you have to thoroughly examine the CPU, RAM stick, power supply and your motherboard. You can also check the integration of the GPU, which most of the newer ASUS devices have in its CPU or motherboard. In case fixing these components doesn’t resolve ASUS motherboard error code 99, try the remaining methods.

Repair Damaged Master Boot Record in ASUS

Somehow, if your device’s Master Boot Record (MBR) gets damaged or corrupted, you can experience error 99. This can make Windows stuck in the booting window and can prevent OS from loading in your system.

The MBR holds valuable information regarding hard drive segmentation in your ASUS. Hence, any malfunction or misconfiguration can lead to error code 99. So, follow these stepwise instructions to troubleshoot motherboard problems by fixing the MBR.

  • Your first task is to install a recovery USB drive or original DVD containing boot files for Windows. After successfully installing the program, hit the tab to repair your PC. In case you are not sure about this installation DVD, you can consult a technician to repair your computer.
  • So, after tapping on the option for repairing your device, click on the option of ‘Troubleshoot’. Then select ‘Command Prompt’ and type the commands given below. Make sure to press the ‘Enter’ button after typing each one of them.

bootrec/FixMbr, bootrec/FixBoot, bootrec/ScanOS, Bootrec/RebuildBcd

  • Allow your Windows to execute all these commands and remove the installation drive or DVD after the execution is over.
  • You can now exit the command prompt window and restart your ASUS device. If the instructions are successfully executed by your system, it will no longer show ASUS error code 99. 

Switch Off Device and Reset CMOS Using Jumper

Fixing the CMOS is one of the most effective ways to get rid of error code 99 in ASUS laptop or computer. Hence, if you can reset the CMOS installed on your device, it can resolve the problems with the motherboard. Also, there can be many advanced solutions, which may require you to reset the CMOS before fixing error 99.

So, if you are considering this solution, you can make use of a CMOS jumper. This will help in handling the resetting process and can save a lot of time for fixing this motherboard error. This method can also troubleshoot other internal problems, which might be triggering error 99 in ASUS.

Apply the Following Steps

First, turn off your ASUS device and disconnect it from the power supply unit. You also need to remove all the cables and peripherals from it before taking out the motherboard.

In case the device is still hot due to overheating issues, you can wait for a few minutes or hours to cool it down. Then remove the panels carefully and remove the system motherboard.

Next, you need to identify the exact location of the CMOS jumper in the ASUS motherboard. After that, take out all the three pins from this component and shift the current position of your jumper. In case it’s connected to position 1-2, you need to move the CMOS jumper to position 2-3.

Now, clear CMOS using technical instructions and switch it back to its default location after 5-10 minutes. After this, you can turn on your ASUS device and enter into the BIOS screen. Here, you can navigate through the settings and reset CMOS to its factory defaults.

Alternate Battery Method to Reset CMOS

If you find any kind of technical problem with the above method of resetting CMOS, you can try this one. This solution can troubleshoot the error code 99 and also can repair issues in the battery of your ASUS device.

Follow These Instructions

To apply this fix, turn off your PC and detach all the peripheral devices connected to it. Also, disconnect the power cable and AC adapter unit, which your device is currently using in it.

You must carefully remove the cover of your ASUS laptop and search the motherboard to find the battery. It depends on the model of your device how the battery will be located inside it. Hence, you can find it both in horizontal as well as vertical positions inside a holder and connecting to a wire.

Now, double-check whether the power is totally disconnected and then take the battery out of the board. You can wait for 3-4 minutes and clean out the dust or dirt around the battery if any.

After this, reconnect this battery to its original place and close the device’s cover or panel correctly. Replug the power cord and other cables into your ASUS device and switch it on. Hopefully, these steps will reset your CMOS and also remove the motherboard error message 99 from your laptop.

Replace the Faulty Processor and Install a New One

If a CPU failure has occurred in your ASUS device, it can attack the motherboard and generate multiple issues like asus error code 99. Hence, if you are sure that the processor is not working anymore, it’s best to get a new one. There are many experts who can also advise you to replace the entire motherboard to fix this error. So, let’s discuss a few steps to apply this solution to resolve error 99.

First, you need to verify the compatibility of your motherboard and upgrade to the most accurate processor for ASUS. Then remove the CPU cabinet and find the location of the CPU cooler.

Ensure that the power is off while applying the above steps and detach all the components that are creating a blockage in the cabinet. Then, gently lift the cover of the CPU socket and take out the processor from it. Make sure that you don’t damage any pin during the replacement of your CPU.

If needed, you can choose to replace both the motherboard and processor using this method. Once done, make sure to securely attach the CPU cooler in its place and close the cover of the CPU cabinet. Then, turn on your ASUS PC and check if the error code 99 is still appearing on the motherboard. 

If you are unable to resolve error motherboard code 99, you can detach USB and hard drive devices from the device. In case, it still doesn’t fix the error, you may have to reinstall Windows or check for software issues. You can also consult an ASUS technician for methods to troubleshoot error code 99 in your motherboard.

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