Error 0x80071ac3 – Best and Simple Hacks

The error 0x80071ac3 can come up when you attempt to write some files on the SD card. Even, when you copy some files from the card and want to paste them elsewhere, then this error can pop up. When this problem comes up, then you get a message box with a piece of information that says “The operation could not be completed because the volume is dirty.”. There can be many causes as to why you encounter this kind of an error. Some of the commanding reasons are if the driver of the SD card slot is obsolete. Also, if the write option of the SD card is not active, then also you can face this glitch. Further, if a feature called ‘ReadyBoost’ is active, then there is a chance to get this issue. Moreover, when some data becomes corrupt, then for that reason also you might meet with this error.

Methods to Resolve the Error 0x80071ac3

In this section of the article, you will get various steps that help to correct this issue in an easy and efficient way:

Procedure to Format the SD Card

If you encounter this glitch while accessing the SD drive, then the easiest solution for you is to format the drive. When you perform this process then, all the data inside your card will be lost. In order to do this, follow the steps that follows:

  • First, on the Taskbar, just beside the ‘Edge’ icon click on the ‘File Explorer’. This will launch a new window, where go to the left pane and then choose the option ‘This PC’.
  • Now, move to the right panel and navigate to the section that has a heading ‘Devices and drives’. Under this section, locate and click on the SD card that is giving this problem.
  • Next, right-click on the SD card and then, from the popup menu that shows up, choose the option ‘Format…’. This will open a new dialog box with the heading ‘Format SD Drive (X)’ where ‘X’ is the drive letter.
  • After that, move down a little and hit the button ‘Restore device defaults’. Now, if you want the format process to finish faster then, put a checkmark on the option ‘Quick Format’. Next, hit the ‘Start’ button at the bottom.
  • As soon as the above-mentioned button is clicked, then a prompt will come up. To begin the format process, press on the ‘OK’ button. Now, wait for the procedure of formatting to complete.
  • Once the formatting process is over, close the dialog box and then see if the error shows up or not when you try to transfer some files to and from the SD card.

Enable Write Option for the SD card via Registry

When the write option on the SD card is not enabled, then you might encounter the error 0x80071ac3. The possible solution to rectify this glitch is to activate the write capability on the drive using the registry key. To do that, follow the lines underneath:

  • First, press the combination of both the keys ‘Windows + R’ simultaneously, to open the ‘Run’ dialog box.
  • Within this dialog box, input a text “regedit” on the field present to the right of the label ‘Open:’. Next, tap on the ‘OK’ button, to launch a new window called ‘Registry Editor’.
  • Within the ‘Registry Editor’ window, go to the address bar and type in the following path – “Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePolicies”.
  • Now, move to the right panel of this window, then locate and double-click on the key ‘WriteProtect’. This opens a new dialog box with the name ‘DWORD String Value (32-bit).
  • Inside that dialog box, check the number within the ‘Value’ field. Now, if it is ‘one’, then the ability to write on the card is disabled. To enable it, change the number from ‘1’ to ‘0’ and tap on the button ‘OK’.
  • Once the alteration is complete, quit the ‘Registry Editor’ window and remove the SD card. After that, reboot the computer.
  • Finally, when the computer boots up once again, then insert the SD card and check if this error comes back or not.

Update the Driver Software of the SD Card Slot

If the driver software of the SD card slot present in the computer is not up to date, then that is the reason for you to face the error code 0x80071ac3. Now, the solution to resolve this issue is to update the driver of the SD card slot. For that purpose, follow these points below:

  • First, on the taskbar hit the ‘Cortana’ logo present beside the ‘Windows’ button. This will popup a search field.
  • Now, within that field, type the text that follows – “device manager”. Then, from the search result, choose the option ‘Device Manager’. This will open a new window, that has the same name as the option you chose on the previous line.
  • Within the ‘Device Manager’ window, there is a list of all the devices and their respective driver software installed on the computer. Now, go to the bottom of that list and double-click on the device ‘Universal Serial Bus controllers’. This will reveal all the driver software of the USB drives including the SD card in an expanded list.
  • Next, choose the first driver software and right-click on it. After that, from the popup menu that shows up, select the option ‘Update driver’.
  • When a new window comes up, then choose the link ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’. At this moment, Windows will search for any updates available for the driver. If an update is present, then that will automatically be downloaded and installed on the computer.
  • Repeat the steps four and five of this point for all the other driver software specific to some device.
  • Once all the drivers are up to date, then restart the machine and inspect if this glitch reappears or not.

Use Check Disk Utility from the File Explorer

When there is any logical error within the SD card itself, then there is a high probability for you to face this glitch. To solve this kind of problem there is exactly a perfect tool built into Windows, which is ‘Check Disk Utility’. This tool looks for any internal damages within the storage device and attempts to repair it if possible. All the steps on how to access this tool are provided beneath, so follow along:

  • First, press on both the ‘Windows + E’ keys together, to launch the ‘Windows Explorer’ window.
  • Next, go to the left panel within this window and double-click on the option ‘This PC’ to reveal its contents.
  • Now, from those contents locate the problematic SD card connected to the machine and right-click on it. After that, from the popup menu that opens up, choose the ‘Properties’ option. This will launch a new ‘Properties’ window specific to the SD card.
  • On that window, locate and then tap on the ‘Tools’ tab present at the upper portion of it. Under this tab, go to the section ‘Error checking’ and hit the button ‘Check’.
  • At this moment, a dialog box will appear with a single link that says – “Scan and repair drive”. To begin the scanning and repair procedure press that link.
  • Now, wait for this process to get over. Once it is complete, examine if this problem shows up again or not.

ReadyBoost Feature Deactivation Procedure

The ‘ReadyBoost’ feature that comes with most of the storage devices like SD card helps to enhance the performance of that specific drive. But, due to some issue between this feature and the SD card, you might face the error 0x80071ac3. The best solution to eliminate this problem is to simply deactivate the ‘ReadyBoost’ feature. For that to happen, follow the heads below:

  • First, go to the previous point and follow up to the third step.
  • Next, inside the ‘Properties’ window of the problematic SD card, navigate to the tab ‘ReadyBoost’ and tap on it.
  • Then, under that tab, there will be three options. Out of those, choose the one that says – “Do not use this device”.
  • After that, press the button ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’ respectively and reboot the PC.

Move the Lock Back and Forth of Your SD Card

If all the above points fail to correct this error, rendering the SD card unusable, then follow the undermentioned steps:

  • First, take out the problematic SD card from the slot.
  • After that, locate if there is a switch or lock on any side of the card.
  • Once you have found the lock, then slide it back and forth for about a minute or two.
  • Next, insert it back to the computer and inspect whether you are still getting this problem or not.

Final Words

All the points on the above section if followed correctly, then you can easily eradicate the error 0x80071ac3. Now, even after following every step on the previous section, you still cannot remove this glitch, then do not worry. Give the smallest details of the problem that you have encountered on the comment section present at the bottom of this page.

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