Outlook Block Sender: Lean Every Aspect About Blocking Someone On The Outlook

Receiving spam emails might trouble you at times. On the other hand, to get rid of annoying mailing list you can stop from. Moreover, too much junk mails cluttering up in your Outlook inbox can be quite irritating.
Thus, you need to unsubscribe from those who send you junk messages. Outlook gives you the facility to block unwanted or overbearing frenemies and delete all the existing mail from your inbox.

But if you do not aware of the process about Outlook block sender, then, this article is for you. Hence, go through the article thoroughly and perform the steps that are mentioned in the below section.

How to Block Someone in Outlook?

Incredible Tricks to Perform

Many users frequently asked a question on how to block someone in Outlook in our comment section, that is why this article came in front of you. Hence, apply this techniques in order to block an unwanted email address in Outlook.

Block Someone in Outlook Using Their Email Address

To block someone in Outlook with the help of their email address. To perform the action,

  • At first, press the Junk files and the Home option. After that, select the Junk Email options.
  • Then, click the blocked sender option. Now, click the Add option and Enter an email address and then select the OK option.
  • Next, go straight to the Junk folder and remove them.

Block Someone in Outlook Using a Message

With the help of the message, you can easily block someone. To do this, at first, open the inbox of your Outlook account. After that, right-click a message from the list and then choose the Junk option. After that, select Block Sender option and then press the OK button. Due to this, the message straightly moves to the junk folder and this is the way Outlook block sender.

Block Domains in Outlook on the Web

From any domain, you can move Outlook message into the trash folder. To do it, firstly, click on the Settings option and then scroll down and then select Mail under the Your App Settings option. After that, click on the Block or Allow button under the Accounts option.

Thereafter, type the domain that you want to block from the Blocked Domains section. After that, click Add option and then select the Save to add the email domain to your blocked list.

Block an Individual Address

You can block an individual email address to protect your inbox from the spam messages. To block an individual address, follow the steps that are mentioned in the section below.

  • Initially, open the Outlook and then move to the Home option. After that, right-click on a spam email and then select Jun option from the drop-down menu.
  • Next, choose Block Sender to automatically filter users future email to the junk folder and this way you can block the individual email address.

Concluding Note

Now, in the above section, we have discussed some effective and simple ways to Outlook block sender on your Outlook account. Therefore, go through the article carefully and perform the task properly.
You can surely block someone from your Outlook account.

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