Printer not Activated Error Code 41 – Solutions to Resolve your Printer Issues Instantly!

It doesn’t matter what is the brand of your printer but, it can make you experience the error code 41 at least once during its operating lifetime. The problem of printer not activated error code 41 can mostly occur when you are in between some ongoing printing task. According to many users, they have started receiving error 41 notification at an early stage. It hit their printing devices, when they were attempting to access it for the first time after booting their systems. So, if you are experiencing this printer error and don’t know its causes and troubleshooting tips, keep reading this article. Here, it will cover some of the possible reasons, due to which your printer can’t activate properly. You can also follow the step-wise methods discussed here to troubleshoot error code 41 in your printer.

Why you are Receiving Notification about Printer not Activated Error Code 41?

If you are unable to print anything due to printer not activated error code 41, don’t ignore the signs and symptoms. Usually, ignoring any printer error message can damage the entire device and leads to various other issues. For those who are getting the notification alerts on error code 41, you need to understand its causes before fixing it. So, let’s have a look at what can cause this error 41 in your printing machines and how to deal with it.

Reasons Why your Printer would Display Error Code -41

Although, the error message on 41 is a very common issue for printer users but, there are a few underlying causes. So, let’s discuss them in the following points.

  • Many customers can come across error code 41 if they are trying to utilize a DIAdem printing machine. In a majority of cases, the operating system may not support or detect DIAdem printers and generate error 41.
  • Sometimes, users can also face this error when they try to save any document to be printed in the form of PDF file. However, this issue can trigger for those who are using Windows 64-bit OS version in their devices. So, when you connect your printer to any such system configuration, it can end up producing error 41.
  • If any of the component or file in the printer driver gets corrupted, damaged or missing, it can lead to this error.
  • In case, your system files are not properly configured, this issue can occur while accessing your printer. The error code 41 can also show up, if  there is some kind of issue with the registry entries for the printer.
  • Many users can have this printer problem if their drivers are not properly installed on their systems. Error code 41 is also common for those who are using an outdated OS version while connecting their printers.
  • If you have made any hardware changes or software installation in the recent past, it can trigger error 41 as well.

How can you Troubleshoot Printer not Activated Error Code -41 Notification?

In order to remove the message alert on printer not activated error code 41, you can apply the following fixes.

Fix 1: Run DIAdemStart.exe as Administator

If you are receiving printer not activated error due to connecting an incompatible DIAdem printer to your PC, this solution is for you. In order to try this method, you must be sure that your OS is having compatibility issues with DIAdem software. Hence, you can read the instructions or specifications with the printer driver to know if this is the cause.

Now, if you want to make use of DIAdem PDF Export printing machine, there is only one way. You will simply have to utilize the Report tab for the printer instead of using any other software. However, a certified printer expert can suggest you alternate tools to deal with DIAdem printer and avoid error 41.

Steps to Manage DIAdemStart.exe

Once, you have confirmed that the error code 41 is generated by the printer due to DIAdem software, apply the following steps. However, you can try these instructions for Windows PC or take help from professional to suggest steps for a different OS.

First, exit the DIAdem printer application on your Windows and close all the associated programs. Then click on the Start menu and go to the Control Panel section.

After that, select the feature of ‘Devices and Printers’ and locate the driver for DIAdem PDF Export printer. You need to erase this printer software from your Windows in order to fix printer not activated error code -41.

Hence, right-click on the program of DIAdem PDF Export printer and select the option of ‘Uninstall’. After deleting it, find the correct version of DIAdem software and relaunch on your PC using administrative rights.

Fix 2: Add Port for DIAdem PDF Export Printer

If the above steps doesn’t work and you are still getting error code 41, you can apply the steps discussed below. But, these steps are exclusively for Windows 10 users who are experiencing error 41 in their printers. You can select the correct set of instructions for your Windows or other OS version, which can slightly differ.

First, log into your PC as Windows admin and click on the Start menu button. Then hit the tab for ‘Settings’ and go to the section of ‘Printers & Scanners’ from the list of options.

Next, you need to locate the software or icon for DIAdem PDF Export and click on its ‘Manage’ section. After this, open the ‘Printer Properties’ tab and wait for a new window on your display.
Here, you will get the tab for ‘Ports’, which you will have to select and then hit the button for ‘Add Port’. Then find the feature of ‘Local Port’ and select the tab for ‘New Port’.

After opening the new port for your DIAdem printer, type a suitable port name and click on the tab for ‘OK’. Now, tick the checkbox for ‘DIAdemPort’, which is now a component of Local Port’, and click on ‘Apply’ button.

To save the final changes, hit the ‘OK’ button and press the Windows restart button. Hopefully, when the device restarts, you will be able to access your printer without getting error code 41.

Fix 3 : Sign In as Admin and Reinstall Printer Software

Before beginning this method, uninstall the printer driver that is showing up the error message 41. Then follow step-wise instructions using proper website or ask a printer technician to reinstall the software.

Next reboot your PC and sign into the device as administrator. Then, click on the Windows Start menu and open the search box. Now, type MMC in it and wait for the shortcut of ‘Microsoft Management Console’.

So, open this console and click on the file menu of MMC. Now, select ‘Add/Remove’ and choose ‘Print Management’. Then click on the ‘Add local server’ tab and choose ‘Remove driver package’.

After that, reinstall the printer software and check if you are getting printer not activated error code 41. In none of the solutions could resolve error code 41, you can consult a printer technician to fix it.

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