How To Resolve Quickbooks Error 15241 | Easy Fixes

Quickbooks is an excellent software used for various accounting purposes. You may manage sales, transactions and even payroll of your small business using Quickbooks. Like other services, QuickBooks can also face troubles at a time because no software is free from bugs.

One of the most commonly occurring errors of Quickbooks is Quickbooks error 15241. When you get this error on the display of your PC, it comes with an additional message which states: “Payroll update did not complete successfully”. 

This error can take place if Quickbooks Desktop File Copy service is not active. Most users have accused this service of this Quickbooks error 15241. 

Symptoms of Quickbooks Error 15241:

Any fault in your hardware and software can have numerous symptoms. We can understand the problem by following the symptoms. Similarly, this Quickbook error 15241 has certain features or symptoms so that we can distinguish the error with a particular code. 

Take a look at the symptoms to understand whether you have encountered the error.

  1. You will continuously be getting updates on Quickbooks Payroll.
  2. But, ridiculously, you won’t be able to install any kind of updates regarding Quickbooks Payroll.

The problem is strange. It may seem like a malware attack to you. But don’t worry we have feasible solutions for you. Let’s check what the solutions are.

How to Fix Quickbooks Error 15421?

We have collected and mentioned enough solutions for Windows operating systems. Moreover, we have divided one particular fix into two different partitions. We did that according to the different versions of Windows. You have to enable Quickbooks Desktop File Copy Service(FCS) on your Windows.

Fix for Windows XP

We have considered Windows XP as the last version of Windows to eradicate the error. Let’s see the step to fix for Quickbooks error 15241 on Windows XP.

  1. Quit Quickbooks desktop.
  2. Right-click on the icon of My Computer. Then choose Manage. It will launch the Computer Management window.
  3. Then select Services and Applications. Next, go to Services. It will open Windows services on the right.
  4. Look for Intuit Quickbooks FCS services. Scroll down to find it out. Double-click on it once you find it. It will open the Properties window of FCS.
  5. Go to the StartUp type under the General tab.

    Then choose Manual from the menu.

  6. Opt for the button of OK.
  7. Now, start the Quickbooks desktop.
  8. Try to get the download of the Quickbooks Payroll update.

Check if you are able to complete step 8. If yes, then update the tax tables of Payroll.

Fix for Windows Vista/7/8/10

The steps are the same to fix QuickBooks error 15241 on Windows 10,8,7, Vista. We will do the same operation on Windows to get rid of the QuickBooks error.

  1. Shut the Quickbooks desktop window.
  2. Go to the Start menu and right-click on the icon of the Computer or This PC. Next, click on the Manage option.
  3. Opt for Services and Applications options from the menu. Then double-click on Services from the right pane of the window.
  4. You have to again double-click on Intuit Quickbooks FCS.
  5. Choose Startup Type under the General tab and select Manual.
  6. Click on Apply, Start, and OK consecutively to continue the process.
  7. Start the Quickbooks desktop and look for any updates of Quickbooks Payroll. Download the update if available.

After downloading, update the tax tables of the payroll. The problem resolves on your system.

Hopefully, this article was useful for your help. If you find any queries, then post them in the comment section. This will help us to attend your problem more accurately. 

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