Easy Fixes To Resolve Windows 10 Settings Won’t Open Issue

The problem of Windows settings, not opening has been a recurrent one which Microsoft has tried to fix multiple times. Most of the fixing attempts were guided by utilizing Windows update. However, it is quite difficult for users to open Windows update since it also depends on the settings app. In that case, you can try out these two methods mentioned below to help you in getting Microsoft updates.

Method 1- Create a Temporary User Account

To begin with, right click on the start button and select the command prompt admin. It will make a UAC pop up which you have to select and then type the code- “net_user_(account name)_password”. It will state that the account has been created successfully.

Next, you will need to type in the second command that is- net_local group administrators_(account name)/add. This will allow the administrative rights to the newly created user account. After the account is created completely, hit the enter button and log into the newly created user account. Close the window and click on the start button to open the user account. There, you will see the new user account. Log into the new user account by entering the password. Wait for time to set up the new account completely.

Now, you need to update the system and it will definitely help you to resolve the problem. For that, open Cortana and search for Windows update. Open the check for updates section and click on that. Now, your system should positively find the fix to solve the issue of Windows 10 settings won’t open.

Method 2- Using a Third Party Tool

To get the steps for that process you will need to use a convenient third-party tool. By using this tool, you will be able to create a repository of Windows update files. Then, you will be able to transfer it to any other medium by using a pen drive or external hard disk. You are open to using it for updating Windows machine has no internet connection. However, a lot of users also swear by using this tool because it does not rely on the Microsoft Windows update client.

The tool will also help you in downloading and installing updates. Thus, even if your update client is not working properly, this tool will allow you to carry out the update of your Windows system. Along with that, it will also help you to repair the Windows system update tool. After the system has been completely updated, you will be directed to log in back the previous account. Thus, it will help you immensely to make the settings app work properly.

In case this also fails to repair your problem, then as a last resource, you need to open the newly created account and then transfer all the files to the new one. For that, you will have to open the previous account and then open the file explorer. Go to “my computer” > users > folders. There you will see a folder named by your original username. Now, to get access to this particular folder, you will have to click on the continue button.

It will take some time to open and then you can access all the folders such as documents, downloads, desktop etc. You can even copy the same to your new profile that has the new username.

Alternate Method

Both the methods are quite effective in providing suitable solutions. However, in case, the first method, you can also use some altered command line. For that, you will need to use the PowerShell command line. This will help you to re-register the settings app in Windows 10 PC. For that, you have to open the search box and type PowerShell. Right click on it and make it run as administrator. Now, in the PowerShell window, copy and paste the above command line and press Enter to continue.

After the command prompt is complete, close the PowerShell and reboot the machine. After you restart the system, try to open the settings app and create a new account with its help. By creating a new user account, you can prevent this issue. Thus, in order to create another account with this method, right click on the start button and go to the computer management section. There, you will find the option to expand local users and groups. Then click on the user option and in the blank field, right-click to open a new user account. To complete creating the account, you need to enter a new password exclusive to any other account in the system.

Make sure to check the boxes reading “password never expires” and then hit the create button. Thus, you will be able to create a new account with an alternative method that will work equally well to resolve Windows 10 settings app won’t open issue. Try out all the methods and see which one works the best for you!

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