RPC Server Is Unavailable | Try Some Easy Methods To Make RPC Server Available

The notification regarding RPC server is unavailable can appear on your PC during various kinds of events. It can happen during the installation of any program or new device and also during connecting to the internet. A majority of users have come across this issue while applying the Windows Update on their systems.

You can get this error message while accessing the Avast Antivirus on your computer as well. It usually happens when you try to attempt to repair the setup for Avast software. Fortunately, you can apply a few troubleshooting methods in order to resolve this server error. In this article, you can learn about some of the best fixes to make the RPC (Remote Procedure Call) server available on your PC.

Reasons for Getting RPC Server is Unavailable Message

If you are getting the error message about RPC server is unavailable, it can occur due to multiple reasons. This is a sign which indicates that your Windows-based PC is unable to communicate with remaining devices. Now, before troubleshooting this error, you need to understand its causes.

So, let’s take a look at some of the reasons due to which RPC server is unavailable Windows 10.

  1. Somehow, if the RPC service on your PC is not running properly or has been disabled, it can generate this error. If the associated components of RPC like Endpoint Mapper and DCOM Server Process Launcher are missing, this error can take place.
  2. In case, Windows Firewall or any third-party application is blocking network connection for RPC, you can experience this issue. According to many users, they are receiving Avast RPC server is unavailable message since Avast blocks its associated components.
  3. While loading the RPC server, the connection to the internet can break due to unreliable or unstable network. Hence, this can be another main reason why the server is not available anymore.
  4. If the Network Adapter Driver starts malfunctioning, the . Hence, if the driver is not up to date, it can make the RPC server unavailable.
  5. In some cases, disabling file sharing can also trigger the server to go offline.
  6. If the registry entries regarding RPC service has become corrupted somehow, it can make the server unavailable.

Solutions to Make the RPC Server Available on your Computer

If you want to troubleshoot this annoying issue due to which RPC server is unavailable, check out the following methods. However, before applying these solutions, connect your Windows-based PC to a stable Ethernet or WiFi network.

Method 1: Check the Status of RPC Service on your Device

So, whenever you notice that RPC server is not available on your system, make sure it’s running or not. It can have software conflict with other third-party programs on your computer. Hence, if the problem gets critical, it can disable the RPC service on Windows.

In some cases, any such conflict can change the default startup type from automatic to manual. This is when your RPC server won’t show up or start automatically at the time of necessity.

Instructions to Bring the RPC Server Online

First, click on the Windows Start menu and type ‘services’ in the search box. Otherwise, you can access the Run dialog box by hitting the Windows and R keys simultaneously. Then, write ‘services.msc’ in the box and click on the ‘OK’ button.

As you see the Windows Services window on your computer’s screen, you need to find a few RPC services. So, locate the services for RPC Locator, RPC Endpoint Mapper, RPC, and DCOM Service Process Launcher.

Now, you need to select each one of these services one by one and right-click on them. Then, choose the option of ‘Properties’ and open the General tab in the next window. Make sure that the Startup Type for these RPC services is selected as ‘Automatic’.

Also, view the Service status section and click on the ‘Start’ button, if it was stopped somehow. Finally, click on ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’ to save these changes and reboot your computer. Hopefully, you will not see the message of the RPC server is unavailable anymore.

Method 2: Turn on Remote Assistance Feature on Firewall

With the feature of Remote Assistance, it allows other users or devices to view your PC’s screen from a distance. This also enables them to control and operate your computer if you want. Hence, it can play a significant role in fixing issues with RPC server by remote operation.

But, if this feature is disabled in your device’s firewall settings, it can lead to unavailability of the server. Also, if the remote assistance is blocked on Avast Antivirus, it will display the message of Avast RPC server is unavailable. So, to troubleshoot this error, you need to enable Remote Assistance on your security settings.

Now, apply the following steps for permitting this feature in the firewall. Open the Run dialog box by pressing both the Windows logo button and the R key at the same time. Then, write ‘control’ in the text field and click on the tab of ‘OK’.

As the window of ‘Control Panel’ shows up on your computer’s display, use the search bar to find ‘Firewall’. Now, under ‘Windows Firewall’, select a subcategory of ‘Allow an app through Windows Firewall’.

On the next window, you need to hit the tab for ‘Change settings’ and locate the RPC services from the list. Make sure that you put a tick sign in the checkboxes for Remote Assistance programs. This will enable other devices and server to access these services remotely.

Finally, you need to reboot your PC and check whether the RPC server is available on your device.

Method 3: Turn off Selective Startup on System Configuration

When the feature of the selective startup is enabled on your computer, it allows to switch it on with limited applications. Often, Windows professionals make use of this feature to troubleshoot problems involving third-party programs.

So, if your system is booting up in selective startup mode, it may ignore loading of all RPC components. Hence, the solution is to disable this mode and choose the normal startup instead to make the server available.

Follow These Steps

If you want to try this fix, write ‘msconfig’ in the Run dialog box by hitting Windows and R buttons on the keyboard. Then, as soon as you press the ‘OK’ button, it will display the ‘System Configuration’ window on your PC.

Now, go to the ‘General’ tab and view the options below the heading of ‘Startup selection’. If the option of ‘Selective startup’ is chosen already, change it to ‘Normal startup’. Then, save these changes in system configuration by pressing the ‘OK’ button.

Next, you will have to restart your Windows-based device for the modification to take effect. You can be hopeful regarding not getting the message about the unavailability of the RPC server anymore.

Method 4: Make Sure File and Printer Sharing is Enabled for Microsoft Networks

As mentioned in one of the reasons, disabling the sharing of file and printer can make RPC server unavailable. Hence, you can turn on this feature by making the changes in the network connection settings.

First, click on the Windows Start menu and open the tab for ‘Settings’. Navigate to the section of ‘Network Connections’ and select ‘Properties’ after right-clicking on your network connection.

On the properties dialog box for the connection, hit the tab for ‘General’. Then, locate the checkbox for ‘File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks’ and make sure it’s selected. Finally, click on the ‘OK button to see the status of RPC server availability.


In case, you are unable to find this checkbox on your system, hit the tab for ‘Install’. Then, choose the ‘Service’ tab within the network component type and click on the ‘Add’ button.

Next, find the feature of ‘File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks’ and select it. After that, hit the tab of ‘OK’ and exit the dialog windows for network connection properties. In many cases, enabling this sharing feature can resolve the connectivity issue and make RPC server available.

Method 5: Fix Network Connection and Windows Registry for RPC

If the above fixes don’t bring back the RPC server online, you need to check your network connection. So, you can go through the following steps to verify whether your internet connection is working properly.

Open the Run dialog box with Windows + R keys and write ‘ncpa.cpl’ in it. As you press the ‘Enter’ button, it will display the list of network connections available nearby. So, identify the network that your Windows-based computer is connected to and right-click on it.

Then, select the option of ‘Properties’ and locate the checkbox for ‘Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)’. Like you have selected the box for ‘File and Printer Sharing’ in the above method, make sure to tick this as well. Hopefully, there will be no more connectivity issue on your system and RPC server will be available as well.

Steps to Resolve Registry Issues

Now, the above steps alone may not fix the issue on certain devices using Windows OS. Hence, you need to fix the registry errors in it regarding RPC services. But, before applying the following steps, you can create a restore point for your system or take measures for data backup.

So, log into your Windows PC as Administrator and hit Windows + R keys to access the Run dialog box. Then, write ‘regedit’ and click on the ‘OK’ button. Now, follow the path link ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\RpcSs’.

You need to check whether the folder for RPC is having all the associated components in it. In case any of it is missing, it can make the server offline. To troubleshoot this error, you can also reinstall your Windows OS or apply the latest updates to it.

So, in this article, you came across some useful information regarding why your RPC server is unavailable. It has also discussed a few troubleshooting methods to make the server online. If you want advanced solutions or need an expert’s help to resolve RPC issues, you can consult networking professionals.

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