Send and Receive Faxes Online Without a Fax Machine or Phone Line

Fax has always been an integral part of any business of an organization. The security which comes up with fax machines could not be attained through the latest communication medium. Since emails were developed to replace it but some people are still using this old technology.

Thus, technological geeks always try to find a middle way to ensure that every person out there could get the benefit of modern tools. For fax related matters, there are multiple utilities which are providing users the facility to merge fax and smart devices.

CocoFax, Fax without Fax Machine

CocoFax is a wireless fax transfer facility as Google Fax Free blogs have complete details to learn more. Instead of dealing with hardware equipment including bulky fax machines, telephone lines, paper, and toners, it provides users the facility to go paperless when it comes to fax transfer.


Buying hardware tools which require maintenance after every month and multiple other expenditures which come along with them making them extinct in most professionals’ life. Therefore, there was always room for a smart solution which would make fax possible without a fax machine.

CocoFax has finally come forward and started providing users the reliable and highly-functional facilities to send and receive fax wirelessly. Fax machines are not in the expenses list of any firm as people are more inclined towards shifting to an easier, simpler, and faster fax transmission process.


How Fax is Possible without a Phone Line?

Google Fax Free has the answer in the form of CocoFax as navigating to Google Fax Free will let you know more about it. This tool has won the hearts of a million users around the globe by relieving them from the hassles of dealing with a phone line and calling the service providers for a fax number.

A few years back, people have to get a new phone connection and keep contacting the phone company until they get a fax number. The hassle does not end here as these fax numbers were sometimes limited to transferring files to local numbers, international fax transfer numbers and rates were different and pricey.


Therefore, CocoFax has started providing them an affordable solution in the form of an online service provider. It is also offering its new users to get a fax number with CocoFax. A user can choose a dedicated fax number from the list of available numbers for transferring local and international faxes.

Send Wireless Fax with CocoFax

CocoFax does not only have the best answer to your queries but it provides your multiple solutions. If you are curious about how will you be sending faxes without a phone line via CocoFax, then you should be aware that CocoFax has multiple ways to assist you in sending out the faxes;

  • Transfer Fax from CocoFax dashboard using any internet browser
  • Use email accounts like Yahoo, Google, and Outlook for fax transfer
  • Download CocoFax android or IOS application to directly control the fax
  • Share documents from Google Drive or Dropbox as a fax file

Here is a quick stepwise process which you should follow to use CocoFax like a pro:

  1.     Register with CocoFax

The first step involves browsing the official webpage of CocoFax and click on the ‘Sign Up’ button to open the registration wizard. Enter your valid email id and set a password so that no one can access the faxes saved to or sent from your account without your consent.


Once the fax number wizard opens, you can enter your country code to find that what the available numbers in your region are. Choose a fax number and you will always be rewarded with a trial of 30 days. You can use this login id to open your CocoFax dashboard or directly send a fax from email.

  1.     Create New Fax

If you are suing the CocoFax dashboard to send faxes without a phone line, then click on the New Fax button from your CocoFax dashboard. Enter the fax number of the receiver and separate the numbers if you want to send the documents as fax to more than one recipient.

For suing the email-to-fax service of CocoFax, you should add ‘’ at the end of the recipients’ fax number to turn it into a valid id. Upload the files to be sent as fax as an attachment. You can also provide the title and extra notes along with the attached files by entering details in the Subject and body area.

  1. Send Fax

Click on the ‘Send’ button whether you are using CocoFax web-based dashboard or your email account. CocoFax translates these digital documents into analog ones. The documents which were automatically converted into a Tiff file format are ready to be printer at the receiver’s fax machine.

In case of failed faxes, you will get notification alerts, Check them carefully to track error, and make the necessary correction for successful fax transmission. All the send faxes will be saved to your CocoFax account so that you can check them later when required.

CocoFax, Receiving Fax without Fax Machine

Reading the fax documents does not require inserting papers into the fax machine or refilling toners. It is a left-hand job. All you have to do is open your CocoFax dashboard using login credentials from your mobile phone or laptop, click on the Inbox label and all your received faxes will appear.


Fax-to-email service of CocoFax is providing the users the ease of reading and downloading faxes directly from their Gmail account. The inbox folder has all the faxes sent to your number. These files appear as a PDF file so that you can download it without any compatibility issues.

Wrapping up the Context

Getting your hands on CocoFax is always the most convenient and useful decision. Rather than dealing with the phone lines and hardware tools, you can send and receive fax with a click from your smart devices. Moreover, it also provides a free fax number so that you do not have to purchase one.

CocoFax does not incorporate any technical procedures which require special skills. Moreover, there is no need to watch any videos or read textual documents, to begin with, CocoFax wireless fax services. It is an effective, reliable, and error-free web-app for online fax transfer.

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