Solutions Of The Error Code: M7703-1003 | Netflix

M7703-1003 is one of the Netflix error codes that a lot of users have reported of. Because of that, they are not being able to use the service, thus missing out on their favorite shows.

But let us assure you that you will be able to fix the Netflix error code M7703-1003 by yourself. The information that we are going to give you is going to help you do that in no time. More than that, you will also find out why this problem is occurring.

Reasons: Why you are Facing the Error M7703-1003

From here, check out all the reasons why the Netflix error code M7703-1003 is occurring in your system. 

  • Corrupt or bad modules in the browser
  • Widevine on Google Chrome
  • Corrupt Google Chrome profile

The solutions that you are going to learn from here are very simple to apply and can provide you a positive result in solving the Netflix error. So, let’s proceed.

Solutions to Fix the Error Code: M7703-1003 in Netflix 

First, read the below instructions carefully and then try them one-by-one to fix the Netflix error M7703-1003 efficiently. 

Delete Chrome Configurations 

One way you can fix the issue right away is by resetting the browser configurations that you have set. The problem occurs mainly due to compatibility issues and the like. 

So, after creating a backup for all the different settings apply these steps. 

  • Go to the cache and browser history section and clear up all the contents that are there. 
  • After you have cleared up all of that, restart your computer. 
  • Now check if you are able to stream from Netflix as usual or not. 

In case you are a Linux user, here are the steps that you will need to do to fix this problem.

  • Launch a Linux terminal after you have started your computer. 
  • Within that, type the command sudo rm -r ~/.config/google-chrome. After executing this command, type the administrator password on the pop-up window. 
  • You can now restart your computer and check if you are able to stream with Netflix. 

This will very likely resolve the problem but if it does not. Then, go and apply the next step from the list.

Analyze the Content Decryption Module of the Widevine Extension 

To ensure security for license distribution, Google Chrome has the Widevine browser extension. But, if the extension gets missing or corrupted, then this will lead to the Netflix streaming issue with an error code M7703-1003

So to fix the problem, here are all the steps that you need to try. 

  • Launch the web browser from your computer and in the address bar, type chrome://components/. Press the Enter key after that to open up the required section. 
  • After the required section comes up on the browser, look for the Widevine Content Decryption Module
  • Under that, look for the Check for Update option and click on it to start installing the updates.
  • On completion of the update process, restart your computer and launch Netflix again.
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Check if you are still facing this particular error code issue. 

Use Netflix from Another Profile 

You can also try logging into Netflix from another account if none of the other methods are working. Save the settings of the previous profile against the Gmail ID so that you do not lose any of that. 

Here are all the steps that will help you use Netflix through another profile and bypass the error. 

  • Look for the profile icon from the homepage of your browser and click on it to open the settings section. 
  • Now, click on the Turn off option within the Sync section and then click on the Manage people option. 
  • As the new option window comes from there, click on the Add Person button to create a new profile.
  • Thus after creating the new log, restart the browser and launch Netflix through the new profile. 

This will allow you to bypass the error code issue and start streaming shows from Netflix once again.


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