How To Solve Canon Printer Error Code U052?

The introduction of printers and their incorporation into houses have eased several tasks without a doubt. But, that doesn’t mean they are not vulnerable to problems. Similar to several other electronic devices, Canon printers too, are prone to damage and malfunctions. When such a scenario occurs, the users become perplexed and concerned since most of them are not aware of the problems. In this article, we attempt to discuss the ways in which you can eradicate the Canon printer error code U052 and resume your daily tasks like before. But, before that, taking a quick glimpse at what the error indicates is necessary.

The error that appears on-screen signifies that there is a problem with the printhead. Also, it states that the printhead is incompatible or incorrect. This is an issue that is frequent in most printers and also is extremely easy to troubleshoot. Just follow the procedures which this article has to offer and fix it completely. Also, you do not have to panic to complete the work in order to meet your deadlines. You have enough time since the Canon printer error code U052 is not much of a challenge to treat.

More About the Canon Printer Error Code U052:

Before heading directly on to the solution portion of this article, it is necessary to know a little more about the error. There are two separate cases associated with this particular error code. One of them states that the printhead is not installed which flashes this U052 error alert. Also, they state that the type of printhead isn’t compatible or is incorrect for the device. It is in such a situation that the Canon printer error code U052 flashes before you.

Furthermore, the second situation states something different.

The printhead is successfully installed but the functionality aspect doesn’t respond well. That means the printer fails to deliver the tasks that the users demand. It stops working or is encountering problems and hindrances to functioning properly. However, even in this case, the error shows up. So, in order to solve Canon printer error code U052, make sure to stick to the underlying section which gives detailed content regarding the troubleshooting procedures. Also, the steps are effective in treating both scenarios.

Quick Steps to Resolve the Error Code U052 in Canon Printers:

The solutions are based on two separate situations which this article has clearly demarcated. However, follow them in order to troubleshoot the complication entirely.

Receiving the Error U052 with Installed Printhead

In this scenario, make sure to open the printer’s top lid in order to have clear access to the cartridge as well as the printhead of the printer. Now, when you open up the lid, the slot for the cartridges tends to automatically lift up and rise to the printer’s middle front.

Then, proceed to unplug the printer from the power supply or the switchboard. Also, ensure that the lever of the cartridge which is present beside the cartridge cradle is elevated up. In such a position of the lever, the cartridge slot refuses to auto-move. After that, proceed to remove all the ink cartridges from the slots. Now, the removal of the ink cartridges tends to reveal the black printhead.

After that, proceed to subtly remove it from the printer. For this, just hold it at the cartridge slot and then pull the printhead gently which brings it out. Once out, conduct a cleaning process that can remove dirt and debris. Also, this tiny dirt and debris can cause hindrances in the main functions of the printer which may trigger the device to manifest the Canon printer error code U052.

Then, proceed to reinsert the print head as well as the ink cartridges. Also, make sure that every door and lid of the printer is tight shut and ensure that the lever too is safe in its original position. Finally, after you have closed everything down, switch the printer device on and then conduct a print test which would tell you if the error persists.

Receiving the U052 without Any Installed Print Head

Firstly, switch the printer device off and then open the printer’s top lid. Now, in case, there are no ink cartridges or a print head, the cartridge slot placement would be in the printer’s middle front.
Then, install the print head and place it in the sliding rail right by the cartridge slot. After that, make sure to install the cartridges in the slot of the ink boxes.

Next, proceed to shut the lever and then ensure that no doors or lids are open. Also, check if the print head is placed and installed properly. Finally, close the printer’s top lid and switch on the printer. Now, run a test print for inspecting if the Canon printer error code U052 issue occurs again.

In this way, you can resolve the complication that flashes before your PC time and again thereby annoying the users entirely. With these effective steps, one can easily troubleshoot the issue without any hassle. But, even after numerous attempts, if the problem persists, make sure to consult a professional technical expert who can ease you out of the trouble seamlessly.

However, before that, we always recommend trying your hands on any such issues. That is because many problems tend to get solved just with some important methods. Also, this saves you from investing money to get the Canon printer device fixed. However, the option of expert consultation is always open during times of grave crisis.

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