Know the Methods to Solve Internal Error 6 Gmail

Internal error 6 in Gmail is an uncommon problem and faced by the Gmail app users. If and when it arises, you might face problems, like your email will not be sent at the expected time and likewise other problems as well. Whatever, the overall thing is that you need to solve the issue as soon as possible. Here, in this article, you will get the overall idea regarding Gmail error 6 along with the ways by applying which you can solve the problem.

What Causes Internal Error 6 in Gmail?

There are several factors which are responsible for the Gmail internal error 6, which we have listed below. If you are quite interested to know the reasons then go through this section.

  • Gmail app gets outdated: If you are not updating the Gmail application, then this can result in such an issue. So, you may fix the problem only by updating your Gmail app. Here, in this article, you will get the complete steps by which you can resolve the internal error 6 in Gmail.
  • Gmail account settings: If the Sync setting in Gmail is not enabled, then this is also a factor which causes internal error 6 in Gmail.
  • Poor internet connection: The lack of a quality internet connection is a vital reason for the error. If this is the case, then at first, you need to focus on the internet issue. Because without a minimum speed of internet the Gmail app will not open and get you such error message.

No matter whatever be the reason, but after a thorough study of this article, you can fix the Gmail internal error efficiently.

Methods to Fix Internal Error 6 in Gmail

Searching for effective ways to get rid of the internal error 6 in Gmail? Then this is the article which will answer your query. By utilizing the methods below, you can solve the error 6 in an efficient manner.

Method 1: Update the Gmail Application

This is the first thing you can try to solve Gmail internal error 6. And the steps to do it is very simple and hopefully known to you. In case you forgot the steps, then check the below instructions to revise.

  1. At first, go to the Google Store application.
  2. After that, tap on the three vertical lines at the top left corner on the screen.
  3. Next, select “My apps & games” to get the related options. On this “My apps & games” window, you will see three sections as UPDATES, INSTALLED, and LIBRARY.
  4. Click on UPDATES.
  5. Then, under the UPDATES section, get the Gmail app and besides it, you will see the UPDATE button, click on it. But before that, ensure that the internet is working properly. Because without the internet connection, the process will not be completed.
  6. Once the Gmail application gets updated, restart the mobile. And hopefully, the next time when you open the Gmail application, you will see that the error has got fixed.

In case, after following the above steps, you are still getting the internal error 6 in Gmail, then do not worry. There are other methods as well after applying which you can get the error fixed. So continue with the method as given below.

Method 2: Enable Sync in Gmail

This one is the most favorable methods with which can get the internal error in Gmail fixed. Many of the users who face the same problem resolve it with the steps below. Hopefully, this will work for you as well. So, check it out.

  1. First, open the Gmail application.
  2. After that, tap on the three horizontal lines which you see at the extreme top left corner.
  3. Then, scroll down the window to get the Settings option.
  4. Tap on Settings and then select the Gmail account from the list.
  5. After that, scroll down the window, until you reach to the Data usage section.
  6. Now, check if the checkbox for Sync Gmail is active or not. And if it is, then disable it and after waiting for a few seconds reenable it.
  7. Also, make sure that the “Days of emails to sync” section is set as 30 days. And if it’s not, then do it. To do this, you need to tap on the section and then scroll and set it to 30 days.

Once you are done with the above steps, now, check if the error successfully gets eradicated or not. And if not, then the problem may be a different one.

Non-Gmail Account

In case of non-Gmail account, you need to follow the path as below.

  1. Run Gmail app> Tap Menu (The three horizontal lines icon)> Scroll down and select the Settings option> Select the account that is having an error.
  2. After following the above path, now from the Server Settings page, inspect the information of the below-mentioned settings. These have to be set as POP or IMAP.
  • Incoming settings
  • Outgoing settings

That’s all about the solutions to internal error 6 in Gmail. You need to try them first, and if they do not work to resolve the error, you can leave the exact situation you are facing as a message in the comment section below.

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