How to Solve Mobile Network not Available Issue?

While using a smartphone with Verizon connection, sometimes out of nowhere you can get the error message “​mobile network not available​”. This error renders your phone useless because when this error occurs, you cannot make a call, send a message and access the internet. There are plenty of causes for the occurrence of this issue. Some of the usual ones are if the SIM card is not properly inserted, then also you might get this error. Even if the network operators are set to automatic, then it can lead to this problem. Further, when the Android device spreads out wrong radio signals, then it can give you this issue. Moreover, when the phone has not been updated lately and if the APN configurations are incorrect, then there are chances that you might face this technical glitch.

Solutions for Mobile Network not Available Error:

In this section of the article, there are various points that will help you to easily get rid of this error in no time at all. Here, you will get all the points to remove the error that you can see in the following part.

Set APN Configurations Correctly

You can get the error “​Verizon mobile network not available​” if the ‘APN’ or ‘Access Point Names’ configurations are not set properly. The solution to resolve this issue is to correctly configure the APN for the Verizon network. To do that, follow the exact steps below.
  • First, locate and open the ‘Settings’ application. Within the window that opens up, go to the section ‘Wireless & Networks’. Under that section, choose the ‘More’ option. Then, from the page that appears, select the ‘Mobile networks’ option.
  • After that, when the new page with the heading ‘Cellular network settings’ comes up, then locate and choose the ‘Access Point Names’ option.
  • This will open a new page called ‘APNs.’ There you need to select the default configuration ‘Verizon’ which was saved beforehand.
  • Next, in the page ‘Edit access point,’ enter the details as follows – “Name= Verizon; APN= internet; Proxy, Port, Username, Password= Default; Server= blank; MMSC= http://mms.vtext .com/servlets/mms; MMS Proxy= blank; MMS Port= 80; MCC= 310; MNC= 012; Authentication type= not set; APN Type= internet + mms; APN Protocol, Bearer= Default”. At last, click on the ‘Save’ button to set this configuration.

Activate and Deactivate the Airplane Mode

Sometimes, you can get the “​mobile network not available​” problem due to some kind of internal glitch on your phone. Now, the easiest way to get rid of this issue is to first enable and then deactivate the Airplane Mode. The Airplane Mode in the Android phone is a feature which blocks all the signal receiving and sending capability. Follow the below lines beneath in order to get to the Airplane Mode or contact with Mobile Repair experts.
  • First, press the Power button on the phone and hold it until you can see a popup menu.
  • Now, in this menu, find and tap on the ‘Airplane mode’ to enable it.
  • After that, wait for a minute or so and then repeat the previous two steps. Now, select the ‘Airplane mode’ again to deactivate it.
  • Lastly, check if this error is still there or not.

Procedure to Set the Cellular Network in Manual Mode: 

When the mobile network is set to Automatic, then for that reason also you can get this issue. To eliminate this problem permanently, the best workaround is to set the cellular network in manual mode. Here are the steps on how to perform it. 
  • First, unlock the phone and then swipe down the ‘Notifications’ area. After that, go to the top right edge of the screen and hit the ‘Gear’ icon. This will launch the ‘Settings’ page of the phone.
  • Within this window, navigate to the ‘Wireless & Networks’ section. Now, under this section choose the ‘More’ option at the bottom of it.
  • On the new page that has a heading with the same name as the option, you choose on the last step, locate and then select the ‘Mobile Networks’ option.
  • Next, within another page with a heading ‘Mobile network settings’, choose the ‘Network operators’ option. After that, when the next page comes up, then select the ‘Manual’ option.
  • Lastly, reboot the Android smartphone and then check if this error reappears or not.

Use a Reliable Application to Increase the Strength of Signal 

The simplest method among all the other points mentioned in this section is to get a reliable application that will allow you to increase the signal strength of the phone. Follow the undermentioned steps. 
  • First, swipe left or right on the phone to search for the ‘Google Play Store’ app. Once the application is found, then tap on it to open.
  • Inside this application, go to the search area present at the top and type “network signal booster”. Then hit the ‘magnifying glass’ icon on the keyboard to begin the search.
  • Next, from the list of the search result, choose the most rated application.
  • After that, on the next page which comes up, tap on the ‘Install’ button. This action will download the reliable application from the server and automatically install it on the device.
  • Within this reliable application, touch the ‘Circle’ under the ‘Tap to boost’ label and wait for the signal to be increased in a minute or so.
  • At last, once the signal has been boosted significantly now see if this issue is still present or not.

Steps to Fix the Incorrect Broadcasting Radio Signals: 

You can encounter the ​mobile network not available​ error if the radio signals that are transmitted from the Android phone is set incorrectly. The solution to getting rid of this problem is to simply follow the sentences underneath. 
  • First, tap on the ‘Phone’ application and then dial the following – “*#*#4636#*#*”. As soon as you do this, immediately a page will come up with the heading ‘Testing’.
  • On that page, choose the first option that says ‘Phone Information’.
  • Now, a new page will come up that has a heading name ‘Phone Info’. Within this page allthe technical details of the phone are present. Out of all those details, just below thelabel ‘Current network:’ tap on the ‘Run Ping Test ’button.
  • After that, move down a little and then go to a label which says ‘Set preferred networktype:’ Then, tap on the drop-down menu to reveal all the options. Out of all the optionsthat are present, select the one that says “GSM Auto (PRL)”.
  • Next, at the bottom of this drop-down menu, tap on the ‘Turn off Radio’ button.
  • At last, restart the smartphone and see if this problem is still there or not.

Activate Roaming Feature 

When you are not in the network coverage area, then because of that cause, this issue can come up. The answer to solving this problem is to enable the ‘Roaming’ feature on the phone. A ‘Roaming’ is a feature that allows you to use the signal of other network providers instead of the primary one, whose connectivity is lost. The steps to activate this feature are as follows. 
  • First, launch the ‘Settings’ application on your phone.
  • Then, go to the ‘Wireless & Networks’ section and within it, select the ‘Sim cards &mobile networks’ option.
  • Now, a new page will open up with the same name as the one chosen on the previous step. Inside this page, go to the “Settings” section, then select the ‘Data roaming’ option.
  • At this moment, another page having a similar name as the option selected on the laststep will pop up. After that, once again, tap on the item ‘Data roaming’ to reveal a popupmenu.
  • Within the popup menu, choose the ‘Allow mobile data roaming?’ to enable the ‘Roaming’ feature and select the ‘Always’ option.
  • Finally, examine to see whether this error is still reappearing or not. 

Update the Firmware 

When the firmware of the Android device is not up-to-date, then there is a chance for you to face the “​mobile network not available​” error. The feasible solution to easily remove this issue is to perform an update procedure for the firmware. Follow the below-mentioned steps to achieve it. 
  • First, go to the previous method and then follow the initial step. This will reveal the ‘Settings’ application’s main page.
  • Within that window, scroll down to the bottom and then choose the ‘About phone’ option.
  • Once a new page with the same name as the option chosen on the last step comes up,then select the ‘System updates’ option from the list.
  • After that, a new window will show up where the Operating System automatically startsto look for any updates for the firmware. If there are any updates available, then thosewill be automatically downloaded and installed.
  • During the update process, the phone will restart several times until it gets over.
  • Once the device firmware update procedure gets completed, then see if this problem is present or not.
Reinsert the SIM Card
A ‘Subscriber Identity Module’ or ‘SIM’ card is a chip that is used on mobile phones to make the calls and access the internet. This component helps to get the network provider’s signal and stores data of a subscriber. Some of those data are – ‘phone number’, ‘identity’, ‘location’ and etc. When a SIM card is not properly inserted in the smartphone, then you can face this glitch. To get rid of this error, follow the sentences given below.
  • First, press and hold the ‘Power’ button and then choose the ‘Power off’ option to shut down your device.
  • After that, take out the SIM ejector tool and locate the SIM tray door.
  • On that door, insert the tool to pop open the tray, then pull it forward.
  • Next, remove the SIM card from the tray and keep it aside for two to five minutes. Then, place the SIM card properly onto the tray and carefully slide it back to the phone.
  • Finally, power on the device and inspect if this glitch is still there or not. Process to Perform a Factory Reset, when not a single point within this section is able to eradicate this problem, then the last thing to do is to perform a factory reset of the phone. When this reset is done on the phone, then all the files and data present within the device will be erased and it will be set up with the factory settings. The steps to perform a factory reset is given in the following section.
  • Tap on the ‘Gear’ icon to launch the ‘Settings’ page.
  • Next, scroll down to the ‘System & Device’ section. Under this section, in the end, choose the ‘Additional settings’ option.
  • After that, within a new page that comes up, move down and choose the second last option that says ‘Backup & reset’.
  • Now, again another page will show up that has a similar name as the option you chose on the above step. Go to the end of this page and then tap on the item ‘Factory data reset’.
  • In the last page that comes up choose the ‘All files on the phone’ option and then tap the ‘Reset’ button in the phone.
  • At this moment, the reset process will begin. Wait for it to get over.
  • Finally, when the phone is reset to the factory settings, then inspect if still, this error pops up or not.
Simply by following all the points on the previous section, you can eradicate the error ​mobile network not available​. But, even though after following every step on the above section, if still, you are unable to mitigate this issue fully, then do not panic at all. Just provide all the details of your query that you have encountered during applying any steps given in the last section on the comment section below this page.
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