Troubleshoot New Hard Drive not Showing Up Windows 10

Most of the Windows users probably use only one Hard disk drive in their computer. But some of the Windows users who require more space to store their data, they generally prefer two HDD as well. Most of the users usually report that when they finish Windows 10 update they encounter that new hard drive not showing up which leads to various other problems as well. So, if you are also facing this issue, don’t worry. This article will help you to fix this error with the most reliable methods.

Causes for New Hard Drive Not Showing Up Error:

There are more than one reasons available due to which you can encounter this error with your device. Hence, know them at first and then repair it with the best-proven solutions.

  • First of all, you can encounter this error due to the faulty SATA cable which you are using.
  • Secondly, if the Windows fails to detect the ATA devices then also it leads to this typical error.
  • If your HDD is included in storage space, then also you might encounter this error with your device.
  • Using a corrupted version of SATA (RAID) driver also results in this error.
  • Moreover, if your New HDD is perceived as a foreign disk, this can be a reason due to which you are getting this error.

Well, now, let’s focus on the solutions with the help of which you can fix this error.

Methods You Can Implement When New Hard Drive Not Showing Up:

In case, you are not aware of the method of resolving this error, do not panic. Try out the effective steps accurately as described in the methods below:

Method 1: Change Driver Letter and Path

It can happen that, you have not connected your hard disk properly, as a result, you might encounter this error. In that case, take note that, if it does not have a letter by its name, then you will not be able to access it from this PC. So, you have to change the drive letter using these steps:

  1. At first, you have to right-click on this PC. You can also access it from the file manager option.
  2. After that, you have to tap on the Manage option and soon the Management window will show up on your computer.
  3. Once done, you have to go to the Disk Management option.
  4. Again, find your second hard disk drive and right click on it.
  5. Now go to the  Change Drive Letter and Paths change drive letter windows 10
  6. Navigate to the Change option and select the letter for your partition from Assign the following drive letter.
  7. Tap on the Ok button then close all windows and restart your computer.
  8. After finishing the booting process, you will be able to fix this error effortlessly.

But if this error still persists, then try to follow the alternative method mentioned below.

Method 2: Check for the Driver Updates

In case, if your computer fails to detect the second hard disk before Windows 10 upgrade, then there is a possibility that your current hard disk drivers are not compatible with Windows 10. To ensure the compatibility, you have to perform the below-stated steps:

  1. Firstly, you have to go to the Search bar and type device manager there.
  2. Now, tap on the Enter button to continue.
  3. After that, expand the disk drivers. Locate the second disk drive. Then, right click on it as well as go to the Update driver software which is hard disk drive update windows 10
  4. In case if you notice any update there, then you have to follow further instructions to update your hard disk driver.
  5. On that note, you can navigate to the settings option and locate the Update button.
  6. Once done, you have to check the status of the error. If it persists, then proceed with the next method.

Method 3: Delete all ATA Channel drivers using Device Manager

You can also delete the  ATA Channel drivers using Device Manager to fix this error. Several users have reported that this method has helped them. As it forces the Windows to search for all connected ATA devices again and re-configure them from the next system startup. In order to perform this method try out these steps:

  1. At first, tap and hold the Windows+ R at the same time to open the Run dialogue box. After that, you have to type “devmgmt.msc” and press Enter to open the Device manager.
  2. Now, inside the Device manager, you need to expand the  IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers from the drop-down menu.
  3. Once done, you have to right click on the ATA channel and choose Uninstall device option.
  4. After uninstalling the ATA Channel, you need to repeat the process with every ATA Channel which you have under the  IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers.
  5. Once done, Uninstall every ATA Channel which is under the  IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers
  6. After uninstalling every ATA Channel, restart your machine in order to let the Windows to find all ATA devices and install the drivers again at the next startup.
  7. Once your computer completes the bootup process, you need to open the Device Management and check whether the HDD is now visible or not.

In case, if you are getting the same issue, then you have to follow the next method.

Method 4: Deleting the storage space that is using the HDD

You can also delete the storage space which is using the HDD to fix this error. On that note, try to follow these steps:

  1. First of all, you need to tap on the Windows key and the R key at the same time to launch the Run dialog box. After that, you need to type “control” as well as you have to tap on the Enter button to open up the Control Panel.
  2. Now, inside the Control panel, you need to tap on the System and Security option and tap on the Storage Spaces.
  3. After you have completed the steps, you have to expand your  Storage pool options as well as you need to tap on the Delete button with the storage space which includes your HDD.
  4. Now, you have to tap on the Yes button at the confirmation prompt and restart your computer.
  5. In the next startup, you need to open the  Disk Management again and check if the HDD is visible or not.

Method 5: Importing the Foreign Disk From Disk Management

In case, the disk may not appear as a viewable partition which is inside My Computer or the Disk Management because it will be visible as a  foreign dynamic disk by the system. This is why you can easily rectify it by importing the foreign disk. To do that, perform as instructed below:

  1. Press the Windows key and the R key at the same time to launch the Run dialog box.
  2. After that, you have to type “diskmgmt.msc” and you have to press the Enter button to open the Disk Management.
  3. After that, inside the  Disk Management utility, you need to check if you have another disk under your OS disk. If you have one then it will be an exclamation type icon.
  4. Now, you need to right click on it and tap on Import Foreign Disks.
  5. After some time, your new HDD will be visible and you will be able to fix this error.

To Conclude

These are some effective methods to resolve new hard drive not showing up error on a quick note. If you are aware of any other methods which can resolve this error, then you can inform us via your valuable comments. Hopefully, you have used all of them in a proper way. Moreover, you can also opt for experts help if required.


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