Learn The Methods To Solve The Parsing Error

Parsing Error is an irritating issue faced by the Android users. It happens due to different reasons like an incompletely downloaded apk file or a permission problem. If you see the error message as “Parse Error: There was a problem parsing the package” while installing an app and think about what to do next. Then, this is the article which will help you in solving the matter out. In this article, you will get the complete information regarding the issue so read this article till the end to get the problem fixed.

What is a Parser?

A parser is a compiler or interpreter which helps to translate data into a different language. And that is also by breaking it into smaller elements. However, if the parser runs through an error then it can even stop you from installing apps. If this is the case, then worrying about the issue will not give you the ultimate solution. To get it fixed you need to try some methods which you can get from this article. And for this, you need to study it thoroughly. So, check it out;

The list of technologies in which Parsers are widely used is listed as below.

  • Java, HTML, XML and other programming languages
  • Database languages, such as SQL
  • Virtual reality modeling language
  • Interactive data language and object definition language
  • Scripting languages
  • HTTP and Internet remote function calls protocols

What is Causing Parsing Error?

Looking for the causes which can be responsible for the parsing error. Then these below is the list which was discovered by the experts:

  • Corrupted or incomplete downloaded apk
  • Lack of permission to download or install any third-party applications from obscure sources
  • Change in Android OS version

No matter whatever be the reason you can solve it by the use of these below-explained methods.

Methods to Apply to get Rid of the Parsing Error

Here below are a number of ways with the help of which many of the users able to fix the problem efficiently. So, if you stuck with the error, then do not worry and try these below methods.

Method 1: Permit Apps Installation from Obscure Sources

For the security purpose, many of the apps are restricted by Android OS to gets downloaded, from the obscure sources. And for it, the Unknown sources under the Privacy Settings window is normally kept as disabled. So, after you enable the Unknown sources, you may get the error fixed. And the steps to follow to do this method are as below:

  1. At first, tap on the Settings icon from the Android.
  2. After that, under the Settings window go to the “SYSTEM & DEVICE” section, under which check if you find an option as Privacy. And if not, then select the Additional settings button under it.
  3. Once you get the Privacy option, tap on it, to get its related option.
  4. Now, under the Privacy window, enable the “Unknown sources” option, if it is not already.
  5. Then, revert back to the folder where you have the .apk file. And then tap on the file and proceed to install the app. Hopefully, this time the error message will not pop-up. In case, if you still get this error then continue with these further methods.

Method 2: Turn on USB Debugging

According to many of the users who faced the parsing error during installation of an application gets a positive effect after enabling the USB debugging. You can try this method as well. The steps to follow to perform this method are very simple are as below:

  1. First of all, get the Settings icon from your device and tap on it.
  2. Now, from the available options, under the Settings window choose the “About phone” option.
  3. Next, scroll down to build number and press it seven times, this will show you a message as “You are now a developer” on the display screen.
  4. After that, go back to the parent Settings window. Here, you will get an option as “Developer Options”, tap on it.
  5. Then, under the Developer Options window get USB debugging and enable it.

After you enable the USB debugging. Now, try to install the application, during the installation of which you have faced the problem. And hopefully, you will get the problem solved.

Method 3: Disable Antivirus on Android OS

If you have activated any antivirus tool on your device then this can stop you to install an application and results in a parsing error. So, if you stuck with this error message during the enabling condition of the antivirus tool then at first, you need to disable the antivirus. After which, try to install the application to check if you can do your purpose that is installing the application successfully.

Method 4: Get the Complete .APK file

An incomplete or damaged .apk file is another cause for the parsing error. If this is the case, then at first, check the remaining space on your device because if not enough space is left then there is a high-chance of such issue. Always keep far more space in your device excluding the space required for an application, to continue using your system without any lagging issue.

Once you verified enough space on your Android device now go for a fresh downloading .apk file to install. From this time you may not get the error anymore.

Many of the users are also querying about the parsing error in terms of XML. If you are one of them, who is getting the error message as “XML Parsing error: syntax error” then to solve it, you can also try these above-said methods.

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