Solve the Windows Update Error 0x800705b4

The error code 0x800705b4 mainly appears when there is something wrong with the Windows Defender or Windows update. However, it is rather a generic error which does not give you too much information as to what the main issue is. This error code mostly occurred when the users try to restore or update their Windows Operating System. This error code prevents you from installing the pending Windows updates. Besides this, some of the users have complained that when they try to update the driver with the help of the Windows update, they face such a Windows update error. There can be various situations where these error codes appeared. In most cases, an outdated or corrupted device driver can be the prime cause for this error. This issue can also occur due to the corrupted registry entries.

Here, in this post, we will be going to discuss all the aspects of this certain Windows error code.

A Brief Insight of Windows Update Error 0x800705b4:

Windows error code 0x800705b4 is triggered due to some kind of internal Windows system issues. This error code comes with an error message. As the error message states “There were some problems installing updates, but we’ll try again later. If you keep seeing this and want to search the web or contact support for information, this may help:(0x800705b4).” This error code actually indicated that all the available updates have been downloaded successfully, but it can’t be installed on the device due to certain system distractions.

Primary Causes Behind Error 0x800705b4:

Before navigating to the troubleshooting section, you need to know the possible causes behind this error. After determining the possible causes, you can easily deal with this error. Hence, let’s take a look at the main causes of the error code 0x800705b4.

  • Cause 1: If your system is infected by malware or virus, then such kind of Windows error can occur. Most of the users have complained about this issue.
  • Cause 2: For any certain reason, if the registry entries get corrupted, then Windows update error 0x800705b4 occur.
  • Cause 3: If you have third-party security software installed on your device, then this can interfere with your device and resulting in Windows error.

These are the most common factors that are responsible for this error code. There are some other reasons as well such as if the update services are not configured as Automatic Update, then such Windows error can occur. Apart from this, if the Windows system files get corrupted or damaged for certain bugs and glitches, then update error 0x800705b4 occurs. Sometimes, the OS failed to update itself and as a result, such Windows error appears. Once you identify the primary causes behind this issue, you can proceed further to solve it accordingly.

Reliable Solutions for Eliminating Windows Error 0x800705b4:

Most of the time, the users do not pay attention to the error and continue to use their machine that is not advisable. This kind of Windows error might create several internal bugs that can damage your PC permanently. If the error can’t be settled by a solution, then you might encounter a more critical situation. Therefore, you should put an end to the error as soon as possible. This section gives you various methods to resolve this error in no time. So, you can learn these steps carefully and apply them accordingly.

Procedure 1: Perform a System File Checker(SFC)

As we have already mentioned that this error doesn’t give us the clue to resolve. In that case, performing a system file checker scan is a smart choice to overcome this situation. System File Checker is an in-built free tool which is designed to fix Windows update errors. This tool also repairs corrupted system files. To perform this process, you need to follow the steps below:

Step 1: In the first step, you need to go to the Start menu and then, navigate to the Run dialog box. Now, in the Run dialog box, type “cmd” and hit the Enter button or choose the OK button. Now, click on the top result and select the Run as Administrator option. Here, if you ask to enter an administrator password, then just write the password and hit the Allow button.

Step 2: Thereafter, a Command Prompt window will come up, where you require to type “sfc/scannow” and hit the Enter button.

Now, the System Files Checker will start scanning your device for corrupted system files and other internal glitches. Once it detects the issue, it will automatically fix them. However, in use, Window Resources Protection did not find any kind of integrity violations, then you will receive one of the following messages:

  • Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files and successfully repaired them.
  • Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation.
  • WRP found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them.

Once the process is over, simply restart your device and check whether the issue gets resolved or not. In any case, if the Windows error still appears to be on the device, then the next method might help you to get rid of this issue quickly.

Procedure 2: Perform System Restore

Doing the system restore on the device is always a reliable way to fix any kind of problem on the current system status. When Windows was in the groove and free from errors, then the system backup is completed. Note that before restoring system, always make a backup of your important data and files. This is because the system restoring might clear out all the data and files that you saved in your device. To perform a system restore, do the following:

Primarily, you have to click on the Start button and then, navigate to the Search box. Now, in the Search box, write “system restore.” Now. tap on the System Restore from the result list and run it with administrative privileges by choosing the Run as Administrator option. You can also find it through the Control Panel. Here, you require to select the time point to restore the system. Here, you have to follow further guidelines in order to finish the process. Lastly, review the restore point and then hit the Finish button.

Procedure 3: Run the Windows Update Troubleshooter

If the previous methods don’t work for you, then you can run the Windows Update troubleshooter. Windows Update Troubleshooter is a free and in-built too which can repair all the Windows update glitches and bugs. You can perform this action by performing the steps below:

Step 1: At first, you have to press the Windows Home key and write in Troubleshoot, then hit the Enter key in order to start the result. Now, press the View All option that is present on the left side. Next, select the Windows Update button.

Step 2: Thereafter, go to the next screen and tap on the Advanced button. Now, hit the Next button and choose the Run As Administrator option. Here, you require to locate the “Apply Repairs Automatically” box and check it, then click on the Next button.

Step 3: Now, press the Close button in order to complete the troubleshooting process. However, if you need to see more information about this Windows error, then hit the View Detailed Information.

Once you are done with the steps as introduced above in this section, reboot your device to save the recent changes that you have carried out. Now, the Windows error should disappear from your system.

Procedure 4: Remove the Software Distribution Folder

Removing the Software Distribution folder has become an effective way to fix such error 0x800705b4. To perform this method, you need to follow the steps below:

Before performing this action, you require to restart your device. Once your device restarts, press and hold the Windows Home key + X key simultaneously on your keyboard. Then, select the Command Prompt(Admin) option. Thereafter, you have to enter the following commands in the Command Prompt:

  • net stop bits
  • net stop wuauservCD %systemroot%\SoftwareDistribution
  • Ren Download Download.old
  • net start wuauserv
  • net start bits

Once you execute the above commands, restart your device and check if the issue gets eliminated or not.

Procedure 5: Manually Reset Windows Update Components

This is another effective way to fix such kind of Windows error code. If you do not know the proper steps to do this, then here are the steps that can help you to do it.

First of all, press the Windows Home key + X key simultaneously and choose the Command Prompt (Admin) option. Here, you require to turn off the Windows Update Services and the BITS, Cryptographic, MSI Installer. For this purpose, enter the following commands in the Command Prompt. Then, hit the Enter button after each command.

  • Firstly, enter ‘net stop wuauserv’
  • After that, write ‘net stop cryptSvc’
  • Next, type ‘net stop bits’
  • Lastly, enter ‘net stop msiserver’

Now, the below highlighted commands will help you to rename the Catroot2 and SoftwareDistribution folder. Now, you need to execute the following commands in the Command Prompt:

  • ren C:\\Windows\\SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old
  • ren C:\\Windows\\System32\\catroot2 Catroot2.old

Once it is done, enable the Windows Update Services and BITS, Cryptographic, MSI Installer(disabled before). This process can be done by performing the following commands and hit the Enter key after each of them.

  • Firstly, net start wuauserv
  • Next, net start cryptSvc
  • Thereafter, net start bits
  • Finally, net start msiserver

Now, close the Command Prompt window and restart your device. Furthermore, check if the issue gets eliminated. However, if you are still stuck with the same Windows error, then you require to proceed to the next method.

Procedure 6: Check your Security Software

Most of the users have reported that such kind of Windows update error occurs due to the security software. Having security software is quite essential but sometimes, the security software can interfere with the device and cause this issue to appear. If this is the case, then you need to disable the security program temporarily.

Steps to Disable Security Software:

  • At first, go to the Start button and navigate to Settings. Now, click on the Update And Security option.
  • After that, select the Windows Security and tap on the Virus & Threat Protection button.
  • Now, you have to go to Manage Settings.
  • Here, hit the Real-Time Protection button to turn it off.

Once it is done, close the windows and reboot your device to see if the issue gets removed. In case, you still find the same error, then we recommend you to uninstall that particular software.

Uninstall Security Program:

  • Primarily, you have to navigate to the Start menu.
  • Then, tap on the Settings button.
  • Now, choose the system option that is in the Settings.
  • Next, you require to choose the Apps And Features option that is present in the left pane.
  • Thereafter, you can choose the software you want to remove from your device.
  • Once you choose that software, simply hit the Uninstall button.
  • Now, press the OK button to confirm the process.

After performing this action, restart your device and check whether the issue gets eliminated or not. However, if you still receive the same Windows error code 0x800705b4, then you can navigate to the next method which might help you to get rid of it.

Procedure 7: Reset Windows Update Settings

In order to reset the Windows Update settings, you require to carry out the below highlighted instructions:

Step 1: At first, you have to press and hold the Windows Home key + I key simultaneously on your keyboard. This process will launch the Run dialog box. So, in the Run dialog box, type “Settings App” and then, select the tap on the top result list to open the experience.

Step 2: After performing this action, you required to click on the Update And Security option. Now, you have to go to the Advanced Options and locate the “Give Me Updates For Other Microsoft Products When I Update Windows” button. Once you locate this option, simply tap on this button and turn the option off.

After this process, restart your device. Now, the issue should be resolved.

Final Words

Windows update glitches can hamper the performance of the PC to a great extent. Thus, you require to follow every guideline that you described in this post. These were some of the most helpful methods that will help you to eliminate this glitch in no time. In case, if you have additional queries regarding this Window glitch, then you can post your questions or queries in the feedback section below. Moreover, you can also take expert assistance for ultimate help.

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