What are the Steps For Socket Error 10060?

While trying to access any file that relies on the server connection, you might receive a Winsock timeout error 10060. This is most commonly known as socket error 10060. It can occur when you try to transfer data packets through a certain internet server, that does not exist. This can also get prompted if there is more than one default gateway on the proxy server computer. Additionally, if you have a slow, congested or high latency internet links associated with the Microsoft Proxy Server or ISA server, then it can appear in the form of 10060 Connection Timeout error. If you do not know the effective means that can help you check and resolve the problem, then read this article. This piece of document acts as a saviour by informing you about all the leading hacks that can solve the problem at the earliest.

Why are you Receiving Socket Error 10060 Message?

If you receive an error message depicting “Socket Error # 10060 Connection timed out.” and unable to comprehend what might be causing this problem, then read through the lines below:

  • In case the proxy server is too slow and the requested page takes a long time to load, then you get a connection timeout error.
  • If refreshing the page does not help, then indeed there must be a typo error that must have triggered the error message.
  • Further, the error can also appear, in case the system fails to connect to the mail server.

Often just by verifying the email client settings or correcting the typo mistakes does not help to resolve the error. This is where you need advanced hacks and tips to avoid the problem in future.

Defend your PC from Socket Error 10060: Easy-to-Apply Hacks

If you want to resolve the problem associated with your internet connection, follow the steps discussed within the three methods. You can easily follow the procedures, even if you are not accustomed to the technical domain:

Enhance the Time Limit of Proxy Service

If the internet browser is unable to load the web page, then you need to increase the time limit of the proxy service. To begin, navigate to the Start button and in the Run dialogue box, type ‘regedit’. As soon as you click the OK button, you will be prompted to a registry subkey: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\W3Proxy\Parameters.

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Now, select ‘RequestTimeoutSecs.’ and hit the Modify button, to make subsequent changes. Finally, click on the Decimal and set the time limit for loading the webpage.

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Try to keep the limit range 180 or more. Save the changes and click the OK button.

Restart the system to incorporate all the recent changes and also if required you can increase the range to 300 or more within the value data box.

Verify Web Proxy Settings

Now, even after increasing the time-out limit, the error is still lingering behind, then you need to verify the web proxy connection. This helps to check the settings and correct them in case of misconfiguration. At first, you need to check whether you have all the administrative rights, then start the computer. Navigate to the Start menu and open the Run dialogue box. Otherwise, you can also open the Run box through a keyboard shortcut, i.e press Windows and the “R” key at the same time.

Now, in the Run box, type “inetcpl.cpl” and click on the OK button. The Internet Properties window appears, try to locate the Connection tab and select it to go to the LAN settings. In the (Local Area Network) LAN settings window, get to the ‘Use a proxy for your Lan’ label and untick the checkbox right beside it. Finally, save all the settings by clicking the OK button.

To check whether the socket error 10060 error is resolved or not, try to open a website, that you were previously unable to load.

Verify Email Client Settings

Now, in certain specific cases, the socket error is particularly associated with the mail server. If you are trying to send emails through Microsoft Outlook and abruptly receive this error, then the first thing you need to do is confirm your client settings.

Here, to begin, check whether you have all the administrative right as soon as you turn On the computer. Now, move to the Microsoft Outlook application and locate and click on the Tools tab. From this tab select the Accounts option to open the Internet Accounts window, and look for the Mail tab. Within the Mail tab, you get a list of accounts, simply look for your account and double-click on it. A new Accounts Properties window will open, choose the Server tab and verify all the details to check for any misconfiguration.

An Alternative Way:

In case, the client settings appear to be appropriate, then there might be a problem within the authentication process. You just need to enable the Authentication to fix the problem.

Again you need to navigate to the Account Properties window, by following the steps discussed earlier in this section. Move to the Server tab and locate the ‘My server requires authentication’ label. Tick the box right beside it to enable authentication. Finally, save all the changes and allow the system to configure the recent changes by hitting the OK button. Now, you can connect either to the internet server or to any client mail server without any hassle.

An Additional Tip:

There are several Automatic software available in the market, that can help you to resolve the problem at once. If you do not want to struggle with the above-mentioned manual repairing techniques, then you can go for automatic software. You just need to place your instructions and the error will get resolved without any human effort. However, it is indeed a risky venture and you need to go for an application that is tried, tested and approved by professionals.


The appearance of the error message tends to vary from device to device. But the troubleshooting procedures does not defer irrespective of the Windows version your using. Thus, the methods discussed above will help you to fix the problem at the earliest. In the feedback section, you can share about your experience,  doubts or any other information regarding socket error 10060. Keep following our articles to learn more interesting hacks that can help to mitigate the technical glitches reported on a daily basis.

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