Best Streaming Services for Spanish Speakers

Entertainment is available everywhere and right under our hands. Feeling bored at times is usually we face most of the time when there is no other activity left. Surfing the internet and watching random YouTube videos also get boring at times, that is where Streaming Services for Spanish Speakers comes in picture.

The only way to kill your boredom and time is to switch to a streaming platform and give yourself the treat to enjoy. You won’t find yourself stuck in the middle finding shows and movies to watch. A huge collection of TV series and popular movies are right in front of your eyes. But it also depends on which streaming platform you have subscribed to.

When it comes to most of the streaming platforms, all of them are targeted toward people speaking and understanding English. Spanish speakers who often feel left out should not worry because most of the popular streaming platforms offer TV shows and movies in the Spanish language.

The same goes for the internet service providers like Spectrum which brings a huge range of plans and packages for Spanish people. If you want to understand and know more about its plans and packages, you can check planes de internet spectrum. With unlimited data allowance and a free internet modem, all your streaming worries are things of the past.

Now let’s get back to our main topic which is the best streaming services for Spanish speakers. Here’s a list of some of the best Streaming Services for Spanish Speakers by experts.


Hulu is one of the most affordable and demanded streaming platforms among movie and TV shows lover. With the addition of TV shows and movies from time to time, you need to check Hulu for all your streaming needs. The basic plan starts at $6.99 per month served with ads. While if you want to get a commercial-free Hulu plan, you can get it for $12.99 per month.

If you are a Spanish speaker and find trouble understanding English, worry not because Hulu has got you covered. You can watch huge loads of Spanish movies and TV series including Modern Family, Party of Five, Ingrid Goes West, What We Do in the Shadows, No Fue Mi Culpa, Insânia, and Terapia Alternativa, and many more. If you belong to Hispanic or Latin origin, make sure to check originals, TV shows, and movies on Hulu.


Netflix is the favorite streaming platform for all those who have been using it since its inception. Although recently, Netflix suffered a huge loss by losing as many as 200,000 subscribers. But still, Netflix is doing great in entertaining people on the go.

Netflix is known for producing the best Netflix Original shows to keep everyone hooked to their screens. The basic plan starts at $9.99 per month, which is good for you if you don’t care about watching everything in 4K resolution.

Netflix is also one of the best on-demand services that offer a lot of shows and movies targeted toward Spanish speakers. You can search for all the Spanish content by typing Español in the search bar of Netflix. Some of the most popular Netflix series, movies, and shows in Spanish are Welcome to Eden, Money Heist, Toy Boy, Wrong Side of the Tracks, Elite, The Cook of Castamar, Cathedral of the Sea, High Seas, Mama, Don’t Listen, and many more.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is also one of the popular streaming platforms where you can find loads of blockbuster movies, Amazon originals, and TV series. It not only provides entertainment for movie and TV show lovers but also for sports fans as well. The best thing about Amazon Prime Video is its ability to download videos on your device for offline viewing.

Just like Netflix and Hulu, Amazon Prime Video has many shows for Spanish-speaking people. However, when it comes to movies and originals, the viewers are offered Spanish subtitles and movies in Spanish audio.

The only problem with this streaming platform is that it is difficult to navigate through the content provided. For instance, Amazon Prime Video does not include a search bar, which makes it quite difficult to search for Spanish shows and movies.

Some of the best shows and movies to watch in Spanish include Night Sky, Being the Ricardos, XXY, Chemical Hearts, Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, The German Doctor, and many more.


Another great streaming platform for you to find Spanish-language content is Peacock. The platform offers you simple site navigation where you can find the Latino button on top of the home screen. By clicking this link, you will be presented with all the Spanish language content to kill your boredom.

The peacock streaming platform contains a library full of content including Acción y Vengaza, Películas, En Familia, and many more. However, if you are looking for more content in Spanish, you can simply switch to Hulu or Netflix.

Summing Up

When it comes to Spanish language content, most of the streaming platforms offer you a good collection of movies and TV shows. However, if your streaming service is not offering you Spanish-language content, you may try to add Spanish subtitles to your favorite movies and shows. This way you will not miss any of the popular movies or TV shows at all.

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