Surface Device Update Issues: Microsoft Fixes it with Ease

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The Surface devices belong to the software giant named Microsoft, which can be a good replacement for laptops. Just like the other laptops, it also receives updates from the host server to upgrade more innovative features.
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Somehow, the update of May 2020 has created a lot of problems for the users. 

That is why the host has decided to run the Surface Pro repair process by blocking some of the devices from getting the updates. This procedure will help the people to prevent facing the issue that arose with their devices.
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What were the Issues?

It is obvious that the updates of May 2020 updates contain bugs. That is why not only the Surface devices got affected. Let’s have a quick overview of the issues: 

  • The device cannot update automatically
  • Problems in creating the media tool
  • USB doesn’t function properly
  • Various setup problems
  • Cortana not working properly
  • Storage problems 
  • Memory integrity issues and many more. 

Moreover, within the update, the latest version of Windows 10 was also not functioning properly. You can easily force your system to download updates for the blocked devices, but the software giant doesn’t recommend this. 

Are there Major issues of applying the Updates?

Other than helping with the Surface Pro repair, the May updates also came along with new problems. One of the most irritating issues is the unexpected restarts of the device. There were other problems too, that were not even disclosed by Microsoft. The list included bugs in the accessories peripherals, Bluetooth, GPU drivers, mouse input, display drivers, and others. For fixing these issues, the software giant has released the update of May 2020.

Vivid Insight of the Problem

There are also certain incompatibility issues that came out with the May 2020 updates. After releasing the May 2020 updates, both Microsoft and Synaptics, have come across certain issues, regarding the incompatibility with the drivers. 

Moreover, the affected drivers are like audio, HD audio, sound, video, HD video, and game controller drivers. The versions are of lower version In order to save the user’s experience, both the organizations put a hold on Windows 10 OS. Further, the hold also took place in the Server versions. 

The Recovery Updates 

After gathering all the reports, Microsoft Corporation has released the fixtures for the problems. The Surface Pro repair started by the company, during the launch of the KB4557957 update, released in the month of June. It has the build version of 19041.329. Moreover, the software giant has also stated that people can also manually download the updates from their default browser by visiting the official website of Microsoft. 

What to do during the Investigating Time?

Well, it is not at all ethical that you will not turn on your device after it is being affected by the updates. Thus, you need to do something to start your own Surface Pro repair process. 

  • Fix all the Unexpected Errors

Whenever the May 2020 update affects your device, then obviously the company will need some time to look upon the entire matter. So, during this time, you can try something to keep your device running. To fix all the unexpected errors, open the ‘Settings’ and choose ‘Update and Security’. 

After that, you need to click on ‘Troubleshoot’. Under the menu ‘Get up and running’, choose the ‘Windows Update’ option. From there you will find the Troubleshooter button. Click on it and wait for the task to finish. 

  • Fix the 0x80073712 Error 

When the OS downloaded the updates, the new version of Deployment Servicing and Management (DISM) tool also gets its new version. Including that, you have to use the Command Prompt for the system repair. Just open the command prompt and run it as administrator. After that, write ‘dism/online/cleanup-image/restorehealth’. When the process is complete, reboot your system.

  • Resolve the Windows Update Error

Surface Pro repair experts always suggest that you need to fix the update process. This is very much important because when you download the fixtures released by Microsoft, you won’t be able to download it. So, in order to fix the issue, you must turn off the VPN service. After that, you need to make the necessary changes in the reserved system partition. 

First, you have to check whether the system security software is responsible for storing the reserved partition or not. If it is, then do not install the latest version. In addition to that, you might take the help of any other software to resize the reserved partition. Only after performing the process, you will be able to eliminate the previous issue on a temporary basis and keep on working. 

  • Take care of Media Creation Tool Issues 

As the May 2020 updates have also affected the media creation tool, it needs to be fixed before the host releases its official fixtures. The media creation tool actually helps to download the update files and install them. In addition to that, it also downloads and installs additional updates. 

Start the media creation application and follow all the instructions given on the screen. If required, download the latest updates. After the update completes, restart the application. Then, disconnect your system from the internet. Once the installation completes, once again re-connect it. The application will install the remaining update files as well. 

If you see that the application is not starting due to the bugs of May 2020 updates, then you need to start it manually. Access the system drive and open the ‘Sources’ folder. From there, double-click on the .exe file and the application will open. 


Before opting for manual methods, to get rid of the problem, you must know some of the most important aspects- this is a temporary solution and the fixing process is not permanent. The problems will get resolved once Microsoft releases the next updates. In case, if you still face any issues, opt for a reliable Surface Pro repair experts.


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