The Importance of Testing in Software Development

When it comes to development non of the stages can’t be omitted if the goal is to create software of high quality. High quality relies not solely on coding, the QA is what determines the quality. Since the software number is soaring now, improper QA may lead to a disaster which is called product failure. We believe that a professional software development company must do several tests to ensure that the application is error-free before it is delivered to customers. The reasons below can clearly explain to you why end-to-end testing plays a crucial role in our SDLC.

Get Acknowledged with Software Testing Terms

Before we move on to a detailed discussion of software testing procedures, let’s define terms related to testing:

Error or mistake: While writing a code, a mistakenly entered variable name can lead to an error. Such mistakes are usually made by the software development team, mostly by developers

Bug/defect/fault: An error or defect can be a flaw that occurs when an engineer makes mistakes when creating designs or software products. The error causes the program to fail to work or work improperly.

Failure: Once a program containing errors or defects becomes dead, its system can fail, which is called failure.

These are all terms you need for better navigation through the article. Now, it’s time to talk about the benefits testing brings to development.

Time&Money Saver

Unfortunately, some project owners underrate the value of QA to software success. Hence, the software is handed over to a customer untested which can also mean faulty. How can you know it’s not faulty without testing, right? In the end, a product that is not thoroughly tested before it is handed over to customers can cost them much more than the entire project due to the corrections made. It’s cheaper and less time-consuming to test and fix software as early as development is undergone.

Thorough and careful testing can be a worthwhile investment because it will help to produce well-running software that meets expectations.

Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Products represent the face of a company. A bona fide product can help you gain trust and satisfy customers, which in turn will increase your competitive advantage in the market. In contrast, a poor program can stifle customers by demotivating them to buy another product from your company. As a result, your customer retention rate will decrease, and your company will lose out to your competitors.

Ensured Security

Security is one of the most sensitive and vulnerable components of enterprise software development services. There are several weak points through which a user’s personal information can be stolen or used by hackers for nefarious purposes. In particular, some data can cause users harm or danger if leaked, such as banking information, a signature, or an address.

Some might argue that the speed is simply too low to question the security of technology devices or applications. However, that’s probably not the case. Even Yahoo, one of the largest on the Internet, was the victim of an information leak in 2014. According to CSO online, the attack compromised important names, email addresses, birthdates, and phone numbers of five hundred million users. In October 2017, Yahoo announced to the general public the full face of the scandal, admitting that nearly all three billion user accounts registered on their system had been compromised. As a result, they had to sell the corporation to Verizon, ending the era of associations bearing their name. How can it be solved and prevented? Testing can’t help to spot the weak points in the software. Early elimination of weak points will increase the security level and prevent several leakage possibilities.

Reliable QA Services

Usually, software development companies include testing in their development cycle but it’s not rare that a product owner wants to hire third-party QA professionals to conduct the testing during the ongoing development or after it. Such a decision can be explained by the willingness to increase quality, avoid bias, and gain more confidence in the software running as it was planned. Whatever, the reason is, Celadon’s QA services will fulfill any need to ensure the quality of the product. Our QA will conduct several testing including functional, performance, compatibility, regression, etc. to make sure that the software is fully ready to hit the market and reach success.

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