The main reasons why there should be autonomy in software development

Speaking of DevOps as a services, one cannot fail to mention the importance of autonomy in software development.

When it comes to software engineers, our industry has a lot of information about their favorite coding languages, frameworks, and clouds. However, how much do we know about the more crucial but less observable aspects of software development, such as how and what developers like to work on?

Leadership must better grasp the nuances of software development in order to keep its engineers satisfied in today’s highly competitive employment market.
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This is precisely what we attempted to do in our very first-ever State of the Developer report. More than 2,000 developers from Australia, Germany, India, and the United States participated in our study. The findings reveal significant shifts in developer attitudes and preferences over the previous year.

The whole research can be seen here, and here are the top four trends that executives should keep in mind while developing and managing their development teams:

1.First of all, developer freedom is more important than any other consideration. Despite more frequent context flips and increased work complexity, our research shows that engineers with greater autonomy are happier (over 80 per cent). It’s also worth mentioning that developers with greater autonomy tend to code longer, producing more products and services. Bigger organizations tend to have more empowered developers (250-1,000 employees). In a world of increasingly distributed labor, giving engineers greater autonomy is crucial, especially in small and large firms.

2. A greater sense of accountability among developers. With the growth of ‘You built it, you run it’, development teams are giving greater support for their programs (YBIYRI). We discovered that over 60% of engineers presently work in this fashion, with many more believing they should be in control of more of the software product lifecycle (over 65 percent). Ownership of a product or service increases the likelihood of improvements. Engineers should empower development teams to take on YBIYRI duties by providing them with the necessary tools, methods, and rituals.

3. It is a personal choice whether to use coding or tooling. Two-thirds of developers feel it is vital, but just 58% believe it will be required in the future. Others believe technology will ultimately render writing code obsolete, while most developers today fall somewhere in the center. Avoid prescribing “how things are done around here” to engineers, managers and team leaders.

4. This doesn’t necessarily mean fewer tools are better. It’s not necessarily a bad thing that most developers need extra tools to complete their jobs (nearly 70 per cent). Using a variety of tools is vital. More flexible tools make jobs simpler and more fun, whereas more inflexible tools lead to tool sprawl. Focusing on the number of tools available is less important than the value each tool gives your developers.
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Nothing works for everyone at the same time

Software engineers are tough to generalize. As much as we would want to supply you with an uncomplicated model, there isn’t one. We’ve got you covered with our State of the Developer report.

Software development will gain autonomy. For developers, this means greater control over their work, workflow, and tools. So, just half of the programmers believe they have complete control over their job.

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