The Rise of Professional Gaming

There has been a notable increase in the number of professional gamers and those who now use internet-based games as a means of providing a living for themselves. This article looks at the rise of professional gaming and discusses what this entails, and which are the fastest growing forms of the profession.

What Is Professional Gaming?

A full-time professional player is paid to play, either by their sponsors or by the winnings that they make. They play in paid tournaments and can travel the world to play in live, real-time events that are then streamed to a global audience.

Many different sectors of gaming and gambling have come to the fore. It should, therefore, be established exactly which sector they are in because they can be quite different. Yes, both the professional gamer and gambler will be paid by a sponsor if they are lucky enough, and there is prize money provided for the wins they get. However, one is almost regarded as a sport (e-sports), while the online casino is still regarded as a game of chance and these two sectors are governed and legislated upon quite differently.

E-Sport Gaming

E-sports has grown around the trend towards competitive gaming that was introduced by games such as Quake and Doom. Today, you have League of Legends, Dota 2, Fortnite, and even FIFA, which have global followings and players who compete for huge prize money in worldwide competitions. There are specific gaming streaming channels set up for the audience to log on and watch others gaming and with games like Player Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG) going mobile, there has been a whole new trend with professional gaming now possible with the simplest tech that we all have access to – the smart mobile phone.

Professional Casino Playing

This has become one of the biggest paid pastimes of our age. The rise of the online casino showed more people around the world what was out there and that the same games that were available in Vegas to the top gamblers in the nation are now available on our mobile phones through platforms, such as the best online casino in Australia. They became a global phenomenon. There are now players who spend their time playing professional poker or even slots as a profession. The poker circuit is probably the best example of where this profession can go. There are tournaments all over the world, qualifying campaigns, leagues, and a player performance log or table. It has become a serious sport/profession and may be changing the way many people see online casinos and online betting.

Online professional gaming and gambling are arguably still in their infancy. The future of the metaverse and gaming itself is expected to be a huge step for professional gamers and gamblers. Games are using more virtual reality, and there is an increasingly social aspect to modern gaming and online casino games, all of which will make it a whole lot easier for the good players and gamers out there to go pro.

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