Top 10 Wellness Retreats and Destinations in the USA

If you are not a fan of active leisure and prefer something calmer, plan your next trip to a wellness retreat. Recharge the battery and experience a connection between man and the environment surrounding you. Educational purposes are also included, although it is impossible to ignore the details you may never notice in different cultures around the world which are presented in those places. 

Surely, the upcoming destination will be treated no less than the usual trip. Consider the ten best wellness retreats below and start planning your journey.

Travel comfortably

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And after that, you can get acquainted with ten popular destinations and then pick. 

Select the location

Lake Spa Resort, Texas

The luxurious, unique resort offers more than 100 exciting treatments, starting from traditional ancient methods and continuing with the newest ones for body, spirit, and mind. Healthy cuisine also surprises with various tastes and shows good nutrition that makes your organism energetic and stronger. You won’t go back to fast food after that for long. Additionally, specialists will help build your wellness with private sessions and other activities. 

Crestone Mountain Zen Center, Colorado

Trying to find inner peace and searching for a dozen? There are two ways to get them. The first is a one-week vacation in harmony with nature and loneliness, and the second is to join the monks for meditation and ceremony. Choose an individual Zen program to learn something deeper than fundamental or follow a daily schedule and relax in the community.   

Lumeria, Hawaii

Learn the yoga classes, try healing arts, dance, and touch the horticulture – immerse yourself into a new world. Metaphysical studies are also open to everyone if you want more educational opportunities. Alternative learning strategies are adapted for current needs. Thus tuition goes smooth and light. In the Wellness spa, you can relax and forget about courses for some time during the massage. 


Golden Door, California

Resort in Japan style among 600 mountain acres in Southern California with many things to do and observe. Golden Door is a favorite of many celebrities, and the reasons why are pretty clear. You can visit private hiking trails, bamboo forests, and citrus growers anytime during the weekend. Luxurious service offers rejuvenation classes, skin treatment, and personalized fitness plans. Generally, you’ll go back home refreshed and satisfied as never before. 

Canyon Ranch, Arizona

All-inclusive wellness resort with a vast expert staff specializing in varied aspects of health. More than 1,500 services and practitioners find the paths and answers individually to improve your health at your disposal. Canyon Ranch is famous for its brilliant reputation in case of proven therapies and best nutrition guidance (watch cooking demos to learn the details).

Castle Hot Springs, Arizona

Are you sick of daily life? Get rid of monotony and attempt the new one. Absolutely solitude in the middle of Bradshaw mountains creates fantastic conditions for a family vacation or honeymoon. In addition to the distant placement, the entire resort occupancy is only 60 guests simultaneously. So you will enjoy the perfect services, thermal water, and farm-to-table dining almost alone in unbelievable serenity.

Castle Hot Springs was regarded as a Travel + Leisure No.1 resort in 2021. 

YO1 Health Resort, New York

Here you can deal with long-standing problems like insomnia, stress, anxiety, and others. Programs of Ayurvedic Health Center involve personal mentoring from professionals for a fruitful wellness experience. Start deep examination of the inner world mechanisms of a person from a health museum – it is the greatest motivation to begin bettering your health. 

Outdoor activity is also available – explore the hiking trails and enjoy nature. 

Miraval Resort and Spa, Arizona

Rest right in the desert with fantastic landscape views sounds like a dream, but real. Miraval proposes a wide range of accommodations for different budgets. Casita-style rooms, villas, suites – as you wish. Outdoor Floating Meditation Class is the most common activity; it calms the mind and cleanses thoughts. We also advise you to pay attention to Pilates and beekeeping. 

Amari, Canyon Point, Utah

Prepare to feel the spirit of wild and west red-rock country and a powerful energy boost in Amnagari spa. Practicing ancient spiritual teachings of Navajo culture will lead you to calm normality and open new sides of consciousness. Continue with a full-body massage and wrap, and do not forget about scalp treatment – let yourself immerse in pure pleasure fully.


Perhaps, after staying in a wellness resort, you want to go back again to repeat unforgettable impressions. Wish you good luck and a perfect vacation!

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